Improper financing of political parties

Other Names:
Illegal funding of political parties
Misuse of political campaign funds
Corrupt financing of electoral campaigns
Clandestine financing of political parties
Vulgar political economy

Political parties may be financed by individuals or corporations with a vested interest of keeping a certain party in power. Bribes may be accepted by politicians on a local or national basis. The party in power may misappropriate public funds for its own use. Unjust financing of political parties may lead to elite control, political dictatorship, apathy, alienation and stagnation, or to political conflict and revolution.


[France] In the early 1990s there were a number of scandals surrounding the financing of both right and left-wing parties, notably through the use of bogus consultancy companies as a channel for campaign funds from corporations.



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E: Emanations of other problems
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