Articulating self-consciousness

Living by self-realization ethic
Articulating individual self-consciousness
Realizing self

Facilitating development of the emergent self, also by ensuring the social environment to allow for this. Illuminating self-consciousness through cultural depth, destiny and gifts. The effect can be the motivating self-story.


An integral part of interpreting unlimited responsibility to provide common symbols and perspectives for individuals to act out their lives in a comprehensive context of responsible global stewardship.


Tactics include: interpretive history to deepen man's self-image by rooting him in his historical traditions and origins; culture involvement to enable man to act creatively in his present situation by giving him a more comprehensive view of his and other cultures; grounding the individual in the cultural and political reality of life instead of the 'should be' or 'ought to be'; transmission vehicle to provide the popular communication tools to get the message of man to himself; and futuristic vision to give man a sense of his own radical projection into future history by creating a sense of responsibility. An example could be a black pre-school teacher having only an 8th grade education, teaching in the most advanced educational system in the world, motivated by the black man's story.


The proper end of all individual experience is the evolutionary and harmonious development of the emergent self (both as a person and as a part of wide collectivities), and the appropriate function of social institutions is to create an environment which will foster that process.

Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies