human value


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Related Problems:
Indiscriminate economic development
Overdevelopment of golf courses
Economic bias in development
Over-development of bureaucracy in ex-colonial countries
Adverse economic shocks from external factors
Undeveloped pasture cropping
Arrested development of labour potential
Undeveloped financial markets in developing countries
Political immaturity
Inadequate moral understanding of development
Crude petroleum production underdevelopment
Furniture and fixtures manufacture underdevelopment
Underestimation of human potential
Undeveloped youth leadership
Fear of innovation
Sexual maturation disorder
Deliberately unused farm fields
Underdeveloped administrative abilities
Unexplored tourist trade
Undeveloped equipment plan
Undeveloped training resources
Undeveloped business support
Undeveloped airstrip potential
Inappropriate development policy
Lack of integrated marine resource management
Underdeveloped farming skills
Undeveloped jungle pest control
Obfuscation of sustainable development
Unsustainable scale of development
Underdeveloped provision of household services
Undeveloped business skills in urban areas
Underutilization of human resources
Underdevelopment of petroleum refineries
Reactive attachment disorder of infancy
Undeveloped village pond
Underdevelopment of transport equipment industries
Irredeemably disadvantaged regions
Solid waste in the oceans
Unreceptive structures for citizen leadership
Lack of integrated management of biodiversity
Obstacles to the development of multidisciplinary approaches
Ineffective scheduling ability
Ineffective scheduling ability
Inadequate sanitation infrastructure
Exploitation of regulatory loopholes in countries with underdeveloped legislation
Underdevelopment of apparel manufacturing
Inadequate recreational facilities
Underdevelopment of forestry industry
Incompatible communication systems
Undeveloped business plan
Intellectual inefficiency
Inadequate industrial services
Inadequate control of development projects
Forced development
Undeveloped irrigation system
Inadequate transportation facilities for rural communities
Negative stereotyping of majority world
Absence of policies to associate international nongovernmental organizations in regional development
Undeveloped swimming facilities
Underemphasis on local economic development
Vulnerability of least developed countries
Violation of human rights by technological development
Ignorance of lifelong human development
Abnormalities of tooth development and eruption
Delays in planning authorization
Underdeveloped sources of income expansion
Excessive claims for human development through sports
Misdirected research and development
Unorganized development efforts
Undeveloped power resources
Underdevelopment of electrical equipment industries
Inadequate integrated freshwater management
Inadequate export marketing of products
Inhibition of individual psychological development through life phases
Taxation deductions promoting unsustainable development
Restrictive channels of cultural interchange
Limited railroad usage
Inadequate global consensus concerning problems and prospects of humanity
Underdeveloped technological skill
Defective development planning
Unused water resources
Underdeveloped export potential
Undeveloped laundry facilities
Plastic materials shortage
Underdeveloped industrial resources
Refusal to market new drugs
Difficulty of implementing development programmes
Insufficient loan collateral
Inadequate watershed management
Imbalance in personal development
Information technology arms race
Underdevelopment of footwear manufacture
Prohibitive cost of inadequate development policies
Limited product development
Underdeveloped rural energy sources
Lack of individual development
Inadequate energy supply infrastructure
Creating advisory bodies on public information for sustainable development
Financing sustainable development by reducing incremental resource requirements
Providing loans for urban development
Assessing role of ecosystems in producing goods for sustainable development
Facilitating international investment
Training development economists
Integrating demographic and sustainable development concerns in education
Producing universal declaration on sustainability
Advancing industrial environmental management
Researching role of women in development management
Training in economic development
Organizing meetings on economic development
Monitoring chemical industry
Greening development aid
Promoting North-South environment and development
Protesting environmentally unsound policies of development banks
Training in rural development
Twinning of universities in developed and developing countries
Investigating equitable economic growth
Reviewing food processing industry
Planning development projects
Planning mining industry
Promoting environmentally sound economic growth
Promoting right to development
Assessing development assistance
Providing a clearinghouse for economic development information
Providing a clearinghouse for economic development information
Integrating employment, development and environmental concerns
Building administrative structures for sustainable development
Interrupting ecosystem climax
Monitoring steel industry
Designating responsibility for financial resource development
Networking the environment and development arena
Researching human resources development
Mobilizing resources for economic development
Government forcing of economic development
Consulting on negotiating strategies for economic development
Integrating humanitarian issues and sustainable development
Analysing development policy
Researching economic development
Advancing integrated rural development
Monitoring engineering industry
Protesting environmentally harmful development
Interrupting human development
Reforming the United Nations
Studying global change
Supporting development of women's organizations
Protesting new road construction
Applying science sustainably
Applying science sustainably
Producing directory on sustainable development
Creating sustainable cities
Advocating sustainable development
Consulting on development issues
Opposing development of rivers
Expanding social participation of women
Training in macroeconomic policy analysis
Creating global sustainability
Partnering for change
Training in industrial development
Supporting investment for diversification and national sustainable development
Researching urban development
Linking shelter and rural development
Developing human resources for management of marine and coastal areas
Popularizing development communication
Improving regional demographic information
Clarifying alternative development systems
Assessing financing costs of sustainable development
Strengthening sustainable development economics
Establishing international centres for sustainable development research
Developing water curricula
Networking in regional development
Adopting integrated approaches to sustainable development
Improving economic development among Islamic countries
Providing incentives for investment in forestry development in drylands
Implementing environmental impact assessment for development programmes
Training urban staff on environmentally sound management of urban development
Providing training in regional development
Increasing awareness of demographic impacts on sustainable development
Focusing on programmes serving multiple demographic and sustainable development goals
Focusing on programmes serving multiple demographic and sustainable development goals
Strengthening research to build demographic factors into local sustainable development programmes
Managing water resources for sustainable rural development
Assessing progress on participation of women in settlements development
Strengthening institutional development of the social and human sciences
Integrating population programmes in environment and development plans
Integrating elderly women into development
Forming technology development partnerships
Expanding research on mountain ecosystems
Creating environmentally sound trading practices
Strengthening science and technology to protect vulnerable groups
Promoting gender-responsive development
Supporting research and development of environmentally sound technology
Strengthening role of farmers in sustainable development
Integrating poverty alleviation in vulnerable areas into national development strategies
Implementing economic appraisal for proposed development activities
Promoting new international development ethic
Redirecting development to less hazard prone areas
Strengthening capacity to build demographic factors into national sustainable development policies
Accelerating sustainable development in developing countries
Strengthening institutional capacity to implement sustainable development plans
Reducing adverse atmospheric effects of resource development
Monitoring technological trends
Including demographic concerns in international programmes for sustainable development
Implementing integrated coastal development plans
Reducing adverse atmospheric effects of industrial development
Improving knowledge on ecosystem processes
Ensuring environmental impact assessment of proposed development projects
Providing technical support on using economic instruments for sustainable development
Ensuring sustainable industrial development
Strengthening institutions responsible for population and sustainable development research
Assessing small island carrying capacity and development options
Raising awareness of demography in sustainable development planning
Assessing effectiveness of international agreements and instruments on sustainable development
Integrating energy management
Reconciling environmental concerns and development needs
Assessing external factors affecting sustainable coastal development
Choosing indigenous breeds for development
Sustaining industrial innovation
Strengthening role of local authorities in sustainable development
Reinforcing values supporting sustainable development
Using environmentally sound pricing
Improving marketing to support sustainable development
Encouraging development of museums
Planning for communication development
Establishing sustainable aquaculture development strategies
Monitoring sustainable quality of life
Ensuring sustainable development of coastal zones
Assessing links between demographic factors and sustainability
Conducting research on participatory approaches to rural development planning
Promoting participation of women in cultural development
Implementing environmental impact assessment for development policies
Planning development of human resources
Improving regulatory framework for business development
Providing public information on sustainable development in coastal zones
Adopting legislation to guide sustainable land development
Establishing regional training centres on sustainable development laws
Improving training on sustainable development law
Implementing international commitments jointly
Improving international coordination on mountain development
Adopting strategic frameworks to integrate environment and development goals
Sustaining development
Improving urban governance
Incorporating sewage disposal in development plans for coastal settlements
Preparing sustainable development plans for small islands
Ensuring national economic policies support sustainable development
Linking shelter and development
Promoting appropriate investment in research and development
Training in participatory approaches to rural development
Initiating breed development strategies
Conducting a periodic review of United Nations system efforts to integrate environment and development
Sustaining transpersonal development
Mobilizing domestic financial resources for poverty alleviation
Facilitating development of new technologies
Integrating small scale artisanal fisheries development in marine planning
Adopting integrated policies for management of cities
Improving capacity for national development
Restricting financial support for unsound development
Improving international research on watershed development
Developing fisheries
Streamlining procedures for enterprise development
Supporting development of local financial intermediaries
Maintaining dialogue between trade, development and environment communities
Strengthening role of indigenous communities for sustainable development
Preparing analytical framework for sustainable development and impact on population
Assessing role of environmental taxes in support of sustainable development
Collecting sustainable development data for national planning
Involving women in development of communication
Facilitating development of rural workers organizations
Financing water research
Strengthening sustainable development through trade cooperation
Decentralizing management of rural development
Improving competitiveness to support sustainable development
Promoting cultural development
Building demographic factors into national policies for sustainable development
Ensuring sustainability by national development strategy adjustments
Financing science and technology for development
Coordinating health development aid
Financing sustainable development
Strengthening technical cooperation on human resources development
Ensuring predictability in flow of funds contributed by developed countries to achieve global environment benefits
Developing civil nuclear industry technology
Integrating biodiversity concerns into development project planning
Improving commodity processing to support sustainable development
Assessing influence of vulnerable groups on sustainable development
Swapping debt for development aid
Supporting intermediate city development
Undertaking pilot projects to improve urban management
Managing land
Assessing impact of activities affecting forest development
Ensuring environmentally sound development adjacent to protected areas
Expanding role of children and youth in sustainable development
Supporting demographic changes for sustainable development
Including interests of coastal peoples in fisheries development strategies
Reducing subsidies that undermine sustainable development
Strengthening international programmes supporting national sustainable development policies
Building demographic factors into local programmes for sustainable development
Preparing training manuals on population and sustainable development
Strengthening role of geosciences in development
Strengthening research on population, environment and development interactions
Involving farmers representatives in international meetings on rural development
Emphasizing national capacity building for sustainable development
Encouraging public investment in sustainable development
Providing an enabling environment for research and development
Involving local people in raising public awareness on the environment
Including sustainable development issues in journalistic education
Assessing economic outlook
Increasing chemical risk research by industry in developed countries
Setting up training programmes in sustainable development for education professionals
Assisting developing countries to participate effectively in new negotiations on sustainable development
Expanding programmes for continuing adult education on sustainable development
Exploring schemes for voluntary contributions to sustainable development
Using sustainable development indicators in satellite accounts and national accounts
Using new techniques of data collection on sustainable development
Assisting economic development of small island nations
Coordinating mobilization of domestic financial resources for sustainable development
Focusing aid on development objectives
Bridging data gap for sustainable development
Expanding international exchange on sustainable development education
Integrating sustainable development issues into all training curricula
Strengthening programmes of intergovernmental organizations to support Agenda 21
Assisting developing countries to build up expertise in international sustainable development law
Including sustainable development in company education and training programmes
Collecting data for sustainable development planning in small islands
Elaborating general principles and obligations of states with respect to sustainable development
Producing negotiated alliances
Managing multi-agency development programmes
Coordinating international sustainable development activities at field level
Promoting regional and subregional capacity building for sustainable development
Formulating large scale irrigation development programmes
Mobilizing donor resources for national capacity building on sustainable development
Transferring recycling technology in development aid programmes
Establishing reporting systems on implementation of international instruments for sustainable development
Converting military research and development to civilian purposes
Expanding exchange of experience on environment and development training methods
Protecting aquatic ecosystems to allow development of aquaculture projects
Providing development assistance to internally displaced persons
Assessing impact of public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Assisting education institutions to contribute more to public environmental awareness programmes
Convening public forums on sustainable development issues
Linking environmental monitoring centres
Giving higher priority to budgets in sustainable development education and training
Enhancing development through space technology
Supporting environmentally sound technology for sustainable development of small islands
Catalyzing development dynamic
Reorienting higher education towards sustainable development
Providing loans for rural development
Reorienting education towards sustainable development
Expanding public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Coordinating regional sustainable development activities
Cooperating in the use of outer space
Monitoring industry sector
Developing international environmental law
Supporting developing country efforts to implement international agreements and instruments on sustainable development
Making inventory of economic instruments for sustainable development
Integrating sustainable development goals into development aid strategies
Integrating environmental concerns in regional development policies
Financing industrial development
Establishing development banks
Strengthening training for sustainability in development aid projects
Using overseas development aid to reduce international migration
Designing sustainable development programmes with school staff and students
Identifying research needs and priorities for sustainable development
Cofinancing development projects
Applying sustainable development indicators for the global commons
Supporting national sustainable growth and development
Developing implementation mechanisms for international law on sustainable development
Promoting cooperation on transboundary sustainable development issues
Using microcomputers for development
Financing development through informal sector resources
Improving financial climate for trade and capital flows
Surveying private sector information on sustainable development
Extending successful projects
Developing trade union policies on sustainable development
Managing development programmes
Integrating sustainable development in curricula of business, industrial and agricultural schools
Strengthening women's NGOs and groups for sustainable development
Managing people-centred development
Improving career development programmes for land and water management staff
Supporting national efforts to integrate environment and development
Preparing education material on regional sustainable development issues
Financing provision of data on sustainable development
Establishing staff development plans to meet present and future requirements
Expanding national scientific and technological advisory councils and groups to respond to sustainable development needs
Providing institutional support for business development
Preparing national strategies to meet basic learning needs for sustainable development
Strengthening rural institutions and programmes that support environmentally sound farming
Researching women's role in the development process
Using insurance funds for development
Requiring environmental assessment of development projects likely to affect water quality
Improving consultation mechanisms on disputes concerning sustainable development
Mobilizing people in public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Reporting achievement towards sustainable development
Coordinating international sustainable development information programmes
Funding regional development
Using interdisciplinary teams with local expertise for sustainable development studies
Encouraging private sector investment in sustainable development
Reviewing priorities for future law making on sustainable development
Incorporating children's concerns in sustainable development policies and strategies
Managing physical development
Preparing national plans in developing countries for achieving sustainable development
Incorporating sustainable development indicators in international reports and databases
Integrating water resources management in national development plans
Establishing environmental training programmes to meet needs of special groups
Documenting human development
Strengthening research and development institutes
Advancing management development
Facilitating exchange on training for sustainability
Promoting agricultural innovation
Increasing involvement of NGOs in designing and implementing education programmes for sustainable development
Exchanging best practices in development
Training youth for employment in sustainable development
Improving development assistance
Training scientists to integrate environment in research and development projects
Managing international efforts for sustainable development
Improving NGO access to data and information on sustainable development
Cooperating for sustainable development
Acknowledging cultural element in development
Establishing zones for sustainable development
Organizing panels of international environmental experts
Increasing support for sustainable development programmes of small and medium enterprises
Developing coherent family policy
Involving youth in planning, implementing and assessing development projects
Fostering trade union participation in sustainable development programmes
Expanding environmental management education and training
Standardizing computer languages
Developing policy conducive to rural telecommunications development
Developing technology with farmers
Strengthening bilateral aid programmes in support of sustainable development
Increasing training for sustainable development
Increasing collaboration among development actors
Supporting and strengthening regional and public/private cooperation for sustainable development
Creating nonprofit financial institutions for sustainable development
Establishing demonstration projects on sustainable development methodology
Evaluating social development
Integrating urban development
Providing international financial resources for global biodiversity conservation
Developing institutional indicators for sustainable development
Promoting sustainable development in decision making
Undertaking people-centred development
Compiling urban indicators
Cooperating between local NGOs and authorities on sustainable development programmes
Improving international environment for development
Connecting rural communities to the Internet
Networking development research
Envisioning future development
Providing educational media for the young on sustainable development
Establishing friendly relations among neighbouring cities
Mobilizing funds through UNDP to support national capacity building for sustainable development
Establishing national steering groups for sustainable development
Establishing national steering groups for sustainable development
Cooperating between industry and trade unions to improve capacity for sustainable development operations
Expanding trade union participation in sustainable development
Articulating development policies for resource-based economies
Promoting research and development in transboundary air pollution control
Incorporating waste minimization strategies in national development plans
Consulting youth groups on sustainable development programmes
Increasing overseas development aid
Integrating biodiversity concerns with urban economic development
Developing brown field sites
Telling development stories
Strengthening national research to support sustainable development
Committing oneself to the development of peoples
Identifying workforce training requirements for sustainable development
Developing sustainable development indicators for cities
Facilitating joint ventures for sustainable development
Measuring sustainability
Contributing by trade unions to international programmes for sustainable development
Identifying requirements for international technical assistance for sustainable development
Conducting studies on national pathways to sustainable development
Eliminating tax deductions for environmentally harmful activities
Informing about industrial development decisions affecting transboundary air pollution
Integrating biodiversity concerns into economic development planning
Reviewing progress on training for sustainable development
Providing environmental monitoring equipment in development aid programmes
Developing Asia and Pacific region
Developing Asia and Pacific region
Giving priority to universal sustainable development curricula in primary schools
Promoting emotional development
Involving farmers and their representatives on policy-making for sustainable development
Reporting progress on women's rights and roles in sustainable development
Increasing public awareness of sustainable development
Consulting with indigenous peoples in sustainable development programmes
Increasing voluntary contributions to sustainable development through NGO channels
Linking established science with indigenous knowledge
Analysing structural links between gender relations and sustainable development
Integrating sustainable development ethics into education, training and research programmes
Developing a stronger scientific basis for improving sustainable development policies
Creating venture capital funds for sustainable development programmes
Incorporating women's knowledge of conservation in sustainable development databases
Using research results to assess sustainable development issues
Including environmental, social and gender impact analyses in sustainable development programmes
Improving cooperation on sustainable development programmes for and by children
Improving cooperation with industry on sustainable development strategies and programmes
Training specialists for interdisciplinary programmes on sustainable development
Strengthening scientific advice in the United Nations system
Cooperating on environmentally sound technology among enterprises in developed and developing countries
Assessing cost and benefits of different development policies for human and environmental health
Establishing national advisory groups on ethics for sustainable development
Assessing national capabilities for integrated management of environment and development
Improving public understanding of scientific reports on local sustainable development issues
Establishing national councils for sustainable development
Strengthening United Nations institutional capacities on women and development
Improving financial resources and mechanisms for sustainable development
Strengthening participation of women in sustainable development programmes
Developing consultative processes on international funding for national capacity building in sustainable development
Considering proposals of youth groups in sustainable development policymaking
Providing development bank resources on favourable terms to implement Agenda 21
Enhancing international networks for environmentally sound technology
Establishing a women and sustainable development focal point in all UNDP field offices
Establishing networks for exchanging experience on farming and sustainable development
Converting military technology in support of sustainable development
Providing technical assistance in support of business development
Developing appropriate water management technology
Coordinating educational research and development
Coordinating seed quality development
Coordinating seed quality development
Using new development capital
Developing international penal law
Developing industry
Developing capital
Educating for adult development
Encountering new development skills
Increasing aid to developing countries
Employing unused land
Arranging global forum on social development
Organizing information needed for development purposes
Implementing international development strategy
Promoting religion inspired solution for rural development
Advancing building technology
Supporting healthy early development
Reinvesting in sustainability
Creating physical development events
Promoting fund development activities
Researching and development of administrative law and practice
Coordinating international river basin development
Creating youth leadership opportunities
Enabling local business development
Using oceans sustainably
Promoting developed family
Implementing island development project
Promoting development growth
Occasioning public services development
Encouraging local teacher development
Obtaining needed development skills
Discerning regional development trends
Creating responsible development capital
Compiling development data
Enhancing favourable investment climate
Anticipating possible development needs
Engaging in national development
Ensuring basic childhood development
Refining needed development plans
Establishing international legal order
Encouraging saving in developed countries
Demonstrating beneficial marine development
Financing inclusive resource development
Eliciting community development effort
Acknowledging claims to committed techniques
Assuring condensed land development
Improving existing commercial sites
Articulating utopian intention for legal system
Planning development of natural resources
Stewarding fertile soil formation
Building practical skills development
Arranging suitable pond development
Ensuring good development practices
Starting long-range development model
Facilitating career advancements
Facilitating career advancements
Developing resources
Supporting sustainable development of small island developing countries
Sustaining labour development
Structuring effective development action
Employing fundamental skills for social development
Training development task force
Promoting personal development education
Providing skilled labour potential
Catalyzing crop development planning
Providing source of wisdom for solutions
Initiating rehearsal of existing customs
Stimulating investment capital development
Procuring global development resources
Securing initial capital investment
Developing economically
Providing industrial development services
Continuing development of collective decision making
Sustaining ongoing development promotion
Providing incentives to economic development
Strengthening foundational development objectives
Accelerating housing development schemes
Forming local development association
Enabling practical leadership development
Promoting development
Initiating economic development guilds
Establishing community development corporation
Providing functional skills in vulnerable areas
Broadening irrigation water development
Obtaining capital development funds
Illuminating possibilities for resource use
Shifting patterns of engagement in resource use
Refining mode of access to natural resources
Ensuring development of natural resources
Developing technologies
Updating methods of common production
Continuing development of production operations
Assuring development of means of production
Rehearsing necessary economic planning context
Exposing differences in theoretical systems of economic development
Clarifying priority context for consumption of goods and services
Harnessing social power for development
Sustaining social equilibrium
Continuing development of societal codes
Changing basic covenantal understandings
Providing rational framework for arbitration
Providing permanent objectives to skills development
Providing corrective possibilities for outmoded social skills
Deciding impending arenas of consciousness
Developing external trades
Effecting territorial development
Facilitating continual human development
Facilitating continual human development
Developing human resources
Prioritizing human basic needs
Developing community leadership
Surveying community needs
Producing environmental resource inventories
Providing recreational facilities
Coordinating research planning
Harmonious local development
Fashioning skills-development models
Cooperating in economic development
Improving existing communities
Organizing national development programmes
Developing local light industry
Involving women in local development programmes
Forging a global chain of human development
Developing agriculture
Regional planning
Expanding development credit
Flexible financing for economic development
Training local development facilitators
Giving attention to human resource development in transition economies
Practicing development anthropology
Neglecting social development
Reporting negligent social development consultants
Using export proceeds for indigenous development
Identifying obstacles to national development
Identifying obstacles to community achievement
Identifying obstacles to industrial development
Identifying social stratification as an obstacle to development
Identifying obstacles to the development of multidisciplinary approach
Limiting national development
Limiting development of multidisciplinary approaches
Emphasizing economic development
Minimizing negative impact of technological development on donor governments
Reducing pollution hazards of industrial research
Studying causes of poor geographical location for development
Reducing cost of development policies
Exposing limited development vision
Increasing public expenditure on human resource development in borrower nations
Studying development regression
Repressing problems
Restricting technology research and development
Restricting development through availability of capital
Exposing development scandals
Covering-up development scandals
Planning residential development
Maintaining secrecy in international development banks
Exposing secrecy in international development banks
Providing alternative to traditional community patterns
Reducing uncertainty of development expenditures
Controlling building development
Controlling urban development
Encouraging land development
Coordinating business development
Coordinating development of economic sectors
Coordinating multiplicity of development models
Undertaking development of communication technology
Developing farm marketing
Developing planning skills
Developing power industry
Developing transportation
Developing rural energy sources
Developing political systems
Developing political systems
Developing woodworking industries
Developing basic metal industries
Developing agricultural resources
Developing manufacturing industries
Developing industrial and economic activities
Monitoring underdevelopment in industrialized countries
Mitigating undesirable consequences of development megaprojects
Developing coastal zones
Developing provision of household services
Abolishing unethical practices relating to development
Integrating development
Coordinating land development
Developing profitable scope of rural industrial operations
Increasing proficiency in programme development
Cooperating for local sustainable rural development
Ensuring socially sustainable development
Ensuring sustainable agricultural development
Ensuring sustainable development of fresh waters
Ensuring sustainable development of forest lands
Ensuring sustainable development of energy resources
Exposing violation of human rights by technological development
Protecting against vulnerability of least developed countries
Reducing amount of wastage of development aid
Fostering involvement of international nongovernmental organizations in regional development
Arresting development
Decreasing skilled expertise
Bribing development officials
Accelerating personal development
Reinvesting military capacity in civil goals
Restricting multilateral development aid
Assessing development projects
Slowing down development
Development planning
Improving development model
Using underdevelopment
Avoiding destruction inherent in development
Establishing environmental regulatory controls
Organizing development efforts
Improving universal social development
Disrupting development by tribal warfare
Disrupting biological development
Implementing development programmes
Reducing delay in development of regional plans
Exploiting erroneous development policy
Developing economic indicators of human development
Exploiting through development
Exploiting property development
Delegating sustainable development to appropriate level
Monitoring development policies
Planning for expertise development
Forcing development
Integrating technological development
Strengthening role of village government for rural development
Protecting against environmental hazards due to economic development
Hindering spiritual development
Hindering emotional development
Hindering development
Hindering sustainable development
Restricting development
Demonstrating restrictive effects of external capital on development
Conducting illegal development activities
Advancing manufacturing technology
Unbalancing development
Balancing development
Unbalancing regional development within countries
Balancing regional development within countries
Recognizing imperfect synthesis of concepts of sustainable development
Improving development programmes
Playing role in social development
Improving access to development capital
Controlling development projects
Coping with cost of inadequate development policies
Improving adequacy of development policies
Coping with inadequate implementation of development programmes
Improving implementation of development programmes
Coping with inadequate development of international criminal law
Mobilizing public opinion for development
Constraining expression of public opinion
Coping with inadequate development of national communication services
Improving development of national communication services
Improving commercial finance for rural development projects
Implementing development policy
Constructing theoretical models of social development
Reinforcing development
Ensuring competent development
Increasing effectiveness of development programmes
Supporting development programmes
Preserving social inequality
Reducing unequal development in the promotion of health
Stimulating individual psychological development through life phases
Humanizing development
Humanizing development
Humanizing development
Providing sufficient development
Abstaining from development
Understanding initial phase of human development
Abstaining from moral development
Abstaining from coastal development
Abstaining from capital development
Abstaining from community development
Abstaining from technical development
Providing sufficient individual development
Abstaining from individual development
Abstaining from individual development
Abstaining from development of life skills
Providing sufficient intellectual development
Abstaining from intellectual development
Sharing community experience of development
Abstaining from participation in development
Coordinating development aid programmes
Abstaining from economic and technical development
Abstaining from participation in development by women
Providing sufficient understanding of social and economic contexts in development programmes
Abstaining from understanding of social and economic contexts in development programmes
Speeding up development
Limiting community development planning
Limiting leadership development
Exposing effective negative loans from development banks to developing countries
Helping finance development
Enabling grassroots effectiveness
Advancing biotechnology
Promoting human resource development
Regionalizing library development
Coordinating development
Popularizing development strategies
Supporting economic development
Supporting development actions
Alternating development strategies
Alternating development strategies
Networking trade and development NGOs
Working towards sustainable development
Undertaking development training project
Cooperating for development
Managing regional development
Undertaking development projects
Highlighting effective development
Coordinating economic development
Protecting development
Financing development projects
Training in genetic cloning
Fostering integrated maritime development
Identifying management development needs
Providing development support
Holding auditing development programmes
Assisting through national development
Promoting regional development
Relieving development assistance debt
Regionalizing trade development
Resolving environmental conflicts
Encouraging local development
Supporting national development constituencies
Servicing through development
Industrializing development
Promoting research and development of bio-energetics
Training rural development workers
Advancing executives development
Studying development
Training human resources development
Managing development courses
Advancing urban development
Advancing urban development
Inhibiting cultural development
Discussing development
Coordinating international informatics development
Developing appropriate technology
Undertaking joint development
Systemizing development
Promoting equitable global development
Revising education development strategy
Developing telecommunications
Promoting medical development
Researching development
Promoting accelerated development
Monitoring development
Promoting endogenous development
Improving engineering education
Promoting regional economic development
Furthering postal development work
Improving financial arrangements for agricultural development
Accelerating development of countries
Assisting development
Supporting local development
Researching technological development
Appropriating development strategies
Promoting cooperative research development
Advancing rice growing technologies
Developing appropriate health technologies
Assisting industrial development
Combatting underdevelopment
Providing technical assistance for development
Advancing official statistics
Advancing official statistics
Creating replication schemes for rural development
Supporting rural development
Networking global rural development
Managing development technology
Humanizing resources development planning
Promoting business partnerships
Avoiding compromise of economic development
Accelerating economic development
Improving development networks
Contexting development
Sharing development responsibility
Organizing world development
Accelerating development
Managing development needs
Alternating development
Facilitating regional industrial development
Providing environmental education in schools
Financing development
Accelerating socio economic development
Encouraging development
Combatting aircraft development
Promoting cooperative fisheries development
Developing non-government organizations
Engaging in development process
Studying telecommunication development
Emphasizing development
Training leaders
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values