Keeping fit
Town planning
Improving data
Spreading risk
Reforming zoos
Improving laws
Improving land
Improving towns
Improving shape
Improving trade
Raising quality
Recycling paper
Planning cities
Managing crises
Improving safety
Improving rights
Improving habits
Improving health
Increasing taxes
Using domination
Cultivating land
Cultivating land
Using wind power
Preventing crime
Improving access
Training for jobs
Improving banking
Improving highway
Improving defence
Improving liberty
Maintaining roads
Raising standards
Conserving energy
Improving shelter
Improving housing
Improving savings
Improving methods
Improving ability
Modifying climate
Improving business
Improving cultures
Providing religion
Improving lobbying
Improving suburbia
Improving doctrine
Preaching religion
Altering landscape
Improving adequacy
Recycling plastics
Developing tourism
Improving lighting
Providing food aid
Strategic planning
Reforming education
Improving materials
Improving equipment
Improving digestion
Improving vigilance
Improving marriages
Forecasting weather
Improving germplasm
Protecting refugees
Improving education
Improving knowledge
Embracing utopianism
Improving capability
Improving motivation
Improving conditions
Promoting excellence
Building self esteem
Sentencing offenders
Improving structures
Improving assistance
Improving leadership
Caring for the blind
Protecting consumers
Protecting consumers
Improving programmes
Degrading landscapes
Developing new skills
Monitoring industries
Improving fresh water
Improving workmanship
Promoting aquaculture
Harmonizing standards
Improving road safety
Improving youth roles
Acknowledging failure
Improving information
Providing maintenance
Providing basic needs
Improving reliability
Pursuing human rights
Improving food service
Improving human morale
Improving labour force
Improving intelligence
Improving human rights
Improving time-keeping
Improving rural health
Improving riot control
Improving weed control
Reforming the calendar
Ensuring civil defence
Securing food supplies
Employing the disabled
Improving job security
Improving job security
Improving job security
Improving human health
Improving urban health
Improving coordination
Strengthening capacity
Improving constitutions
Improving rural welfare
Improving legal systems
Increasing global funds
Providing heroic images
Improving sense of time
Improving welfare state
Improving methodologies
Improving mental health
Improving water quality
Legislating family size
Improving participation
Improving study methods
Minimizing soil erosion
Developing pipe systems
Reducing underemployment
Improving quality of aid
Researching gas industry
Researching gas industry
Improving health welfare
Improving legal services
Improving water delivery
Improving animal welfare
Improving health control
Collecting data on water
Improving infrastructure
Raising living standards
Improving traffic rights
Improving communications
Improving mental hygiene
Promoting goods exchange
Improving tax collection
Improving race relations
Improving administration
Reforming health systems
Increasing effectiveness
Leading without authority
Improving domestic market
Improving status of women
Improving legal education
Improving debt management
Improving dental services
Improving window industry
Improving consumer safety
Improving social doctrine
Improving sexual adequacy
Improving work experience
Improving car ferry docks
Reducing media illiteracy
Improving postal services
Improving use of language
Improving basic crop care
Improving medical science
Improving farming systems
Improving farm management
Providing basic education
Improving family planning
Reinventing elder's roles
Improving urban transport
Improving security system
Improving security system
Improving soil management
Developing health systems
Training practical skills
Maintaining public safety
Protecting the atmosphere
Degrading the environment
Improving public education
Improving postal relations
Improving airline industry
Improving statistical data
Improving management tools
Improving special training
Improving code enforcement
Improving project planning
Improving ability to write
Improving physical stamina
Improving spending pattern
Improving library services
Improving health standards
Improving welfare services
Renewing urban environment
Improving telephone system
Immunization against disease
Assisting those in poverty
Assisting those in poverty
Organizing community space
Improving health care
Systematizing socialization
Harmonizing rules of origin
Improving electrical energy
Improving management skills
Improving postal management
Improving traffic education
Improving health and safety
Improving natural resources
Improving prison conditions
Improving economic doctrine
Improving choice for voters
Improving political parties
Improving watchdog agencies
Improving human environment
Improving human environment
Improving labour conditions
Controlling animal diseases
Improving donor performance
Standardizing hospital care
Improving forest management
Improving primary education
Providing mother/child care
Providing mother/child care
Improving data on aid flows
Improving public disclosure
Providing consumer services
Improving development model
Assuring family health care
Improving human settlements
Improving situation of youth
Developing medical education
Improving existing marketing
Improving possibility images
Improving political doctrine
Improving control of mergers
Improving training of judges
Improving storage facilities
Reducing cultural illiteracy
Improving strength of dollar
Improving basic cattle stock
Improving private properties
Improving local cattle stock
Supplying market information
Reducing temporal illiteracy
Improving project programmes
Improving medical facilities
Developing computer hardware
Exchanging genetic resources
Communicating with employees
Improving community policing
Using information technology
Providing community security
Improving living environment
Developing architectural art
Improving pricing efficiency
Reducing urban air pollution
Improving urban data systems
Improving farmers' knowledge
Improving literacy for women
Supporting social technology
Strengthening shelter sector
Caring for children's health
Applying science sustainably
Establishing skills exchanges
Improving natural environment
Protecting global environment
Improving life saving methods
Improving regional potentials
Improving basic foreign trade
Improving national procedures
Improving executive education
Improving research management
Improving life saving devices
Improving political structure
Improving control of zoonoses
Improving production capacity
Improving commercial trucking
Integrating human personality
Improving materials longevity
Improving minority self-image
Improving personal popularity
Improving performance quality
Improving foot travel network
Coordinating mapping services
Increasing farm mechanization
Increasing farm mechanization
Promoting values in education
Providing accessible services
Increasing basic staple foods
Improving statistical methods
Improving statistical methods
Improving access to databases
Improving military capability
Advancing computer simulation
Improving national governance
Improving efficiency of trade
Developing local health plans
Developing local health plans
Improving skill base of women
Improving working environment
Providing economic incentives
Enhancing local product value
Improving development networks
Improving livestock production
Improving local administration
Improving logistics efficiency
Improving information services
Improving educational services
Providing sufficient integrity
Improving scientific reasoning
Improving resources for health
Improving agricultural capital
Improving heating of buildings
Improving institutional memory
Revolutionizing motor vehicles
Advancing environmental health
Encouraging rational water use
Improving information on drugs
Preparing for food emergencies
Improving natural resource use
Creating constituency suffrage
Improving community self image
Developing education materials
Improving housing for the aged
Improving biomass technologies
Improving animal feed products
Improving business information
Improving access to technology
Conserving global biodiversity
Improving existing communities
Enhancing basic physical design
Improving technology management
Improving agricultural planning
Improving educative experiences
Improving managerial efficiency
Improving lateral communication
Improving statistical education
Developing management education
Improving managerial competence
Improving grammatical integrity
Improving documentation process
Improving ability to compromise
Improving civil justice systems
Improving unsanitary conditions
Improving interest in farm work
Improving consumption practices
Improving management techniques
Upholding educational standards
Improving safe food preparation
Assessing environmental impacts
Improving air transport service
Improving administration of aid
Teaching basic literacy prowess
Improving commercial fish ponds
Disciplining children's conduct
Providing full banking services
Producing quality food products
Improving teacher/student ratio
Improving trading opportunities
Improving global communications
Providing public transportation
Improving access to information
Improving democratic procedures
Utilizing volunteer task forces
Providing sanitary water supply
Modernizing sanitary facilities
Establishing budgetary planning
Improving quality of human life
Improving food self-sufficiency
Enhancing political integration
Resolving environmental conflicts
Improving distribution of income
Improving relevance of education
Improving condition of buildings
Improving therapeutic assistance
Developing high quality services
Improving tourism infrastructure
Improving use of human resources
Improving ideological frameworks
Improving peace research support
Improving economic policy-making
Improving grass-roots initiative
Improving social adequacy of men
Identifying highly able students
Improving military effectiveness
Reducing geographical illiteracy
Improving strength of initiative
Improving development programmes
Improving investment performance
Improving family living standard
Controlling development projects
Improving educational facilities
Making country road improvements
Ensuring decent living standards
Conducting agricultural research
Improving development assistance
Improving international research
Improving management information
Improving morale of police force
Improving enterprise performance
Sustaining industrial innovation
Developing small-scale fisheries
Improving strength of governance
Providing communication services
Improving cultivation techniques
Improving administration systems
Strengthening national economies
Improving job security for women
Improving job security for women
Developing agricultural resources
Improving food production systems
Improving worldwide communication
Improving construction technology
Improving government publications
Improving agricultural facilities
Improving ability to bear witness
Improving cultivated land systems
Improving criminal justice system
Improving international relations
Providing recreational facilities
Increasing water storage capacity
Strengthening aesthetic education
Preventing occupational accidents
Improving patent licensing system
Revitalizing community structures
Stewarding fertile soil formation
Training public service officials
Improving environmental standards
Improving drought relief measures
Improving allocation of resources
Developing new social innovations
Enhancing environmental awareness
Improving weightlifting techniques
Improving ties among observatories
Improving decisional opportunities
Improving technological adaptation
Improving economic priority system
Improving global transfer of funds
Improving environmental conditions
Improving access to export finance
Advancing contraceptive technology
Disseminating land use information
Providing decent living conditions
Exhibiting varied community skills
Providing rapid emergency response
Providing social security services
Conserving energy in the household
Conserving plant genetic resources
Providing criminal law enforcement
Improving rural financial networks
Supplying family planning services
Intensifying existing resource use
Improving third world communication
Improving national creditworthiness
Improving urban political machinery
Improving mobilization of resources
Improving parent company guarantees
Improving tenant landlord relations
Improving accessible services route
Improving ties with other countries
Fostering intelligence for humanity
Broadcasting in the public interest
Encouraging family planning schemes
Improving skill base of rural women
Improving agricultural productivity
Improving organizational mechanisms
Facilitating goods transport system
Strengthening technical cooperation
Improving rail transport facilities
Improving management of expatriates
Improving employment of rural women
Providing public health information
Improving social services for women
Improving general practitioners work
Improving disaster rescue and relief
Improving intra-family communication
Improving systematic property upkeep
Developing equipped hotel facilities
Improving local training possibility
Improving rice cultivation practices
Improving sense of personal identity
Improving socio-cultural environment
Improving hazardous waste management
Developing transport infrastructures
Enhancing technology for agriculture
Improving role models for creativity
Improving children's care facilities
Improving health conditions in slums
Improving capacity for crop planning
Improving forest information systems
Improving basic environment patterns
Providing adequate electrical supply
Improving forest resource management
Enhancing decision-making procedures
Disseminating favourable public image
Improving availability of information
Providing sufficient job satisfaction
Improving results of formal schooling
Improving current mariculture harvest
Improving particular agency relations
Improving busy thoroughfare pavements
Improving economic accounting systems
Improving quality of teacher training
Communicating data on decision-making
Improving sewage treatment technology
Developing new recycling technologies
Improving water system infrastructure
Improving waste monitoring technology
Enhancing community-tourist relations
Improving economic market intelligence
Providing sufficient manpower planning
Improving information on funding needs
Improving adequate building conditions
Improving domestic sanitary conditions
Improving domestic dwelling conditions
Providing broadened cultural awareness
Providing integrated pollution control
Improving level of national investment
Creating comprehensive drainage scheme
Planning residential transport systems
Improving basic education for the poor
Increasing aid to developing countries
Improving hazardous waste institutions
Improving education on land management
Enhancing vocational training capacity
Establishing international legal order
Improving health services following war
Improving international monetary system
Improving condition of rural population
Improving international legal procedure
Improving political dialogue and review
Improving image of marriage partnership
Improving mixed-use urban redevelopment
Controlling weapons of mass destruction
Providing sufficient savings structures
Increasing efficiency of manual farming
Improving access to development capital
Improving financing by local government
Providing welfare services for the deaf
Improving community service performance
Improving technology assessment network
Strengthening water management agencies
Creating geographic information systems
Enhancing security during social strife
Disseminating environmental information
Improving reliability of family clinics
Improving government control of military
Promoting women's economic self-reliance
Improving quality of water for livestock
Improving demand for primary commodities
Improving systems of international trade
Improving means for community initiative
Improving access of rural poor to credit
Enhancing favourable trading environment
Elaborating national employment policies
Improving legal rights of natural objects
Maintaining use of elements of production
Improving usability of technical products
Improving planning and management systems
Monitoring restrictive business practices
Improving environmental health monitoring
Improving standard of economic management
Improving international crisis management
Improving investment in capacity building
Revitalizing existing community buildings
Managing physical resources for education
Developing early warning disaster systems
Improving effectiveness of aid for health
Improving laboratory diagnostic techniques
Improving educational information services
Developing provision of household services
Improving popularity of government leaders
Improving public sector working conditions
Improving management of rural water supply
Improving employment for vulnerable groups
Improving knowledge on ecosystem processes
Enhancing creative community participation
Developing appropriate educational policies
Improving irrigation products and practices
Improving conditions of immigrant labourers
Improving cultural transferability of books
Collecting environmental data automatically
Improving telecommunications infrastructure
Improving telecommunications infrastructure
Providing for impoverished disabled persons
Improving traditional child birth practices
Improving nutritional value of staple foods
Improving capacity for national development
Strengthening environmental health services
Improving safeguards against cyber crime
Improving disaster prevention and mitigation
Reducing illiteracy among indigenous peoples
Improving social circumstances of motherhood
Strengthening implementation of human rights
Strengthening regulation of marine pollution
Strengthening regulation of marine pollution
Improving maternity protection in employment
Improving inter-island information exchanges
Fostering regional international integration
Improving committee system of decision making
Integrating national energy efficiency policy
Improving rehabilitation health care services
Improving evidence to convict known offenders
Improving government supervision of contracts
Stimulating exploitation of natural resources
Promoting local environmental care programmes
Improving media image of developing countries
Increasing productivity of material resources
Improving scientific basis for decision-making
Improving integration of ideology into society
Improving advantages of home-working employees
Improving satisfaction from sexual intercourse
Providing sufficient family-planning education
Improving social planning for human settlements
Increasing efficiency of agricultural water use
Improving research on links among global cycles
Improving governmental decision-making machinery
Providing legal counsel for political dissidents
Improving information systems for safety control
Establishing regional financial clearing systems
Improving data and information to combat poverty
Improving housing and penning of domestic animals
Improving diagnosis of resource management issues
Improving facilities for workers' representatives
Improving system of political checks and balances
Improving ability to respond to minority concerns
Strengthening comprehensive health care for women
Improving management systems for highland valleys
Improving power of intergovernmental organizations
Reducing limitation of communication by illiteracy
Improving personal relations between world leaders
Improving economic performance of debtor countries
Improving pollution control for offshore platforms
Improving financial reporting in the public sector
Improving creditworthiness of developing countries
Improving international environment for development
Improving intergovernmental decision-making process
Improving community-based rehabilitation facilities
Improving satellite capacity for telecommunications
Improving ability to resolve problems realistically
Improving opportunities for women's self-employment
Improving information concerning transnational banks
Improving sophistication in warfare and intelligence
Providing private-sector support for local community
Improving national chemicals management capabilities
Improving integrated agricultural extension services
Expanding programmes on marine environmental quality
Developing sustainable policy for public procurement
Enhancing participation of women in higher education
Improving use of visual imagery for societal learning
Improving national capabilities for monitoring wastes
Improving facilities for collecting hydrological data
Improving services infrastructure in poor urban areas
Increasing international assessment of chemical risks
Improving capacity of developing countries to organize
Strengthening research capacities for waste management
Improving information systems on intellectual property
Improving economic development among Islamic countries
Improving national staff for assessing desertification
Improving women's knowledge of family planning sources
Encouraging scientists to remain in their own countries
Improving mechanisms for balance of payments adjustment
Improving wood preservatives to protect the environment
Ensuring land users implement improved land use measures
Improving control over government administrative process
Improving mechanisms for the creation of liquid reserves
Improving training programmes to help graduates get jobs
Improving drought control through appropriate technology
Improving preparedness capacity to aid displaced peoples
Expanding trading opportunities for developing countries
Improving international protection of industrial property
Improving methodology for integrated environmental audits
Improving career structures in water resources management
Improving international cooperation in reducing terrorism
Fostering economic cooperation among developing countries
Promoting progress and application of information systems
Improving management skills of senior government officials
Improving protection and preservation of cultural property
Improving facilities for international organization action
Improving mechanisms for securing sufficient food supplies
Improving national capacity to implement land conservation
Improving urban institutional arrangements and cooperation
Improving coordination among anti-desertification agencies
Improving statistical data on nongovernmental organizations
Improving exchange of information, skills, and technologies
Improving worker cooperation with multinational enterprises
Managing wild renewable resources through local communities
Facilitating transfer of environmentally sound technologies
Improving arrangement of housing with respect to common land
Improving ability to identify potential water supply sources
Improving water pollution control capacities in large cities
Improving information for decision making on the environment
Improving competitiveness to support sustainable development
Improving long-term scientific assessment of the environment
Improving institutional capabilities for chemicals management
Improving children's ability to separate fantasy from reality
Improving children's ability to separate fantasy from reality
Improving data needed for integrated environmental accounting
Improving communication between decision-makers and grassroots
Improving funding of international organizations and programmes
Ensuring adequate educational opportunities for disabled persons
Establishing procedures for legal redress for environmental harm
Improving cooperation among agencies collecting hydrological data
Improving terms of trade, aid and lending for developing countries
Improving socio-cultural factors which support population policies
Assessing biotechnologies for improving yields for aquatic species
Improving institutions for conservation of plant genetic resources
Improving solution-oriented images of the global economic situation
Improving understanding of decision-makers on biological principles
Improving international cooperation on environmental infrastructure
Ensuring national economic policies support sustainable development
Improving land use practices to prevent land degradation and erosion
Improving coordination of international agencies on water management
Improving data collection on conservation of marine living resources
Improving collection of information on poverty target groups and areas
Improving punishment of international criminals in their own countries
Improving institutional mechanisms for cost-effective debt negotiation
Improving compliance with international norms for discharges from ships
Improving institutional capacity for effective monitoring of compliance
Facilitating transfer of privately-owned environmentally sound technology
Improving long-term environmental policies, technology and risk assessment
Improving facilities for international nongovernmental organization action
Improving delivery of public awareness programmes in United Nations system
Improving ability of professionals to report on institutional mismanagement
Improving national inter-agency coordination on monitoring forest resources
Improving national inter-agency coordination on monitoring forest resources
Improving inter-agency regional cooperation to halt environmental degradation
Strengthening cradle-to-grave environmental impact assessment of hazardous waste
Improving women's enrolment, employment and facilities at educational institutions
Improving national capacities to develop and manage environmentally sound technologies
Improving cooperation among the scientific community, government and public on the environment
Improving cooperation between regional and global organizations
Improving cooperation on Agenda 21 follow-up among UN and financial organizations at global, regional and levels
Enhancing personal appearance
Creating international organizations
Developing society
Integrating international policy
Conserving water
Improving public utilities in urban areas
Sustaining design capabilities
Reducing incidence of malnutrition
Improving architecture and design
Assisting tax administrators
Development Reform
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal