Improving strength
My biggest strength is knowing my weaknesses and trying to strengthen my weaknesses.
Improving laws
Strengthening links
Strengthening trade
Strengthening skills
Cultivating friendship
Strengthening rights
Strengthening systems
Strengthening efforts
Protecting currencies
Strengthening monopoly
Securing food supplies
Strengthening churches
Strengthening research
Strengthening policies
Strengthening capacity
Fostering civil society
Studying global warming
Strengthening standards
Protecting global peace
Strengthening education
Strengthening programmes
Strengthening mindedness
Improving infrastructure
Promoting kinship circles
Strengthening role of NGOs
Strengthening institutions
Reducing population growth
Nurturing spirit dimension
Strengthening coordination
Controlling chemicals
Strengthening relationships
Refusing to share knowledge
Strengthening national aids
Strengthening communication
Applying science sustainably
Improving literacy for women
Protecting vulnerable groups
Strengthening shelter sector
Strengthening political will
Accommodating the overweight
Strengthening role of farmers
Establishing regional centres
Surveying sanskrit literature
Developing petroleum industry
Strengthening red cross unity
Improving existing communities
Strengthening cardiac weakness
Providing political opposition
Reinforcing established adults
Strengthening local management
Strengthening safety procedures
Strengthening market structures
Strengthening academic exchange
Strengthening cultural identity
Respecting democratic processes
Strengthening national economies
Creating business accountability
Providing ideological opposition
Improving strength of governance
Strengthening civic-minded groups
Strengthening ties among colleges
Improving rural financial networks
Providing social security services
Strengthening extended family ties
Strengthening christian leadership
Strengthening national food control
Strengthening analytical competence
Strengthening farm co-op management
Strengthening national data sources
Strengthening social responsibility
Strengthening training institutions
Strengthening training institutions
Decentralizing government activities
Generating supplemental family wages
Strengthening socio-economic development
Providing expertise on privatization
Resisting proliferation of bioweapons
Strengthening social group activities
Strengthening role of indigenous women
Strengthening individual selling power
Strengthening regular resident contact
Enhancing security during social strife
Strengthening water management agencies
Strengthening technological competition
Improving technology assessment network
Strengthening comprehensive health care
Strengthening public announcement access
Strengthening notion of personal freedom
Strengthening industrial competitiveness
Strengthening contacts among parliaments
Strengthening national insurance markets
Strengthening ties between manufacturers
Improving accessibility of land resources
Strengthening role of regional commissions
Strengthening global economic institutions
Strengthening networks on forest resources
Strengthening practical managerial prowess
Fortifying international democratic labour
Strengthening intercultural youth exchange
Strengthening role of business and industry
Coordinating non-governmental organizations
Strengthening cooperative security measures
Strengthening national resistance movements
Strengthening environmental health services
Strengthening national sanitation institutes
Strengthening agricultural fiscal operations
Strengthening effective information exchange
Strengthening national poison control centres
Strengthening essential certification process
Strengthening multi-language literacy prowess
Strengthening national narcotics laboratories
Strengthening role of workers and trade unions
Strengthening the family to prevent alcoholism
Supporting quality third world film production
Strengthening anti-desertification authorities
Establishing environmental regulatory controls
Reviewing management of solid wastes and sewage
Strengthening sustainable development economics
Strengthening capacity to detect illegal traffic
Developing and strengthening restoration ecology
Monopolizing advanced nuclear warfare technology
Strengthening foundational development objectives
Strengthening traditional sustainable agriculture
Strengthening comprehensive health care for women
Recognizing women's role as environmental managers
Preventing marine pollution from land-based sources
Establishing networks of emergency response centres
Strengthening global economic growth
Tightening state responsibility for youth offenders
Strengthening programmes to control sewage discharge
Establishing environmentally responsible enterprises
Strengthening social care at the neighbourhood level
Providing training about high seas resource assessment
Facilitating development of rural workers organizations
Strengthening competence for intervention in the future
Strengthening state monopoly of broadcasting facilities
Strengthening water monitoring management at all levels
Strengthening role of farmers in sustainable development
Integrating disaster prevention into development planning
Adopting legislation to guide sustainable land development
Strengthening national plans for improving planted forests
Strengthening private sector's potential to create new jobs
Strengthening institutions for conserving biological diversity
Strengthening role of village government for rural development
Expanding role of children and youth in sustainable development
Strengthening women's NGOs and groups for sustainable development
Strengthening data collection on environment and transport linkages
Developing methodologies for impact assessment of atmospheric change
Strengthening legal status of plant genetic resources for agriculture
Strengthening legal requirements for environmental impact assessments
Strengthening training for sustainability in development aid projects
Strengthening cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainable development
Strengthening national legislation on creating NGO consultative groups
Strengthening national laboratories for improving chemicals management
Strengthening local associations dealing with interests of pastoralists
Strengthening institutional development of the social and human sciences
Strengthening national institutions for integrated environmental accounting
Strengthening national capacities for conservation of marine living resources
Strengthening cradle-to-grave environmental impact assessment of hazardous waste
Strengthening databases on demographic trends and environment by ecological region
Integrating use of land resources
Strengthening efforts to achieve an optimum balance between production for domestic and export markets
Uniting religious groups
Developing multilateral cooperation
Motivating cooperation
Instituting effective domestic security
Instituting effective domestic security
Preventing cancer
Being soft
Expanding influence
Facilitated by:
Treating feebleness
Development Reform
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal