Building corporate power

There is an accelerating redistribution of power at global level, strengthening what is usually referred to as "corporate power". In this peculiar political system, global capital determines (with the help of "informal" and extremely influential lobby groups, such as the World Economic Forum) the economic and social agenda on a world-wide scale. These corporate lobby groups give their instructions to governments in the form of recommendations, and governments follow them, since the few that refuse to obey the "advice" of corporate lobby groups find their currencies under attack by speculators and see the investors pulling out. The influence of corporate lobby groups has been strengthened by regional and multilateral agreements. With their help, neo-liberal policies are being imposed all over the world.
1. There is no doubt that as corporate power continues to grow, the number of NGOs will also grow, providing a necessary counterweight to business interests. In a best-case scenario, questions of legitimacy and accountability will eventually be settled and more constructive partnerships between business and NGOs will develop.
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