Black power


Inculcating a revolutionary state of mind, a new sense of self-worth and a unified spirit among Black people for the sake of creating militant or reformist movements.


The Black Power movement originated shortly after the Civil Rights Movement in the USA, parallel with anti-Apartheid developments in South Africa.


The Black Power movement in the USA set up power bases like the Black Panther Party and the League of Black Revolutionary Workers. These groups attempted to form and organize Black political parties, withdraw Black vote from White candidates, indoctrinate Black children to eliminate from the Black American psyche the inferior feeling inculcated by the history of Blacks in America, and promote Black insurrection by engaging the police in urban guerrilla warfare.


Since Black people have repeatedly failed, in the face of White opposition and obstruction, to advance their economic and political standing to full equality with White people simply as American citizens they must advance to that objective specifically as Black people.

Counter Claim:

Black power admits the failure of Black people to become integrated into society and condemns Black people to being a sub-class.

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D: Detailed strategies
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