Demanding drugs
Demanding quality
Holding accountable
Demanding evaluation
Requiring social order
Demanding social fabric
Downshifting occupation
Demanding social support
Demanding new techniques
Using petroleum products
Demanding management input
Demanding service of needs
Demanding social relevance
Demanding trained personnel
Establishing citizen protection
Demanding political balance
Demanding social conformity
Demanding intentionalization
Giving critical deliberation
Demanding specialized labour
Demanding punitive structures
Demanding social relationship
Demanding data classification
Demanding safe legal abortion
Demanding symbolic leadership
Demanding awareness of mystery
Demanding specialist expertise
Demanding formless to be formed
Demanding obedience to statutes
Demanding employment structures
Coordinating production systems
Demanding grassroots structures
Requiring context for sexuality
Structuring occupational arenas
Demanding ecosystem modification
Demanding stable monetary system
Demanding new cultural responses
Campaigning for world parliament
Sustaining industrial innovation
Regulating industrial procedures
Demanding meaning-giving stories
Demanding formalized family units
Extending producer responsibility
Demanding use of best capabilities
Demanding individual responsibility
Requiring quality of technical work
Maintaining demand for basic skills
Demanding adequate social structures
Demanding concrete symbols of belief
Demanding environmental conservation
Demanding structures for equal rights
Demanding improved production methods
Demanding lawful operation of affairs
Demanding practical industrial skills
Demanding equitable conditions of work
Demanding expression of life realities
Demanding application of market theory
Clarifying human resource requirements
Demanding obedience to social consensus
Demanding re-socialization of criminals
Demanding honour for all stages of life
Initiating rehearsal of existing customs
Demanding formalized grounding of belief
Demanding response from governing bodies
Demanding innovative techniques and tools
Demanding social and political structures
Demanding exploitation of common resources
Demanding allocation of property ownership
Demanding equitable returns from marketing
Demanding statement of political consensus
Requiring authentic application of science
Demanding common statement of social codes
Demanding use of most advanced technologies
Demanding continual operation of technology
Demanding sophistication of practical tools
Demanding conceptually excellent expression
Demanding acceptable behaviour in the young
Facilitating development of new technologies
Demanding innovation of natural resource use
Demanding continuation of primordial stories
Demanding review of corporate decision making
Demanding exchange system for social benefits
Demanding accountability to social guidelines
Encouraging production of industrial equipment
Establishing orderly economic marketing system
Demanding technical processing of raw materials
Demanding authenticity of communal significance
Demanding fundamental social values be honoured
Demanding evaluation of decision-making process
Demanding accountability in construction planning
Demanding regulated exchange of goods and services
Demanding responsible exercise of political freedoms
Demanding self-conscious relationship to life depths
Demanding tightening of law enforcement during crises
Demanding conformity to guidelines for common defence
Demanding executive accountability to social imperatives
Demanding disciplined internal cohesion of human knowledge
Demanding informed opinion on implementing social decisions
Demanding historical context for expression of the profound
Demanding ordered process for developing diplomatic relations
Demanding universal context for expression of societal meaning
Demanding individual participation in decision-making in society
Demanding uniform methodological approaches to knowledge acquisition
Demanding acceptance of treaty obligations between indigenous peoples and states
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies