human value


Researching corporate environmental accounting
Developing value codes for business
Researching corporate social responsibility
Linking corporate strategies to employment effects
Holding community meetings
Reshuffling corporate ownership structures
Integrating environmental strategies into industrial competitiveness
Developing corporate biodiversity strategies
Developing corporate natural resource accounting for biodiversity
Establishing environmentally responsible enterprises
Establishing environmentally responsible enterprises
Demonstrating corporate group success
Rehearsing wider corporate identity
Purchasing seeds
Providing additional gathering places
Expanding corporate management
Channelling additional corporate initiatives
Eliciting distinctive corporate pride
Creating corporate affirmation activities
Supplying corporate functional tools
Creating corporate merchandising structure
Constructing common storage space
Learning corporate farming skills
Carrying out corporate assignments
Dramatizing corporate community victories
Developing corporate leadership roles
Initiating new corporate efforts
Expressing awakened corporate passion
Rallying corporate creativity
Training corporate leadership techniques
Encouraging effective corporate leaders
Sharing motivating corporate songs
Landscaping open green spaces
Enhancing corporate employment efforts
Ensuring corporate social responsibility
Ensuring corporate social responsibility
Developing corporate low-cost rentals
Creating skilled building teams
Fostering creative corporate competition
Learning effective corporate action
Enhancing corporate planning skills
Quickening individual conviction to corporate governance
Illustrating corporate finance methods
Actualizing corporate economic support
Performing corporate citizen tasks
Enhancing corporate procedural expertise
Buying corporate transportation unit
Establishing corporate offices
Gathering stock holders
Developing bulk purchasing scheme
Ensuring corporate equipment maintenance
Creating corporate care events
Establishing corporate boards
Quickening commitment to create corporate suffrage
Generating community investment fund
Establishing community care network
Equipping central craft workshop
Developing corporate financial base
Supporting corporate selling ventures
Codifying corporate will
Learning corporate task procedures
Initiating corporate study sessions
Holding corporate community workdays
Eliciting corporate responses to ultimate concerns
Enabling special corporate events
Establishing arena for corporate decision making
Generating corporate commerce ventures
Beautifying neighbourhood living environment
Assimilating corporate tool assets
Expanding basic community structures
Organizing corporate work efforts
Developing corporate work force
Encouraging corporate commercial ventures
Expanding corporate youth activities
Forming corporate organizational activities
Demanding review of corporate decision making
Continuing development of collective decision making
Procuring common transport vehicles
Managing production
Designating corporate indoor facilities
Forming corporate leadership groups
Holding celebrative social events
Creating corporate enabling structures
Broadening corporate community activities
Promoting corporate recreational activities
Forming corporate service enterprises
Developing corporate social engagement
Instituting corporate property maintenance
Catalyzing regular corporate recreation
Catalyzing corporate work days
Setting aside property for corporate benefits
Ensuring social participation
Providing social affirmation for corporate justice systems
Honouring social forms
Questioning previous government action
Clarifying rules of governance
Providing checks on societal decision-making
Defining leadership roles in achieving corporate justice
Reviewing judicial decisions
Articulating vision
Demonstrating practical implementation of corporate decisions
Implementing societal principles
Producing awareness of the need for corporate action
Creating social tension through involvement in corporate welfare
Re-evaluating corporate welfare
Releasing common creativity for corporate welfare
Maintaining common style for corporate welfare
Preserving individual from corporate encroachment
Actualizing in corporate form
Placing individuals in corporate arena
Constituting corporate language
Creating constituency suffrage
Establishing corporate justice
Extending knowledge access
Imposing corporate discipline
Promoting corporate welfare
Systematizing management patterns
Intentionalizing corporate icons
Building corporate power
Demonstrating corporate power
Creating corporate vision
Introducing corporate life methodologies
Intensifying corporate life
Intensifying corporate power
Propagating corporate methodologies
Catalyzing corporate consensus
Planning corporate seminary
Providing corporate engagement potential
Demonstrating corporate response possibility
Signalling structural corporate forms
Holding community celebrations
Enriching corporate activity
Actualizing corporate economic ventures
Projecting corporate concerns
Creating business accountability
Maintaining social order
Training civil society
Corporate effort
Involving stakeholders in management decisions
Recognizing benefits from corporate action
Recognizing benefits from corporate action
Coordinating corporate activities
Undertaking corporate activities
Refining corporate methods
Researching corporate crime
Providing incentives for financial investment
Trading corporate loyalties
Distorting corporate news and information
Clarifying corporate news and information
Distrusting corporate commitment
Counteracting economic control by transnational corporations
Fabricating reports on corporate competitors
Reducing corporate title inflation
Inflating corporate titles
Providing flexible management patterns
Claiming corporate intimidation
Providing sufficient social progress
Providing sufficient communal commitment
Harmonizing corporate accounting
Challenging globalization
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values