Strengthening research

Researching public health
Creating research network
Advancing nursing knowledge
Strengthening local research
Stimulating national research
Ordering global needs research
Strengthening research capacity
Promoting study of social sciences
Strengthening environmental research
Strengthening land management research
Promoting education about women's issues
Expanding research on mountain ecosystems
Strengthening construction industry research
Strengthening research on drought forecasting
Strengthening national water research networks
Sponsoring commercial research and development
Enhancing scientific and technological research
Strengthening research and development institutes
Strengthening research capacities for waste management
Fostering collaboration among professional organizations
Strengthening national research to support sustainable development
Improving regional multidisciplinary research and training centres
Strengthening research on biotechnology and environmental protection
Strengthening capabilities for biotechnology research and application
Strengthening interdisciplinary research on drought prevention strategies
Strengthening water resource research capabilities in developing countries
Strengthening research on population, environment and development interactions
Strengthening research cooperation and exchange of information on demographic change
Strengthening coordination and cooperation among research programmes on global change
Strengthening institutions responsible for population and sustainable development research
Strengthening research to build demographic factors into local sustainable development programmes
Enhancing science and technology training
Initiating regional research
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 4: Quality Education