Mobilizing resources for economic development

The African Institute for Economic Development and Planning promotes a comprehensive inter-sectoral approach to development planning and programming taking into consideration sectoral interdependence in the form of input-output relationships, with regard to material production and also to social, political and ecological factors. It emphasizes: the mobilization and utilization of internally available resources as a means of realizing the continent's goal of sustained and [self-reliant] economic and social development; economic cooperation at both the subregional and regional levels; and aims also to build up and consolidate the planning and policy design machinery and its capabilities in all African economies. The main activities are: (a) training of senior-level African development economist and planners (general diploma programme, short-term specialization programmes dealing with priority sectors, and research training); (b) research on economic development issues management and planning; (c) consultancy and advisory services; (d) workshops, seminars and conferences; and (e) documentation and publications.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies