Limiting sex
Limiting peace
Limiting access
Restricting land
Restricting diet
Limiting options
Limiting democracy
Imposing attitudes
Restricting growth
Restricting rights
Limiting education
Relaxing standards
Limiting job market
Restricting freedom
Limiting assistance
Limiting monopolies
Restricting business
Restricting food aid
Limiting by monogamy
Reducing limitations
Restricting tax base
Limiting world trade
Restricting chemicals
Limiting crop variety
Limiting food variety
Limiting leisure time
Limiting public funds
Limiting local demand
Limiting pest control
Threatening citizenry
Restricting abortions
Limiting availability
Limiting family income
Limiting verbal skills
Limiting water control
Limiting local economy
Restricting employment
Restricting the masses
Restricting emigration
Restricting competition
Limiting technical jobs
Restricting foreign aid
Restricting development
Restricting information
Restricting legislation
Restricting social life
Limiting debt repayment
Limiting state monopoly
Limiting rights to land
Limiting job information
Limiting oral traditions
Limiting future planning
Limiting image of travel
Limiting writing ability
Restricting job mobility
Limiting food production
Restricting disadvantaged
Limiting consumer charges
Defining limits to growth
Limiting forest resources
Limiting low-cost housing
Limiting health knowledge
Limiting purchasing power
Limiting cultural context
Limiting youth engagement
Limiting social programme
Limiting storage capacity
Blocking community action
Restricting under-age sex
Restricting effectiveness
Restricting communication
Restricting social groups
Limiting animal migration
Holding back excess funds
Limiting areas of research
Limiting societal learning
Limiting historical method
Limiting housing materials
Limiting medical knowledge
Limiting financial support
Constraining social growth
Constraining communication
Limiting extended families
Gathering limited liability
Restricting television sets
Limiting political know-how
Limiting village management
Limiting cooperative events
Limiting economic foresight
Limiting government support
Limiting individual funding
Limiting success experience
Restricting legal practices
Restricting property rights
Putting profit in its place
Providing basic work skills
Limiting harm of unjust laws
Restricting world population
Limiting cross-island access
Limiting range of farm crops
Limiting preschool equipment
Limiting traditional markets
Limiting newcomer attraction
Restricting foreign exchange
Restricting exchange control
Restricting small enterprise
Restricting use of personnel
Restricting domestic markets
Limiting nuclear disarmament
Limiting problem alleviation
Restricting electrical energy
Restricting agricultural land
Limiting scientific knowledge
Limiting youth accountability
Limiting framework for advice
Limiting functional abilities
Limiting availability of land
Restricting efficacity of aid
Restricting exchange of ideas
Restricting rights during war
Restricting medical practices
Restricting border activities
Limiting availability of data
Limiting national development
Restricting energy consumption
Limiting commercial experience
Limiting child-care structures
Limiting availability of loans
Limiting access to information
Restricting freedom of worship
Restricting women's activities
Determining type of livelihood
Restricting productive capacity
Restricting commercial vehicles
Limiting leadership development
Limiting political developments
Limiting tripartite cooperation
Limiting image of employability
Restricting through regulations
Restricting international trade
Restricting transport insurance
Limiting spheres of relationship
Limiting decision-making context
Limiting public health subsidies
Limiting village self-confidence
Restricting scientific practices
Restricting market opportunities
Freeing up repressed personality
Limiting international statistics
Limiting commercial investigation
Restricting channels for dialogue
Restricting movement of knowledge
Limiting availability of training
Limiting satellite communications
Defining time factors in industry
Restricting science and technology
Limiting individual attention span
Limiting utilization of foodstuffs
Controlling information technology
Restricting technology adaptations
Restricting wild animal range size
Limiting availability of education
Limiting availability of expertise
Limiting exposure to other cultures
Limiting vision of community future
Limiting applicability of allopathy
Restricting commercial transactions
Restricting macro-economic policies
Limiting resources
Limiting monopoly consumer services
Limiting entertainment possibilities
Restricting employment of foreigners
Restricting through social practices
Limiting monopolization of knowledge
Limiting access to available services
Restricting scope of local employment
Specifying type of production process
Limiting identification with community
Limiting civil administrative capacity
Restricting tobacco trade associations
Limiting efficient utilization of time
Restricting population within countries
Limiting outlook of civic minded groups
Limiting community development planning
Restricting trade in manufactured goods
Restricting social benefit entitlements
Limiting possessive attitude of parents
Determining needs for resource development
Limiting ownership of productive systems
Limiting approaches to economic planning
Limiting scope of educational curriculum
Restricting multilateral development aid
Determining content of appeal procedures
Taking advantage of food maldistribution
Constraining educational self-expression
Imposing voluntary system of cryptography
Limiting effect of individual survivalism
Restricting availability of health resources
Limiting range of financing possibilities
Restricting sharing of technical research
Regulating economic resource availability
Limiting availability of commercial sites
Limiting availability of public transport
Blocking degeneration to sterile ceremony
Limiting availability of long-term capital
Limiting access to technological decisions
Limiting accountability of public services
Constraining modification of earth systems
Limiting consumption of common assets
Limiting community responsibility of adults
Limiting understanding to measurable factors
Limiting relations beyond local environments
Restricting commercialization of definitions
Limiting acceptance of international treaties
Limiting local markets for goods and services
Decreasing incentives for agricultural output
Limiting monopoly of nuclear power techniques
Limiting participation in neighbourhood action
Limiting human information processing capacity
Limiting country capacity to absorb foreign aid
Limiting availability of learning opportunities
Limiting availability of functional information
Limiting ability to recognize ecological limits
Limiting monopoly control of national economies
Limiting social guidance by the older generation
Encouraging institutionalization of the disabled
Limiting monopoly of the economy by corporations
Limiting availability of education in the country
Limiting monopolistic control of new animal forms
Distributing land through customary tenure systems
Restricting male homosexuality in the armed forces
Restricting foreign access to capital bond markets
Restricting indigenous populations to reservations
Limiting competence for intervention in the future
Controlling industrial expansion
Restricting funding for research on social problems
Limiting development of multidisciplinary approaches
Limiting control of environment by local communities
Restricting access of municipalities to capital funds
Limiting behavioural monotony of domesticated animals
Limiting international exchange of cultural materials
Restricting information concerning transnational banks
Restricting labour availability through social attitudes
Restricting telecommunications facilities within countries
Limiting scope of business operations in small communities
Restricting grass-roots acquisition of technical knowledge
Limiting local respect for regional and global legislation
Restricting educational opportunities in capitalist systems
Limiting monopolization of information within organizations
Limiting collective comprehension span in societal learning
Limiting resource availability by disrupting natural systems
Limiting availability of investment capital for urban renewal
Protesting monotonous and unaesthetic architecture and design
Restricting distribution of confidential government information
Limiting availability of therapeutic substances of human origin
Resisting conversion from arms manufacture to a peaceful economy
Restricting outer space benefits to a limited number of countries
Limiting availability of technical expertise in remote communities
Limiting recognition of international nongovernmental organizations
Limiting super-power monopoly of advanced nuclear warfare technology
Limiting effectiveness of international nongovernmental organizations
Limiting limitations to the comprehension of international information
Limiting local availability of technical, agricultural and business training
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies