Enhancing community-tourist relations

The winner of the Tourism Social Invention Award 1993 of the Institute for Social Inventions has developed imaginative ways of expressing goodwill to his third world hosts without cultivating greed and dependency. He travels with a "bag of tricks", interesting objects to show, such as an inflatable globe, a prism and a kaleidoscope. Rather than giving away sweets or money, he offers inexpensive items of practical value such as incense, good matches, a reliable pen or asprins and other simple first aid items. For the children balloons, plastic magnifying glasses, spinning tops, little plastic animals or cheap holograms stickers, all of which are fun and educational. To avoid making beggars of young children, he recommends handing the present to an older brother or sister, or a parent, to then give to them. Such a gesture is a sign of respect. He also gives the children an opportunity to give him something, by drawing with coloured pens into his journal.
Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities