Promoting self
Managing weeds
Using extremism
Improving access
Promoting health
Promoting bridge
Promoting quality
Promoting culture
Promoting fantasy
Promoting freedom
Promoting snooker
Promoting tourism
Promoting research
Cultivating trivia
Promoting laziness
Promoting buddhism
Promoting children
Promoting dialogue
Promoting new laws
Promoting products
Promoting interests
Promoting fair play
Promoting knowledge
Increasing literacy
Promoting craftwork
Promoting standards
Developing fisheries
Promoting capitalism
Promoting excellence
Promoting philosophy
Promoting the family
Promoting innovation
Promoting activities
Promoting fornication
Promoting materialism
Promoting materialism
Promoting development
Promoting world order
Stimulating investment
Promoting adaptability
Promoting mercantilism
Promoting chaste living
Promoting functionality
Promoting individualism
Promoting collaboration
Advocating consultation
Improving participation
Promoting world harmony
Promoting world harmony
Promulgating nationalism
Promoting business decor
Promoting goods exchange
Promoting paternal rights
Promoting social learning
Reducing media illiteracy
Defending self medication
Promoting self management
Promoting music education
Promoting free enterprise
Promoting ideal of service
Promoting public relations
Promoting sports and games
Promoting respect of earth
Promoting codes of conduct
Promoting internationalism
Promoting internationalism
Promoting community assent
Promoting rapid water flow
Raising awareness of water
Facilitating communications
Promoting national language
Promoting missionary spirit
Providing mother/child care
Promoting traditional music
Producing product catalogue
Promoting consumer advocacy
Promoting corporate welfare
Promoting scenic town areas
Promoting religious freedom
Promoting structural reforms
Promoting technical progress
Promoting individual liberty
Promoting external relations
Promoting development growth
Advancing christian religion
Maintaining ethical standards
Promoting universal education
Promoting scientific activity
Promoting medical materialism
Promoting international peace
Promoting negotiation process
Promoting new creative images
Advancing building technology
Promoting economic activities
Countering cultural alienation
Promoting regional development
Promoting equitable life style
Supporting occupational guilds
Promoting spirit of solidarity
Combatting illiteracy of women
Striving towards a good society
Expanding productive employment
Making bureaucracies responsive
Respecting democratic processes
Promoting emotional development
Developing local light industry
Promoting new leadership growth
Promoting environmental hygiene
Promoting European consciousness
Promoting environmental literacy
Popularizing business experience
Promoting rights of the disabled
Holding celebrative social events
Promoting necessary social action
Promoting flow in economic system
Promoting diversified sea harvest
Promoting covenantal nature of sex
Manufacturing local craft products
Promulgating responsibility scheme
Promoting range resource husbandry
Promoting local business expansion
Promoting local marketing ventures
Promoting individual physical care
Promoting locally available skills
Promoting of a community of nations
Promoting community decision-making
Promoting local business visibility
Promoting strategic market planning
Promoting adequate food utilization
Encouraging family planning schemes
Promoting voluntary human extinction
Developing holiness in priestly life
Organizing community trading company
Promoting local business enterprises
Promoting positive life-orientations
Promoting dependable transit choices
Promoting new industrial enterprises
Publicizing local products nationally
Promoting fund development activities
Promoting intensified crop production
Promoting improved hygiene techniques
Promoting total community involvement
Promoting multi-service retail centre
Promoting external marketing contacts
Promoting continued school attendance
Promoting technological understanding
Promoting more productive agriculture
Promoting futuric community life style
Promoting accessible adventure tourism
Promoting personal functional vitality
Promoting effective authority presence
Promoting inexpensive practical travel
Promoting rights of children and youth
Promoting public transportation systems
Encouraging modern farmlands techniques
Promoting equality between men and women
Promoting international network of women
Promoting leadership exchange opportunity
Promoting effective meeting orchestration
Promoting participatory local organization
Promoting participatory local organization
Promoting corporate recreational activities
Promoting publically regulated prostitution
Communicating comprehensive health awareness
Promoting unhampered transmission of thought
Promoting wide circulation of holy scriptures
Promoting international freedom of information
Promoting religion in the context of nationalism
Promoting international circulation of the press
Improving international environment for development
Promoting awareness of responsibility of scientists
Promoting sustainable development in decision making
Promoting more equitable distribution of wealth and income
Promoting awareness of hygienic, ethical, aesthetic value of cremation
Promoting positive images
Encouraging local business buying
Motivating cooperation
Promoting sustainable energy consumption
Promoting exchanges
Communication Promotion
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies