Strengthening institutions

Institutional strengthening means the provision of training, financial or other support to fortify an institution organizationally, including support in personnel development, financial systems, strategic planning, management, etc.
Strengthening shelter sector
Fostering civic institutions
Strengthening archival systems
Strengthening training institutions
Preserving institutional credibility
Strengthening water management agencies
Strengthening global economic institutions
Strengthening capacity to control communicable diseases
Fostering collaboration among professional organizations
Reinforcing democratic processes by institutionalized lobbying
Strengthening institutions for conserving biological diversity
Developing options for strengthening the United Nations system
Strengthening institutional capacity for economic policy-making
Providing extension services to support local environmental management
Strengthening institutional development of the social and human sciences
Strengthening institutions supporting improved health of vulnerable groups
Strengthening national institutions for integrated environmental accounting
Strengthening United Nations institutional capacities on women and development
Strengthening institutional capacity to benefit from biotechnology developments
Strengthening institutional capacity to implement sustainable development plans
Strengthening education on urban energy and transportation services
Strengthening local institutions and partnerships for integrated infrastructure services
Strengthening rural institutions and programmes that support environmentally sound farming
Strengthening international institutional capacity for sustainable use of forest resources
Strengthening institutions responsible for population and sustainable development research
Developing institutional arrangements
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies