Strengthening cultural identity

Affirming cultural identities
Reaffirming cultural specificities
Enriching cultural identity
Retaining cultural identity
Preserving cultural identity
Asserting and enhancing cultural identities

Art creation and culture, especially in developing countries, are an expression of identities that have long been isolated, if not stifled, and that have now been affected by modernization or the disruption of traditional social structures.


The Vaka Moana (Ocean Roads) Programme seeks to develop the cultural wealth of the islands of the Pacific region. Among its priorities are the encouragement of close ties between the people fo the region through increased understanding of their common historical links and dependence on the ocean, and the promotion of all forms of art relating to the sea. Another major project of the[World Decade for Cultural development] is ACALPI (Contribution of Arab Culture to Ibero-American Cultures via Spain and Portugal), which highlights the wide range of ways -- from art and architecture through pharmacology to music and folklore -- in which aspects of Arab civilization have influenced Latin America. It also aims to promote the continuation of this cultural conversation.


Action to safeguard expressions of culture specific to developing countries is essential for the dovetailing of the process of modernization with social particularities and with cultural identities. There is growing awareness of the need to find ways of achieving active participation in culture instead of the passive consumption of industrially produced cultural products.

Some of the structures and values of tribal culture such as respect, equality, solidarity, sharing and co-operation hold many answers to troubles facing people in modern society. The concern to improve the overall quality of life includes the economic situation of the family but is not limited to it. The definition of quality of life cannot be made in monetary terms.

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