human value


Campaigning against hazardous waste disposal
Educating about safe sex practices
Promoting safe motherhood
Demanding safe legal abortion
Exchanging information on safe handling and risk management for biotechnology
Ensuring safe export of hazardous waste
Providing safe urban cycleways and footpaths
Providing safe urban cycleways and footpaths
Providing safe houses for drug users
Improving safe food preparation
Increasing safe navigation on waterways
Promoting safe and clean technologies
Banning hazardous waste exports to countries lacking safe handling capability
Strengthening national capacity for safe treatment and disposal of waste
Informing about techniques for the safe disposal of waste
Treating waste water for safe reuse
Ensuring environmentally safe storage sites for radioactive waste
Developing measures for safe production of dangerous materials
Recycling municipal waste water and solid waste
Transferring technology for safe management and disposal of radioactive waste
Developing safe cigarettes
Respecting decisions of other countries on safe management of radioactive waste
Strengthening international guidelines for the safe reuse of waste
Preparing environmental guidelines for safe discharge of waste
Researching safe management and disposal of high-level radioactive waste
Supporting international codes for the safe management and disposal of radioactive waste
Returning radioactive waste to the supplier for safe storage or disposal
Building safe grain warehouses
Facilitating safe free play
Establishing safe traffic flow
Guaranteeing safe living conditions
Allowing safe cash transfers
Assuring safe efficient bridges
Building typhoon-safe facility
Ensuring safe management of radioactive wastes
Facilitating resident pedestrian travel
Providing safe recreational area
Providing safe accessible roads
Informing about unsafe food
Informing about unsafe water
Informing about unsafe building areas
Informing about unsafe firearm storage
Informing about unsafe nuclear reactors
Informing about unsafe nuclear missiles
Informing about unsafe buildings
Informing about unsafe design of consumer products
Classifying dangerous countries
Improving contraceptive methods
Providing safe drinking water for the poor
Assuring safe blood supplies
Coordinating air traffic control systems
Protecting pedestrians
Assessing radiation for safe and effective use
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values