human value


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Related Problems:
Unethical commercial practices
Unethical practices concerning movement of people
Unethical practices in the legal system
Insider dealing
Secret armies
Unethical maintenance practices
Undeclared strikes
Unethical practices in agriculture
Illegal exports
Unethical construction practices
Unethical practices in local government
Irresponsible experts
Unethical financial practices
Unethical practices in prisons
Underground press
Substance abuse
Unethical industrial practices
Uncontrolled immigration
Illicit drug trafficking
Irresponsible scientific and technological activity
Unethical practices in manufacturing
Illegal armed groups
Illicit export of works of art
Securities and commodities exchange violations
Unethical practices in the leisure industry
Telephone bugging
Underground economy
Criminalization of drug use
Inappropriate use of telecommunications services
Unethical practices in forestry
Unethical consumption practices
Unethical practice of physics
Unethical practices by police forces
Illegally-obtained funds
Unethical practices by property tenants
Unethical insurance practices
Illegal induced abortion
Unethical military practices
Unethical practice of chemistry
Overuse of chemicals to control pests
Illegitimate political regimes
Abusive traffic in immigrant workers
Unethical practices of landlords
Unethical food practices
Unethical practices in religion
Execution of unethical orders
Unethical pharmaceutical practices
Unethical veterinary practices
Unauthorized pharmaceutical manufacture and distribution
Cultivation of illegal drugs
Unethical practice of meteorology
Unethical practices of employers
Unethical practices of government
Unethical practices in the service sector
Trafficking in illegal aliens
Unlawful government action
Unethical professional practices
Unethical intellectual practices
Illegality of nuclear weapons
Unethical practices of transnational corporations
Unethical practices relating to development
Attraction of the forbidden
Crimes related to foreign relations and export trade
Unethical practices in education
Unethical trade union practices
Journalistic irresponsibility
Illegal movement across frontiers
Overuse of industrial subsidies
Unethical practices in transportation
Unethical practice of radiology
Unethical practices in communication
Illegal international arms shipments
Unethical practices in politics
Criminalization of euthanasia
Official protection for offenders
Unethical sporting practices
Unethical practices of priesthood
Abuse of authority
Unethical practices in natural resource management
Illicit discharge of dangerous substances
Unethical practice of marine sciences
Unethical practice of anthropology
Ineffective monitoring of illegal activity
Government complicity in illegal activities
Unethical practices of engineering
Unethical practices of regulatory inspectors
Unethical media practices
Deceptive misuse of research
Unethical practices of environmentalists
Restriction on press coverage of legal affairs
Abuses of legal immunity of intergovernmental organizations
Unfit legal defendants
Restrictive legal practices
Illegal marriage
Legal contract system reduced to individual needs
Illegally obtained evidence
Erosion of regulatory provisions
Prohibitive legal costs
Denial of the right to legal services for indigenous populations
Delay in administration of justice
Illegal occupation of unoccupied property
Lack of legal aid facilities
Unresolved legal issues
Unethical Internet practices
Illegal roadblocks
Illegal taxation
Export of banned pesticides
Discrimination against juveniles in judicial proceedings due to protective legislation
Counterfeit money and government securities
Lack of legal standing
Inadequacy of international legal procedure
Incompetence under law
Conflict concerning legal custody of children
Illegal long-distance telephone calls
Refusal to accept treatment for mental illness
Obstruction of international criminal investigations
Restrictive legislation
Inadequate illegal drug seizures
Illegal exports of nuclear materials
Unnecessary verbosity of legal documents
Legal absurdities
Legal segregation
Illicit trade in prescribed drugs
Illegal firearms
Clandestine propaganda broadcasting
Ineffective legal profession
Unethical practices of accountants
Child abduction
Discrimination against men before the law
Unchanging legal precedent undermines accountability
Inadequate legal counsel for political dissidents
Abusive exemption from legal requirements
Militarization of children
Unavailability of legal information
Cultural discrimination in the administration of justice
Deficiencies in international law
Legal profession's monopoly of court proceedings
Deficiencies in national and local legal systems
Underutilization of legal rights
Illegal tropical timber trade
Indeterminacy of death
Restrictions on news coverage of legal affairs
Excessive burden on the poor due to legal delays
Complex legal procedures
Dismissal of workers to prevent legal strike action
Economic barriers to access to the legal profession, the judiciary and jury membership
Lack of legal protection of extortion victims
Trafficking in illegal firearms
Legal inconsistency
Unclear legal holdings
Denial of right to a legal defence
Ownership as a basis for land allocation
Misguided legal advice
Elitist legal judgements
Denial of rights of inanimate objects
Extra-legal conscription
Denial of right of complaint
International trade in endangered species
Legal havens
Deforestation in time of war
Denial to animals of legal protection of their rights
Biased appointment of judges
Male bias of law
Illegal search without warrant
Legalized discrimination
Criminal offences against the environment
Illegal repackaging of food
Inadequate legal protection for agricultural workers
Legal prevarication
Complicity of intelligence services in illegal activities
Lack of legal provision for international nongovernmental organizations
Politicization of health standards
Discrimination against women in the legal profession
Computer piracy
Illegal private theatre clubs
Legal impediments to foreign investment
Uncertain toxicity thresholds
Legal impediments to marriage
Statutory instability
Outmoded legal systems
Failure to legally rehabilitate victims of miscarriage of justice
Lack of national legal provision for international nongovernmental organizations
Misuse of the law
Underground trade in ancient manuscripts
Discrimination against foreigners in legal proceedings
Coercive legislation
Inadequate legal counsel for minorities
Lack of international legal provision for nongovernmental organizations
Evasion of the law
Simplistic concept of families
Trading in products containing toxic substances
Money laundering
Adulteration of illicit drugs
Unsettled legal proceedings
Toxic waste smuggling
Denial of legal representation
Avoidance of legal obligations by politicians
Inadequate law enforcement
Unclear legal responsibility
Legal harassment
Improper financing of political parties
Illegal ivory trade
Researching legal aspects of biodiversity protection
Campaigning to raise legal age of marriage
Growing narcotic crops
Protecting acquired legal rights of women
Taking legal citizen action
Obtaining legal status for natural populations
Reviewing personal status laws
Demanding safe legal abortion
Infiltrating legal system on religious grounds
Establishing procedures for legal redress for environmental harm
Strengthening legal status of plant genetic resources for agriculture
Trafficking drugs
Reviewing national legal systems
Adopting laws to prevent the illegal export or import of hazardous waste
Preventing arbitrary executions
Combatting illicit traffic in cultural property
Preventing illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
Providing legal framework for use of nuclear power
Combatting illegal immigration
Preventing illegal international traffic in hazardous wastes
Removing legal prejudice towards informal-sector activities
Ensuring equal access to legal redress for environmental harm
Improving cooperation to prevent illegal transboundary movements of dangerous products
Building environmental capacity in governments
Strengthening developing country capacities to prevent illegal traffic in dangerous products
Strengthening capacity to detect illegal traffic
Exchanging information on illegal transboundary movements of dangerous products
Strengthening legal requirements for environmental impact assessments
Legally controlling production of children per couple
Setting up information systems to detect illegal traffic in hazardous waste
Implementing environmental legal agreements
Proposing legal controls on parenthood
Simplifying legal language
Recognizing legal validity
Developing legal ethics
Providing legal impediments
Monitoring illegal traffic in hazardous waste at the regional level
Adopting laws to prevent illegal import of dangerous products
Developing alert systems to detect illegal traffic in dangerous products
Exchanging information on illegal transboundary movement of hazardous waste
Reducing illegal research assistance for students
Making regional assessments of illegal traffic in dangerous products
Researching legal aspects of business
Applying affordable standards
Protecting traditional knowledge
Supporting legal selfhelp
Advancing legal science
Providing legal security of tenure for housing tenants
Providing legal advice for consumers
Expanding rights education among women
Making economic agreements for biodiversity conservation
Expanding use of information technology for law
Monitoring biotechnology regulations
Creating structural adjustments for biodiversity conservation
Providing institutional and legal support on land tenure for farmers
Implementing code of practice on transboundary movements of radioactive waste
Ensuring right of NGOs to initiate legal action to protect the public interest
Empowering citizens to challenge polluters
Controlling availability of arms
Securing actual legal control
Promoting publically regulated prostitution
Representing residents legal claims
Forming legal opinion
Restating legal verdict
Articulating communal legal structures
Drawing legal conclusions
Detailing legal directives
Delivering general legal aid
Remanding case on appeal
Providing legal defence
Accounting for unique legal issues
Assuring local legal entity
Reformulating legal opinion on basis of social implications
Reporting legal property status
Articulating system of derived legal powers
Modernizing legal framework
Sanctifying derivative commentary to legal constitution
Empowering customary articulations of the law
Acquiring legal roadbed ownership
Reviewing popular feeling on judicial matters
Providing necessary legal structure
Presenting judicial insights
Honouring basic legitimacy of conferred legal powers
Establishing equal access to legal processes
Accumulating additional legal data
Honouring business cooperatives
Establishing international legal order
Sanctifying preambulatory statement to legal constitution
Recognizing legal validity of guardianship
Upholding structural maintenance of conferred legal powers
Recognizing legal validity of pragmatic experience
Applying legal fines for criminal offences
Applying legal precedent
Upholding common acceptance of conferred legal powers
Legalizing community rights to resource use
Providing legal recognition of minority opinion
Articulating utopian intention for legal system
Ensuring legal services
Recognizing legal validity of symbolic substantiation
Reviewing legal judgement
Creating regulatory instruments
Preventing illegal international traffic of toxic chemicals
Meeting necessary legal requirements
Compiling financial legal resources
Incorporating local legal body
Raising legal questions
Extending effective legal assistance
Setting boundaries for citizen liberties
Demanding common statement of social codes
Defining legal modes of citizen engagement
Innovating policies for legal reform
Providing legal support for social stability
Demanding protective legality
Articulating law
Empowering legal base
Setting behavioural mind-set concerning legality of activities
Challenging legitimacy of public authority
Providing foundation to codified social rules
Setting legal boundaries
Providing legal basis for accountability
Providing regulatory mechanisms of government
Maintaining legal base
Making final legal judgement
Rehearsing collective legal tradition
Providing legal assistance
Providing common legal framework for all
Regulating legal flexibility
Providing legal assistance for foreigners
Operating underground press
Obstructing legally
Updating outmoded concepts in legal systems
Reforming legal systems
Reforming local authority legislation
Using research as a cover for illegal activity
Covering up illegal activity
Engaging in legal prevarication
Recovering illegal private profit
Reducing legal costs
Reducing protectionism in legal services
Restricting legal practices
Restricting news coverage of legal affairs
Reducing costs of legal aid
Risking incurring legal expenses
Reducing risk of incurring legal expenses
Exposing scandal in the legal profession
Covering-up scandal in the legal profession
Changing legal precedent
Ensuring legal accountability
Operating underground economy
Abolishing unethical practices in the legal system
Providing familiarity with legal rights
Preventing unlawful rewarding of public servants
Preventing unlawful trafficking in taxable objects
Eliminating unnecessary verbosity of legal documents
Exercising legal rights
Using verbosity in legal documents
Exposing violation of right of legal review
Discriminating on the legal age of consent
Harbouring illegal aliens
Trafficking in illegal aliens
Avoiding legal obligations
Using illegal labour
Emigrating illegally
Immigrating illegally
Simplifying legal procedures
Using illegal activities
Providing compulsory legal requirements
Undertaking covert military operations
Researching corporate crime
Preventing illegal border trade
Improving legal systems
Denying right to legal aid
Denying legal representation
Using legal loopholes
Reducing legal discrimination against men
Reducing legal discrimination in favour of offenders
Reducing discrimination against foreigners in legal proceedings
Campaigning to reduce the age of consent
Providing legal counsel for political dissidents
Prohibiting dumping of hazardous wastes
Using legal remedies
Reducing delay in administration of justice
Negotiating conflicts concerning legal custody of children
Preventing legal equivocation
Acknowledging legal errors
Charging legal costs
Reducing fallibility of the legal system
Exploiting fallibility of the legal system
Seeking legal opinion
Dumping hazardous wastes
Trading illegally
Travelling illegally
Trying illegally
Making illegal repairs
Striking illegally
Farming illegally
Exporting illegally
Building illegally
Governing illegally
Providing illegal expertise
Providing illegal financing
Detaining illegally
Running illegal industries
Manufacturing illegal technology
Manufacturing illegally
Arming groups illegally
Trading in art outside the law
Trading in shares illegally
Providing illegal entertainment
Tapping phones illegally
Making illegal telephone calls
Clearing forest illegally
Using products illegally
Using physics illegally
Enforcing the law illegally
Obtaining funds illegally
Providing illegal accommodation
Using insurance illegally
Inducing abortion illegally
Undertaking illegal military activity
Using chemistry illegally
Using illegal fungicides
Running illegal political regimes
Trafficking in illicit labour
Renting property illegally
Manufacturing food illegally
Undertaking illegal religious practices
Conducting illegal veterinary practice
Employing people illegally
Engaging in illegal government practices
Providing services illegally
Taking illegal government action
Conducting illegal professional practice
Engaging in illegal intellectual activity
Producing illegal nuclear weapons
Engaging in illegal multinational commerce
Conducting illegal development activities
Attracting illegal activity
Conducting illegal international business
Educating for illegal purposes
Taking illegal trade union action
Engaging in illegal action as foreign reporter
Moving illegally across frontiers
Providing illegal state aid
Shipping arms illegally
Engaging in illegal political activity
Tolerating illegal activity
Engaging in illegal sporting practices
Revealing illegal activities of the church
Exercising authority illegally
Extracting natural resources illegally
Discharging substances illegally
Undertaking illegal activity in the interests of the environment
Distributing illegal technology
Practicing illegal medicine
Using communication systems illegally
Providing legal impediments to foreign investment
Providing legal impediments to international investigations
Reducing legal impediments to foreign investment
Reducing legal impediments to international investigations
Improving legal counsel for minorities
Improving legal rights of natural objects
Improving international legal procedure
Providing inadequate legal counsel for political dissidents
Improving international cooperation in reducing terrorism
Providing legal consistency
Increasing effectiveness of legal profession
Increasing effectiveness of legal system
Monitoring illegal activity
Protecting individual legal rights
Providing flexible legal system
Stabilizing legal judgements
Providing sufficient legal recourse
Abstaining from legal recourse
Abstaining from legal engineering
Providing sufficient legal aid facilities
Abstaining from legal aid facilities
Providing sufficient legal representation
Abstaining from legal representation
Providing sufficient international legal provision for nongovernmental organizations
Providing sufficient national legal provision for international nongovernmental organizations
Abstaining from national legal provision for international nongovernmental organizations
Reporting legal malpractice
Giving legal advice
Managing legal systems
Correcting mismanagement of legal system
Correcting legal interpretation
Broadening legal definition of the family structure
Exchanging legal materials
Maintaining library of legal materials
Preventing illegal excavation
Improving legal services
Helping prevent illegal excavation
Combatting trafficking
Disseminating legal information
Advancing legal education
Harmonizing legal terminology
Recruiting legal experts
Alternating legal services
Decriminalizing illegal immigrants
Preparing legal documentation
Teaching legal medicine
Improving legal education
Developing computer law
Establishing legal aid societies
Using illicit narcotic drugs
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values