Strengthening capacity

Improving capacity
Reinforcing capability
Protecting vulnerable groups
Promoting women entrepreneurs
Strengthening network capacity
Strengthening research capacity
Conducting technology assessments
Creating waste recycling structures
Improving capacity for crop planning
Strengthening negotiating capacities
Strengthening marine research capacity
Building dependable mass communication
Developing non-government organizations
Strengthening water management agencies
Strengthening capacity to combat poverty
Enhancing science and technology training
Strengthening production capacity of the poor
Integrating sustainable development information
Strengthening capacity to detect illegal traffic
Improving capacity to assess hazardous waste risks
Strengthening scientific and technological capacity
Strengthening capacity to manage demographic change
Preventing marine pollution from land-based sources
Improving national chemicals management capabilities
Strengthening research capacities for waste management
Strengthening capacity to assess atmospheric emissions
Strengthening productive capacity of low-income groups
Strengthening training capacity in developing countries
Strengthening capacity to control communicable diseases
Strengthening capabilities for water resource assessment
Strengthening capacity to meet primary health care needs
Strengthening science and technology information capacity
Strengthening national capacity to reuse and recycle waste
Strengthening national capacities on sustainable forest use
Strengthening national capacities for improving water supply
Strengthening government administrative and financial systems
Strengthening capabilities for dealing with chemical accidents
Strengthening local authority capabilities on water protection
Strengthening local capacity to adapt appropriate technologies
Strengthening institutional capacity for economic policy-making
Strengthening managerial capabilities of local water user groups
Strengthening non governmental organisations management capacity
Strengthening national environmental data assessment capabilities
Strengthening national capability to assess global climate change
Strengthening capability of developing countries in export promotion
Strengthening national capacities for environmental health interventions
Strengthening national capacity for safe treatment and disposal of waste
Improving tripartite cooperation to ensure equitable sustainable development
Strengthening national capacities for conservation of marine living resources
Strengthening national and local capacity for managing rapidly growing cities
Strengthening United Nations institutional capacities on women and development
Strengthening institutional capacity to benefit from biotechnology developments
Strengthening institutional capacity to implement sustainable development plans
Strengthening developing country capacity to manage waste from nuclear programmes
Strengthening negotiating capacity of governments with transnational corporations
Strengthening capacity to conduct and apply scientific research to the environment
Strengthening inter-agency coordination on population and sustainable development issues
Strengthening national capabilities to use chemical classification and labelling systems
Strengthening international institutional capacity for sustainable use of forest resources
Strengthening developing country capacities to prevent illegal traffic in dangerous products
Strengthening capacity of developing countries for sustainable use of marine living resources
Strengthening national capacities to collect, assess and use environmental data in decision-making
Strengthening capacity to build demographic factors into national sustainable development policies
Strengthening developing country capability in conservation and sustainable use of high seas marine living resources
Strengthening national and local environmental protection agencies
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal