Expanding development credit

Developing credit expansion and availability, increasing loan possibilities and humanizing the loan criteria. The effect is enhancement of the common man's participation in the world's social development. The methods involved are the channelling of his funds into the flow of international investments through the creation of local cooperative structures. This would further the establishment of a world wide credit system.
An integral part of globalizing equitable investments so that each person shares in the responsibility and the reward (in terms of social benefits) of global investment schemes.
Tactics include: credit opportunities to broaden and diversify the international credit base; social investments to re-direct investment focus towards arenas of local concern and social benefit; credit availability to broaden the channels through which an individual is encouraged to engage in corporate investment; loan possibilities to provide the guarantee of resources, allocated without irrelevant obstacles or red tape; and investment incentive to promote financial support for the development of local economies. An example of the world wide credit system would be credit cards issued to every person on the basis of their investments.
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies