Strengthening water management agencies

Improving institutional capacity for water management
Existing administrative structures will often be quite capable of achieving local water resources management, but the need may arise for new institutions based on the perspective, for example, of river catchment areas, district development councils and local community committees.
This strategy features in the framework of Agenda 21 as formulated at UNCED (Rio de Janeiro, 1992), now coordinated by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development and implemented through national and local authorities. Agenda 21 recommends strengthening the functioning of governments in water resource management while, at the same time, giving full recognition to the role of local authorities.
Institutional capacity for implementing integrated water management should be reviewed and developed when there is a clear demand. Although water is managed at various levels in the socio-political system, demand-driven management requires the development of water-related institutions at appropriate levels, taking into account the need for integration with land-use management.
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D: Detailed strategies
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