Conducting development activities
Development is a type of change over a period of time characterized by orderliness, and often by law-like or predictable processes. Examples of development are: (a) evolution; (b) manifestation of potential; (c) human development; (d) societal development; (e) economic development; (f) a type of variation, in music, associated with the transformations of thematic elements; (g) in literature, the movement of the plot or dramatic action, towards the climax; and generally change as an outcome of or randomness.
Improving laws
Developing land
Developing needs
Developing hindu
Developing space
Promoting cinema
Developing trade
Developing goals
Developing funds
Developing ports
Developing towns
Developing karate
Developing ethics
Developing system
Increasing income
Developing policy
Developing capital
Developing curling
Developing tourism
Developing markets
Developing network
Developing empathy
Managing knowledge
Developing process
Developing culture
Developing industry
Developing software
Developing theories
Developing paradigm
Developing workshop
Developing purposes
Developing problems
Developing seaports
Developing strategy
Developing equality
Developing business
Developing research
Developing draughts
Developing food law
Developing highways
Developing trucking
Developing manpower
Providing certitude
Creating adroitness
Developing the world
Developing resources
Cultivating friendship
Developing acoustics
Developing metrology
Developing abilities
Developing paradigms
Developing marketing
Developing knowledge
Developing workshops
Developing phycology
Developing processes
Advancing cardiology
Marketing pesticides
Developing questions
Conducting illegal development activities
Developing cosmology
Developing fisheries
Developing fisheries
Advancing engineering
Expanding world trade
Developing cinema art
Developing mass media
Developing satellites
Developing militarism
Developing musicology
Developing capacities
Developing safeguards
Developing strategies
Developing resistance
Developing guidelines
Developing programmes
Making designer babies
Developing sovereignty
Developing cartography
Developing experiences
Developing publication
Developing researchers
Developing new markets
Developing initiatives
Improving weed control
Improving human rights
Developing bureaucracy
Manufacturing plastics
Developing multi media
Developing agriculture
Developing art of peace
Developing common cause
Developing social audits
Developing new products
Providing rural housing
Developing pipe systems
Developing chemotherapy
Developing biochemistry
Developing alternatives
Developing laboratories
Developing oceanic arts
Developing motor racing
Developing new theories
Developing linear parks
Developing institutions
Developing student sport
Developing amateur rugby
Developing work planning
Developing NGO relations
Developing methodologies
Developing member states
Developing communication
Developing world markets
Developing pastoral care
Developing dissemination
Developing geomorphology
Developing rural economy
Developing new religions
Developing organizations
Developing new economics
Improving domestic market
Developing access systems
Developing health systems
Developing sport medicine
Developing nuclear energy
Developing photochemistry
Developing infrastructure
Developing related issues
Developing staff training
Developing psychoanalytic organizations
Developing communications
Developing good relations
Developing transformation
Developing apathy to work
Developing new techniques
Developing transportation
Developing code of conduct
Developing feminist ethics
Developing water resources
Cultivating moral capacity
Cultivating moral capacity
Developing tobacco control
Developing data processing
Developing postal services
Improving management tools
Developing transport modes
Developing sexual maturity
Using biological knowledge
Focusing on media channels
Developing comprehensively
Promoting public relations
Developing new job sources
Developing new job sources
Developing machine reading
Supporting cancer patients
Advancing urban development
Developing energy resources
Advancing marine technology
Developing improved control
Developing regional studies
Creating world central bank
Developing online libraries
Developing health statistics
Optimizing medical resources
Developing personal theology
Developing hospital pedagogy
Developing amateur athletics
Developing baseball softball
Developing consumer research
Developing natural medicines
Developing medical equipment
Developing performance tests
Developing musical potential
Developing desirable futures
Developing advanced research
Developing specific research
Developing family businesses
Developing democratic rights
Building theoretical systems
Maintaining financial system
Developing personal contacts
Developing landlocked states
Developing international data
Developing democratic systems
Developing criminal procedure
Developing individual liberty
Developing securities markets
Developing future cooperation
Developing integrated network
Developing information output
Adopting forestry action plan
Developing closer cooperation
Developing emotional maturity
Activating municipal politics
Developing phase descriptions
Developing new saleable goods
Developing new crop expertise
Making environmental products
Developing self determination
Developing ecological literacy
Developing essential abilities
Developing oral health service
Developing musical instruments
Developing vocational training
Developing worldwide standards
Developing planning techniques
Developing teaching procedures
Developing humanitarian action
Developing international banks
Developing group psychotherapy
Developing sense of permanence
Exploiting through development
Developing union participation
Developing publication service
Developing aggregation systems
Developing information centers
Developing tourist enterprises
Developing local raw materials
Developing sustainable housing
Achieving peaceful co-existence
Developing common energy market
Developing comprehensive values
Developing audiovisual identity
Developing peaceful coexistence
Developing higher moral conduct
Developing mutual understanding
Developing professional careers
Developing scientific standards
Developing food crop production
Developing strategic management
Developing contemporary thought
Developing operational research
Developing ties with publishers
Developing ties among countries
Doing without birth certificates
Developing corporate work force
Developing scientific knowledge
Undertaking development projects
Developing quantitative theories
Developing management techniques
Developing high quality services
Developing third world countries
Developing through collaboration
Developing underwater activities
Developing greater understanding
Establishing shipping operations
Developing basic global exposure
Developing frequent travel plans
Developing appropriate technology
Developing new social innovations
Developing bulk purchasing scheme
Developing eventful consciousness
Developing electronic engineering
Developing electrical engineering
Developing teaching methodologies
Developing comprehensive eye care
Developing lines of communication
Developing professional standards
Developing commercial cooperation
Developing commercial enterprises
Developing communication seminars
Developing multi channel learning
Developing productive enterprises
Developing communication networks
Developing new torture techniques
Developing specialized techniques
Coordinating business development
Developing systematic maintenance
Developing inclusive social forms
Developing community power access
Developing non-toxic pest control
Developing international language
Developing educational activities
Developing Asia and Pacific region
Supporting development perspective
Developing youth vocational skills
Developing new social institutions
Developing environmental knowledge
Developing numbness towards others
Recognizing business opportunities
Developing systematic surveillance
Developing consensus consciousness
Developing local preschool complex
Developing money management talent
Developing record keeping
Developing trained local personnel
Developing youth vocational images
Developing multifaceted approaches
Developing prompt paying creditors
Developing artificial intelligence
Ensuring good development practices
Developing value codes for business
Developing responsible youth action
Improving construction of dwellings
Developing regional codex standards
Developing institutional management
Developing organization consultants
Developing environmental management
Developing national merchant fleets
Developing participatory techniques
Developing accessible shopping area
Developing qualified local teachers
Developing regular exchange pattern
Developing early learning potential
Developing comprehensive dam system
Greening international institutions
Strengthening socio-economic development
Developing professional examinations
Developing inter-disciplinary action
Developing responsible store keeping
Developing equipped hotel facilities
Developing articulate advocacy group
Developing holiness in priestly life
Expanding public education on hygiene
Developing marine radiocommunications
Developing viable financial relations
Developing basic curriculum materials
Developing exciting downtown shopping
Developing informed citizen consensus
Developing cost effective merchandise
Developing classroom teaching prowess
Developing shrine/community relations
Developing broad distribution service
Providing effective consensus methods
Improving quality of teacher training
Developing corporate low-cost rentals
Producing energy-efficient appliances
Developing institutional arrangements
Developing practical management skills
Developing friendly sporting relations
Developing weapons of mass destruction
Developing international civil service
Developing new experimental procedures
Developing performance test procedures
Developing regional species management
Developing technical banking standards
Developing professional self awareness
Providing sufficient manpower planning
Developing resignation towards bribery
Developing corporate social engagement
Developing comprehensive care networks
Developing inclusive social engagement
Developing diversified wood production
Strengthening comprehensive health care
Developing comprehensive labour systems
Promoting regional economic development
Developing contacts among psychologists
Developing local commercial enterprises
Developing broader regional familiarity
Developing valuable road-front property
Developing available community resources
Developing regional personnel management
Developing national statistical services
Developing countries through information
Developing rigorous academic disciplines
Developing creative individual abilities
Developing communication media for women
Ensuring development of natural resources
Developing early warning disaster systems
Developing available information services
Developing substantial business contracts
Developing context for social interaction
Developing responsible borrowing patterns
Developing geographically referenced soils
Developing provision of household services
Developing electronic interactive learning
Developing country environmental strategies
Improving irrigation products and practices
Developing rapid laboratory virus diagnosis
Developing innovative indigenous techniques
Developing high quality composite materials
Developing potential of informal leadership
Developing comprehensive productive systems
Encouraging use of virtual reality equipment
Developing international municipal relations
Developing stable international energy trade
Developing socio-physical community structures
Cultivating skills in community responsibility
Developing through international biotechnology
Developing special refugee counselling services
Developing monitoring and evaluation techniques
Developing privately owned productive enterprises
Developing intra regional physical infrastructure
Developing countries through rural reconstruction
Developing policy for conservation of biodiversity
Developing effective official statistical services
Developing international baccalaureate examination
Developing professional training in beauty therapy
Developing countries through international research
Developing infrastructure facilities in rural areas
Developing data banks on health impact of organisms
Developing international human rights law
Implementing environmentally sound hydropower schemes
Improving national capabilities for monitoring wastes
Developing personal contacts among family sociologists
Developing global models to help assess water quantity
Developing a global crime prevention information system
Developing electricity, gas, water and sanitary services
Developing sound recruitment for water resource agencies
Promoting progress and application of information systems
Developing international competence in population planning
Developing information exchange on carbon dioxide emissions
Developing countries through developmental self help activities
Developing national goals for the sustainable management of wastes
Developing minimum rules for the administration of criminal justice
Developing safety procedures for the transfer and use of biotechnology
Developing human resources to improve drinking water supply and sanitation
Developing forest resources assessment systems as a basis for national planning
Developing effective biological control agents against disease transmitting vectors
Developing biotechnologies for environmentally sustainable use of mineral resources
Developing multilateral cooperation
Developing society
Harnessing primary fuels
Renewing local economy
Developing technologies
Using cogeneration of electricity and heat
Creating links among psychotherapists
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
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GOAL 1: No PovertyGOAL 2: Zero HungerGOAL 3: Good Health and Well-beingGOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 5: Gender EqualityGOAL 6: Clean Water and SanitationGOAL 7: Affordable and Clean EnergyGOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic GrowthGOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGOAL 10: Reduced InequalityGOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesGOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and ProductionGOAL 13: Climate ActionGOAL 14: Life Below WaterGOAL 15: Life on LandGOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong InstitutionsGOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal