Demanding safe legal abortion

Promoting early termination of pregnancy
Campaigning for legal abortion
Campaigning for abortion rights
Campaign to reduce levels of unsafe abortion and to improve access to safe abortion services. Compile information and provide technical expertise to assist family planning associations and doctors in reducing unsafe abortions. Fight for the right of women to safe abortion, without state interference, where possible available under their country's social insurance scheme. Promotion of international solidarity on women's sexual rights.
Some 60 million abortion are performed every year throughout the world; up to half of them are unsafe. At least 1 million and as many as 4.4 million adolescent women have abortions in developing countries each year. Most of these procedures are performed illegally and under unsafe conditions.
Where legislation permits abortions, inform women of their legal rights to safe abortions, provide confidential information and counselling on how to obtain a safe abortion; provide access to safe abortion services; continually improve these services; and condemn incidents of any political, administrative or social barriers curtailing this right. Where legislation is restrictive analyse, interpret and provide information on provisions in the law regarding safe abortions, and campaign for policy and legislative change to remove restrictions against safe abortions. Where legislation prohibits abortion, collect data on the incidence of unsafe abortion nationally, and disseminate research and case study findings on its causes rates, methods and consequences.
Termination of a pregnancy is a question of morality and personal circumstances, and must not be subject to legal prosecution.
Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies
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