Unethical practices concerning movement of people

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Other Names:
Abusive traffic in humans
Illegal travel
Corrupt migration practices
Criminal involvement in travel abuses
Fraud in the travel industry
Malpractice of travel agents

At the time of the "Roma Exodus" from the Czech republic to Canada in 1997, many Czech citizens were happy to see the Gypsies going away. Some local government officials issued inflammatory declarations encouraging - and promising to provide incentives for - Roma to leave the country. The mayor of the northern Moravian town of Ostrava, reportedly suggested that Roma moving to Canada would receive payment equalling two-thirds the cost of their flights on the condition that they abandon their flats and return their licenses of tenancy. The mayor described this suggestion as a friendly gesture to help Roma who do not want to live here. The mayor is further reported to have said that in Ostrava there are two groups - Roma and whites - who cannot live together, and that the local administration should not refrain from helping one group - Roma - to find a solution. Press reports indicate that similar policies were pursued in the western Bohemian town of Tachov.

Travel risks
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C: Cross-sectoral problems
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