human value


Conducting technology assessments
Enhancing vocational training capacity
Managing technological change
Building institutional capacity
Strengthening capacity to control communicable diseases
Creating desired futures
Strengthening production capacity of the poor
Improving institutional capacity for effective monitoring of compliance
Developing methodologies for impact assessment of atmospheric change
Enhancing science and technology training
Improving national capacity to monitor marine living resources
Improving national capacity to implement land conservation
Strengthening national and local capacity for managing rapidly growing cities
Strengthening network capacity
Strengthening local capacity to adapt appropriate technologies
Assessing national population carrying capacity and impact on key resources
Building capacity for conserving biological diversity
Strengthening capacity to build demographic factors into national sustainable development policies
Strengthening institutional capacity to implement sustainable development plans
Strengthening institutional capacity to benefit from biotechnology developments
Expanding capacity of research centres for sustainable agricultural production
Assessing small island carrying capacity and development options
Strengthening capacity to combat poverty
Protecting vulnerable groups
Strengthening capacity of developing countries for sustainable use of marine living resources
Assessing earth's carrying capacity
Improving capacity for crop planning
Focusing capacity building on local communities
Strengthening international institutional capacity for sustainable use of forest resources
Providing funding for capacity building in developing countries
Strengthening capacity to manage demographic change
Ensuring participation of developing countries in international research
Strengthening capacity to meet primary health care needs
Strengthening capacity to assess atmospheric emissions
Establishing international capacity for responding quickly to drought related emergencies
Strengthening national capability to assess global climate change
Improving capacity for national development
Reinforcing strategic planning capacity
Strengthening capacity
Living within earth's carrying capacity
Capacity-building in the field of water resources
Enhancing cognitive capacity
Building environmental capacity in governments
Emphasizing national capacity building for sustainable development
Strengthening capacity to detect illegal traffic
Undertaking long-term capacity building measures for improved water management
Improving community capacity for environmental education
Strengthening training capacity in developing countries
Promoting regional and subregional capacity building for sustainable development
Mobilizing donor resources for national capacity building on sustainable development
Increasing urban water treatment capacity
Building national capacity for monitoring and evaluation
Strengthening water management agencies
Strengthening national capacity for safe treatment and disposal of waste
Strengthening government administrative and financial systems
Improving capacity to assess hazardous waste risks
Increasing capacity to meet water needs of unserved urban populations
Integrating sustainable development information
Strengthening institutional capacity for economic policy-making
Improving preparedness capacity to aid displaced peoples
Strengthening negotiating capacity of governments with transnational corporations
Building capacity for environmental management
Designing sustainable urban settlements
Improving capacity to develop environmentally sound technology
Upgrading airports
Strengthening scientific and technological capacity
Providing financial resources for facilitating national capacity-building
Valuing spare capacity
Strengthening developing country capacity to manage waste from nuclear programmes
Mobilizing funds through UNDP to support national capacity building for sustainable development
Modelling groundwater flow problems
Cooperating between industry and trade unions to improve capacity for sustainable development operations
Establishing institutional capacity for national environmental action plans
Improving institutional capacity on waste management planning and service delivery
Strengthening capacity to conduct and apply scientific research to the environment
Seeking national consensus on capacity building strategies for implementing Agenda 21
Preparing capacity building strategies for implementing Agenda 21
Improving capacity for environmentally sound technology needs assessment
Developing consultative processes on international funding for national capacity building in sustainable development
Involving relevant interest groups in identifying priorities for capacity building strategies
Limiting production capacity
Assuring necessary electrical capacity
Extending citizen buying capacity
Enlarging existing storage capacity
Increasing water storage capacity
Designing adequate transportation capacity
Increasing basic commercial capacity
Determining capacity of credit exchanges
Increasing market capacity
Strengthening research capacity
Sustaining design capabilities
Improving capacity of shipping systems
Recovering capacity for handling problems
Reducing military capability
Providing local planning resources
Increasing power generation capacity
Building capacity for land management
Building technological capability
Strengthening marine research capacity
Negotiating multilateral safeguard systems
Improving production capacity
Improving investment in capacity building
Improving external debt management capacity
Improving management skills in rural communities
Improving satellite capacity for telecommunications
Improving capacity of developing countries to organize
Improving human capacity to respond to computer-generated decisions
Enhancing technology for agriculture
Providing sufficient lookout capacity
Doing without adequate lookout capacity
Limiting storage capacity
Limiting civil administrative capacity
Limiting country capacity to absorb foreign aid
Freeing up storage capacity
Freeing up electrical capacity
Freeing up civil administrative capacity
Freeing up human information processing capacity
Increasing country capacity to absorb foreign aid
Preserving capacity with age
Raising capacity utilization of manufacturing plant
Distributing productive capacity
Restricting productive capacity
Restricting electrical energy
Strengthening national capacities for environmental health interventions
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values