Cooperating for sustainable development

Building partnerships for sustainable development
Developing partnerships for sustainable development
Forming alliances concerning environment and development
Partnerships with both the private sector and civil society are a powerful tool to advance the goal of sustainable development.
All sectors of society, including government, business, public interest groups and consumers have a role to play in contributing to sustainable development and business recognizes that these sectors need to work in partnership, bringing their values and experience to bear on the challenge. Sustainable development will best be achieved if each stakeholder fully plays its part, focusing on what each can do best. Through partnerships, local, national and global, society can build on the strengths of each group.

Close cooperation on research and development, education and training on Earth observation and related information technology will be the key to the success in developing global information networks and redressing current imbalances between North and South in the access to databases, information and decision support tools for managing the Earth resources and environment and ensuring sustainability.

Building environmental partnerships
Enlisting media cooperation on the environment
Cooperating for local sustainable rural development
Sharing business experience on sustainable development
Facilitating joint ventures for sustainable development
Facilitating joint ventures for sustainable development
Managing international efforts for sustainable development
Creating environmental education partnerships with industry
Ensuring exchange of scientific data on sustainable development
Developing financial sector strategies for environmental protection
Strengthening cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainable development
Promoting cooperation on transboundary sustainable development issues
Establishing world-wide corporate policies for sustainable development
Forming long-term international partnerships for sustainable development
Promoting cooperation on sustainable transport for health and environment
Combining public and private sector resources in biodiversity conservation
Improving tripartite cooperation to ensure equitable sustainable development
Including sustainable development in company education and training programmes
Improving cooperation on sustainable development programmes for and by children
Cooperating between local NGOs and authorities on sustainable development programmes
Improving cooperation with industry on sustainable development strategies and programmes
Increasing support for sustainable development programmes of small and medium enterprises
Developing technical cooperation strategy on capacity building for sustainable development
Establishing partnerships for sustainable development between industry and research agencies
Establishing partnerships for sustainable development with small and medium-sized enterprises
Supporting and strengthening regional and public/private cooperation for sustainable development
Integrating sustainable development in curricula of business, industrial and agricultural schools
Cooperating between industry and trade unions to improve capacity for sustainable development operations
Assessing contribution of technical cooperation to national capacity building for sustainable development
Designating national units to coordinate technical cooperation for capacity building for sustainable development
Strengthening role of local authorities in sustainable development
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies
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