Legislating family size

Improving ability of governments to regulate family size
Enforced contraception
Forcing use of family planning
Regulating population growth
Enacting laws which limit people's freedom to reproduce.
In an over-populated world only government intervention in family planning will stem the tide.
Counter Claim:
1. It is not widely agreed that any government may intrude upon the individual's choice to reproduce as they wish. Consequently, such legislation is very difficult to enforce.

2. The conference document of the United Nations' World Food Summit (Rome 1996) praises China's population control policies, which include abortion, infanticide, and forced sterilization. It encourages all nations to follow a China-like program of "family planning" to control population levels so that there are fewer mouths to feed. It endorses every country to monitor and control population growth to make sure there is enough agricultural land to sustain the population.

Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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