Restricting through regulations

Regulating wines
Regulating rates
Regulating doctors
Regulating dumping
Regulating markets
Regulating whaling
Regulating fishing
Regulating research
Regulating politics
Regulating insurance
Regulating radiology
Regulating armaments
Regulating pollution
Regulating industries
Regulating harvesting
Requiring regulations
Regulating maintenance
Legalizing regulations
Reinforcing regulations
Regulating yacht racing
Regulating contaminants
Regulating stock markets
Regulating weightlifting
Regulating freight rates
Providing fair regulation
Regulating civil aviation
Standardizing regulations
Regulating marine research
Regulating soil management
Regulating water resources
Regulating global resources
Regulating monetary markets
Regulating youth employment
Regulating automobile sport
Decriminalizing prostitution
Regulating passenger service
Regulating chemical research
Regulating political activity
Using government intervention
Coordinating land development
Regulating professional boxing
Regulating task accountability
Regulating historical research
Regulating surgical profession
Regulating geological research
Regulating world championships
Regulating experimental physics
Regulating veterinary practices
Regulating consulting practices
Regulating international diving
Regulating agricultural research
Regulating government activities
Regulating real estate practices
Regulating earth science research
Regulating energy mineral leasing
Regulating social science research
Regulating transportation facilities
Monitoring entrepreneurial activities
Regulating research in the biosciences
Standardizing aeronautical regulations
Providing high technology medical cures
Publishing international angling regulations
Regulating public sector with independent body
Regulating ownership of the means of production
Uncovering violations against economic regulations
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies