Improving access

Expanding access
Ensuring access
Promoting access
Cataloguing art
Providing basic needs
Enhancing access to art
Enhancing access to art
Extending knowledge access
Improving industrial access
Promoting contraceptive use
Exchanging genetic resources
Improving access to abortion
Improving access to databases
Providing accessible services
Increasing cross-island access
Improving access to technology
Establishing primary health care
Improving access to quality jobs
Improving job security for women
Upgrading community access routes
Improving access to export finance
Improving island transport services
Increasing public access to culture
Enhancing technology for agriculture
Expanding access of women to education
Improving access to cultural resources
Improving education on land management
Enhancing vocational training capacity
Improving access to development capital
Improving access to financial resources
Disseminating environmental information
Improving access of rural poor to credit
Promoting women's economic self-reliance
Improving accessibility of land resources
Providing safe drinking water for the poor
Organizing sporting events for the disabled
Increasing education for females in science
Improving access to computers for education
Improving access to fuelwood for rural women
Strengthening comprehensive health care for women
Increasing availability of education for employment
Improving access to information for the handicapped
Improving NGO access to international policy debates
Improving access to creative works through translation
Improving access to contraceptives for unmarried people
Strengthening science and technology information capacity
Improving agroforestry practices by clarifying land tenure
Improving access of women to resources, technology and credit
Exchanging information about environmentally sound technology
Enhancing access of small- and medium-sized enterprises to finance
Improving ability to analyse information on sustainable development
Improving NGO access to data and information on sustainable development
Improving developing countries' access to international information systems on chemicals
Improving access of developing countries to information and expertise on sustainable development law
Ensuring universal access
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal