Promoting progress and application of information systems

Constructing information system
Implementing information systems
Developing information systems
Establishing information systems
Setting up information systems
Providing information systems
Improving information systems
Strengthening information systems
Enhancing information systems
Undertaking information system research

The International Federation for Information and Documentation contributes to the development and setting up of international networks of information systems. It also promotes and coordinates research and training in information science and encourages the establishment of information analysis centres and documentation centres. Issues receiving attention include: new trends in information management and service; information in the corporate environment; business, finance and industrial information; information policy research; the application of information technology to information services; information systems and services.

Structuring databases
Developing information network
Networking information centres
Improving access to information
Improving classification systems
Computerizing information services
Strengthening information networks
Providing marine information system
Improving forest information systems
Providing information service on work
Ensuring information system integrity
Helping monitor food aid supply
Building dependable mass communication
Developing telecommunications networks
Formalizing on-going information system
Developing national information systems
Creating geographic information systems
Strengthening island information systems
Improving data systems on land resources
Constructing metadata information system
Establishing chemical information systems
Constructing integrated information system
Providing environmental information systems
Developing system of information networks
Integrating sustainable development information
Enhancing global security through communication
Strengthening cooperation in the social sciences
Improving information systems for safety control
Improving information systems on toxic chemicals
Improving UN networks for sustainable development
Improving municipal management information systems
Identifying sustainable technology information gaps
Organizing information needed for development purposes
Developing a global crime prevention information system
Creating environmental monitoring and assessment systems
Strengthening science and technology information capacity
Expanding international information on cleaner production
Establishing international information system on pesticides
Strengthening monopolization of information within organizations
Strengthening science and technology to protect vulnerable groups
Fostering regional cooperation on specialized information services
Strengthening information networks on water quantity and quality data
Strengthening information networks on innovative waste disposal methods
Strengthening technology information exchange among developing countries
Creating advisory bodies on public information for sustainable development
Setting up information systems to detect illegal traffic in hazardous waste
Strengthening research cooperation and exchange of information on demographic change
Improving information systems for international governmental decision-making processes
Strengthening effective information exchange
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 1: No PovertyGOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong InstitutionsGOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal