Developing new skills

Upgrading skill base
Developing skills
Improving skills
Skill and confidence are an unconquered army (George Herbert).
Developing leadership
Increasing innovation
Improving communications
Developing social skills
Developing research skills
Developing planning skills
Improving packaging skills
Focusing on personal skills
Developing manual facilities
Developing linguistic skills
Developing handicap training
Improving cartographic skills
Improving skill base of women
Building local farming skills
Developing professional skills
Developing conversation skills
Acquiring technological skills
Creating skilled building teams
Developing community leadership
Developing profitable new skills
Developing broad physical skills
Developing resident trade skills
Developing basic building skills
Developing highly skilled workers
Improving money management skills
Cultivating new employable skills
Encouraging local craft abilities
Developing animal husbandry skill
Applying community growing skills
Developing entrepreneurial skills
Exhibiting varied community skills
Developing skilled local educators
Upgrading local pedagogical skills
Transmitting new marketable skills
Developing youth vocational skills
Teaching additional language skills
Encountering new development skills
Expanding necessary learning skills
Developing practical meeting skills
Developing varied commercial skills
Improving priority technical skills
Developing adult retraining schemes
Reorienting traditional occupations
Improving practical carpentry skills
Developing effective home management
Building practical skills development
Developing versatile skilled tradesmen
Developing practical management skills
Developing broad apprenticeship skills
Developing professional tourism skills
Developing vocational employment skills
Providing sufficient emphasis on life skills
Cultivating skills in community responsibility
Improving management skills in rural communities
Developing practical procedures for dispute management
Limiting exchange of skills among developing countries
Training for self-employment in the urban informal sector
Improving local managerial skills to strengthen the basic health system
Enabling competent business management
Constrained by:
Blocking skills advancement
Human resources
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies