Promoting values in education

Teaching values
Educating values
Improving moral literacy
Teaching morality
Educating in morality
Reducing moral illiteracy
Providing value education
Offering meaningful educational context for ethical decisions
Improving values education
Replacing obsolete educational values
Updating educational values
Setting educational values
Educating human values
1. The aim of enabling deeper understanding, and the transmission and enrichment of values, can only be achieved through education. There is an increasing perception that a better world requires a way of life in which values such as truth, integrity, respect, responsibility and love are expressed in action rather than just as words or abstract concepts. An education that has human, moral and spiritual understanding and values at its heart, and the inculcation of them as its aim, is central to the realization of this vision. Values must become an integral part of the fabric of the human being before they are part of the fabric of society.

2. Parents are no longer capable of shedding light on our complex world. We are on our own and have to deal with a relativity that forces us to confront a variety of values in a changing world. Values are in crisis with a constantly changing frame of reference.

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F: Exceptional strategies
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