Strengthening programmes

Providing services to fortify an institution's program, project and technical interventions, including training or other support in technical issues, management and evaluation, appropriate targeting of populations, improving program design and evaluation, building and designing databases, etc.
Building culture of peace
Strengthening shelter sector
Improving literacy for women
Strengthening cultural identity
Strengthening regional cooperation
Strengthening international programmes
Ensuring accurate scientific content in media
Strengthening early diagnostic programmes
Developing international environmental law
Recruiting women for environmental research
Strengthening regulation of marine pollution
Integrating sustainable development information
Providing sufficient consistent programme effort
Strengthening comprehensive health care for women
Strengthening water resource assessment programmes
Strengthening programmes for livestock conservation
Strengthening programmes on chemical risk assessment
Strengthening programmes to control sewage discharge
Coordinating activities of international organizations
Strengthening international programmes to combat drought
Strengthening public support for anti-corruption programmes
Strengthening intersectoral cooperation on health programmes
Strengthening education programmes for all water resource staff
Strengthening national programmes for assessing value of forests
Strengthening international coordination of marine environment programmes
Strengthening participation of women in sustainable development programmes
Strengthening international cooperation on enclosed and semi-enclosed seas
Strengthening bilateral aid programmes in support of sustainable development
Strengthening United Nations institutional capacities on women and development
Establishing environmental training programmes to meet needs of special groups
Strengthening intergovernmental cooperation with nongovernmental organizations
Strengthening developing country capacity to manage waste from nuclear programmes
Strengthening programmes of intergovernmental organizations to support Agenda 21
Strengthening coordination and cooperation among research programmes on global change
Strengthening models on linked impacts of population, resource use and wealth distribution
Strengthening rural institutions and programmes that support environmentally sound farming
Strengthening international programmes supporting national sustainable development policies
Strengthening United Nations coordination on poverty reduction programmes and pilot projects
Strengthening research to build demographic factors into local sustainable development programmes
Recognizing major non-governmental groups as key partners in implementing Agenda 21
Empowering international organizations
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Coordinating activities
Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies