human value


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Fear of abuse of power
Accumulation of functions
Reluctance of leaders to relinquish power
Lack of contract power
Limited purchasing power
Political power vacuum
Lack of enforcement power
Lack of acceptable sites for power plants
Agricultural use of draught animals
Abusive sales techniques
Power politics
Deterioration of nuclear power plants
Adverse effects of power production on weather
Electrical power failure
Prohibitive cost of fuel
Underutilization of wind energy
Vulnerability of middle-class
Imbalance of power
Super-power monopoly of advanced nuclear warfare technology
Environmental impacts of the use of wind power
Black supremacists
Regional imbalance of power
Hazardous locations for nuclear power plants
Centralization of religious power
Abuse of government power
Monopoly of nuclear power techniques
Speculation on money markets
Environmental impacts of power stations
Reduction in building of nuclear power stations
Vulnerability of nuclear power sources
Overestimation of the resilience of ecosystems
Aggression against nuclear power sources
Economically controlled political power
Unwillingness to sacrifice political power
Monopoly power due to advertising
Loss of earning power
Wasted woman power
Cover up of convergence in practice of apparently opposed ideologies
Power complex
Risks in power production
Unchecked power of government bureaucracy
Antagonistic power blocs
Undeveloped power resources
Abuse of scientific power
Abuse of power
Irrational rejection of nuclear power
Inadequate power of intergovernmental organizations
Inadequate negotiation of entrance terms for transnational corporations
Environmental hazards of decommissioned nuclear power plants
Monopoly of power
Seizure of power
Restrictive regulation of nuclear power
Static power patterns
Industrial air emissions
Inadequate assistance to victims of abuse of power
Super-power chauvinism
Abuse of economic power
Lack of consumer influence on industry
Institutional economic domination
Prohibitive cost of nuclear power plants
Inadequate energy supply infrastructure
Developing solar power systems
Using wind power
Guaranteeing rights of victims of abuse of power
Sustaining industrial innovation
Using arbitrated power-sharing
Providing legal framework for use of nuclear power
Slowing down building of electricity power stations
Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel
Accumulating nuclear reactor waste
Studying great power regional involvement
Conserving energy in the power sector
Using solar power to heat water
Decentralizing power
Confronting power of the devil
Empowering citizens to challenge polluters
Balancing power
Developing efficient draught animal power
Broadening systematic purchasing power
Maximizing massive work power
Creating adequate power source
Protecting nuclear power plants
Relocating nuclear power plants
Power transfer
Developing home power supply
Separating power
Developing community power access
Providing international recognition
Strengthening individual selling power
Controlling power machinery
Extending dependable power service
Utilizing local power sources
Recovering power from chemical sources
Recovering power from mechanical sources
Installing basic power supply
Maximizing local purchasing power
Supplying adequate power access
Introducing experimental power source
Establishing new decision-making mechanism
Originating processes of social organization
Providing adequate electrical supply
Installing electrical power systems
Broadening irrigation water development
Providing essential power to use material resources
Determining required power for social organization
Harnessing social power for development
Curbing raw political power
Anticipating new power patterns
Controlling external mobilization of political power
Establishing enforcing power
Upholding judicial power
Producing consumer opportunities
Expressing political power within established structures
Activating power applications
Harnessing primary fuels
Honouring power balance
Building corporate power
Demonstrating corporate power
Intensifying corporate power
Uncovering theatrical power
Gridding local power structures
Releasing local power
Developing manpower capability
Using solar energy
Black power
Signalling community power
Complying with nuclear power safeguards
Improving viability of nuclear power plants
Reducing cost of nuclear power plants
Building nuclear power stations
Reducing building of nuclear power stations
Relinquishing power
Restricting nuclear power
Taking risks in power production
Reducing risks in power production
Sacrificing political power
Maintaining secrecy in the nuclear power industry
Exposing secrecy in the nuclear power industry
Seizing power
Improving location of power transmission lines
Checking power of government bureaucracy
Controlling scientific power
Taxing currency speculation
Increasing power generation capacity
Developing power industry
Utilizing community power
Concentrating market power
Concentrating investment power
Evening out concentrations of power
Evening out concentrations of power
Monopolizing advanced nuclear warfare technology
Reducing amount of wasted woman power
Reducing amount of wasted energy resources
Developing nuclear power
Ruling autocratically
Reducing environmental impacts of electrical power generation
Generating electrical power
Using nuclear power
Using power politics
Using imbalance of power
Displacing national decision-making to super-power countries
Resisting displacement of national decision-making to super-power countries
Eliminating bourgeois power
Reinforcing bourgeois power
Abusing power
Using police power
Using economic power
Using government power
Using financial and industrial power
Overestimating recuperative power of nature
Ensuring realistic assessment of the recuperative power of nature
Protecting against environmental hazards of nuclear power production
Coping with inadequate power of intergovernmental organizations
Improving power of intergovernmental organizations
Improving infrastructure for nuclear power generation
Providing inadequate infrastructure for nuclear power generation
Reducing inequality of concentration of financial power
Stabilizing relations among allies of superpowers
Abstaining from purchasing
Providing sufficient enforcement power
Abstaining from enforcement
Providing sufficient enforcement power of international organizations
Abstaining from enforcement power of international organizations
Limiting purchasing power
Preserving earning power
Strengthening monopoly of power
Strengthening monopoly of power by the elderly
Strengthening monopoly of nuclear power techniques
Limiting monopoly of power by the elderly
Limiting monopoly of nuclear power techniques
Limiting super-power monopoly of advanced nuclear warfare technology
Developing solar power satellites
Promoting fluid power research
Using power of music
Distributing electricity
Interconnecting power systems
Developing subregional power system
Decommissioning nuclear power stations
Generating hydro electric power
Providing electrical power
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values