Extending knowledge access

Diversifying knowledge access base
Extending public access to knowledge
Opening public domain of knowledge
Opening corporate wisdom
Ensuring critical knowledge access
Under a pilot project launched in April 1997 by the World Bank, 10 universities in six nations will be connected through the African Virtual University (a computer link via satellite) to universities in Europe and the USA. The project's main objective is to tap new information technologies to overcome the many financial and physical barriers that prevent students at African colleges from gaining access to quality higher education. Participating universities in the USA and Ireland will provide packaged academic programmes, particularly in science, engineering and business.
1. The public domain and non-commercial software plays an important role in public and commercial life. The Internet is built upon public and open protocols and uses a wide range of free software programs. Free software operating systems such as Linux and xBSD are important alternatives to more monopolistic server technologies. Databases of government information provide an important new foundation for civic democracy in the information society.
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C: Cross-sectoral strategies
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GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production