Building trust
Building schools
Building schools
Building vehicles
Building processes
Building memorials
Building illegally
Constructing mines
Building components
Building self esteem
Constructing schools
Planning obsolescence
Constructing concrete
Reasoning defectively
Constructing buildings
Manufacturing plastics
Constructing large dams
Building social cohesion
Abiding by housing codes
Building human dwellings
Building corporate power
Building national wealth
Building company culture
Constructing wind-breaks
Building tactical systems
Constructing data systems
Reinforcing job motivation
Building community support
Building a culture of life
Creating image of scarcity
Building global orientation
Assuring all weather access
Increasing social confidence
Building theoretical systems
Building inter-cultural nodes
Building opposition awareness
Building common local concern
Constructing computer network
Improving foot travel network
Building functional curriculum
Building functional curriculum
Building home delivery network
Building right human relations
Constructing modern dairy barn
Respecting democratic processes
Building improved access routes
Building imaginal play articles
Building institutional capacity
Constructing integrated systems
Building conversation constructs
Building appropriate living space
Building parent/child involvement
Building institutional resilience
Constructing adequate farm access
Building adequate course rationale
Building accessible machine routes
Building modern diversified stores
Providing common public facilities
Developing construction industries
Constructing local service centres
Building new residential facilities
Building broad programme assistance
Developing comprehensive dam system
Creating economic multiplier effects
Constructing water diversion channel
Building capacity for land management
Building effective external relations
Building back-up education facilities
Building needed adolescent pedagogues
Constructing utility service shelters
Constructing domestic delivery system
Building informed responsive citizenry
Constructing varied commercial complex
Building visible identification symbols
Constructing with alternative materials
Constructing profoundly relevant content
Constructing expanded educational facilities
Building capacity for environmental management
Building UN system capacity in sustainable development at local, national and regional level
Building culture of peace
Growing windbreaks
Industry Construction
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure