Global Strategies & Solutions

Over the ages humans have recognised problems they face, and have devised and implemented solutions and strategies to overcome them. But what was the problem and logic behind these strategies, how were they implemented, and what were their outcomes - positive or negative, deliberate or unintended? The Global Strategies and Solutions section of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential is an ongoing attempt to record and map the relationships between any strategies and solutions that humanity actually or potentially uses, in the hopes that a better overall understanding of which would greatly enhance our ability to formulate effective strategies to global problems.

The Global Strategies and Solutions section details this problem and over 32,000 others and the 280,000 relationships between them - from Awarding prizes, Breaking down cultural isolation and Campaigning, to Wishing and Using witchcraft. The strategies presented are those recognized by over 69,000 international organizations including IGOs, NGOs and other bodies (profiled in the Yearbook of International Organizations). Some strategies may be recognized by many organizations, others may only be recognized by loose networks, movements or isolated groups of experts.

Strategy Strategy Type
Avoiding consultant advice F: Exceptional strategies
Improving fiscal policies E: Emanations of other strategies
Avoiding misconstruction F: Exceptional strategies
Manipulating use of referenda F: Exceptional strategies
Alerting A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Providing practical context for social covenants F: Exceptional strategies
Establishing shipping operations D: Detailed strategies
Reducing amount of commercialism E: Emanations of other strategies
Executing on-going project decisions F: Exceptional strategies
Challenging meanness F: Exceptional strategies
Accepting foreign currency abroad G: Very Specific strategies
Establishing frontier barriers G: Very Specific strategies
Globalizing telecommunications network G: Very Specific strategies
Reducing threat of commercial reprisals F: Exceptional strategies
Exposing secrecy in scientific research F: Exceptional strategies
Using social apathy F: Exceptional strategies
Reducing police force violence E: Emanations of other strategies
Undermining political opposition to administrative action F: Exceptional strategies
Disposing of human remains G: Very Specific strategies
Corrupting pharmaceutical industry F: Exceptional strategies
Reducing confusion of illiteracy with ignorance E: Emanations of other strategies
Presenting popular media F: Exceptional strategies
Updating self-sufficiency patterns F: Exceptional strategies
Engaging in cross-border military operations D: Detailed strategies
Obstructing research G: Very Specific strategies
Watching films G: Very Specific strategies
Executing laws B: Basic universal strategies
Signing needed for bargained negotiations G: Very Specific strategies
Committing suicide F: Exceptional strategies
Preferring unconventional people F: Exceptional strategies
Procuring modern irrigation equipment D: Detailed strategies
Using outdated approaches F: Exceptional strategies
Being sadistic F: Exceptional strategies
Subverting collective bargaining F: Exceptional strategies
Apologizing to former colonies G: Very Specific strategies
Praying for religious unity F: Exceptional strategies
Agreeing not to shell civilians G: Very Specific strategies
Exposing underground economy F: Exceptional strategies
Retaining foundational traditions E: Emanations of other strategies
Promoting baseball G: Very Specific strategies
Freeing media F: Exceptional strategies
Reinforcing property values G: Very Specific strategies
Refuting error F: Exceptional strategies
Studying causes of overpopulation F: Exceptional strategies
Committing transgression F: Exceptional strategies
Extending universal suffrage D: Detailed strategies
Broadening investment capital base E: Emanations of other strategies
Limiting housing materials G: Very Specific strategies
Risking technologies F: Exceptional strategies
Seeking fashionable personal appearance G: Very Specific strategies