Re-establishing lost purity or creating a higher degree of purity in relation to the transcendent realm (the sacred or ultimate or holy) or to the socio-cultural realm.
Purifying is ritualistic activity which re-establishes "right living" for an individual or a community which has been polluted. Pollution can result from contact with violence, offences against God or contact with evil forces or with unclean objects or with things which are different from the norm.
Purification serves the social group as much or more than it does the individual. It re-establishes the legitimacy of an individual who has transgressed a social norm and thereby re- establishes as meaningful the roles that person plays. It helps maintain solidarity in the group and effectiveness in the community.
Purifying re-establishes order, whether in the soul by confession and doing penance, in the community by expelling alien groups, or in the warrior who must perform extensive rituals after being in contact with the blood of the enemy.
Counter Claim:
Purifying maintains existing values, but does nothing to create new value screens required by contemporary life.
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B: Basic universal strategies
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GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation