Harnessing social power for development

Our programme is not only for marketing milk. It is a programme of socio-economic development. We are using dairy as an instrument of social change. Any farmer of any caste, any creed, any sex can become a member of the village co-operative society. Everybody's milk is put into one container so casteism is dissolved. The farmers are brought to the cattle feed plant. They realize that what is important is nutrition. The same applies in their own family, what type of nutritious food they should eat. When they come to the artificial insemination centre, where the bulls are kept, every farmer is shown under the microscope what sperm are and what the role of sperm is. We are teaching that this particular thing is responsible for birth, so why don't you think of family planning. We organize films. This is to bring awareness to the farmers that they can run the co-operatives, and do not need any assistance from outside to come and help.
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Maintaining social order
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E: Emanations of other strategies