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Related Problems:
Natural environmental degradation from recreation and tourism
Unsustainable livelihoods
Unsustainable development
Attrition of integrity of institutions
Unsustainable harvesting rates
Unsustainable rural development
Uncontrolled urban development
Unsustainable population levels
Unsustainable energy consumption
Unnecessary personal consumption
Unsustainable economic development
Socially unsustainable development
Government budget deficits
Unsustainable agricultural development
Burden of servicing foreign public debt
Unsustainable development of fresh waters
Unsustainable development of forest lands
Overpopulation of shipping vessels
Inadequate economic policy-making
Increasing unsustainability of global development
Unsustainable development of coastal zones
Defective land use planning
Unrealistic policies
Unsustainable exploitation of fish resources
Lack of integrated marine resource management
Lack of integrated energy resource management
Inadequate integrated freshwater management
Lack of integrated management of biodiversity
Inadequate watershed management
Unsustainable short-term improvements in agricultural productivity
Socially irresponsible programmes of transnational banks
Unsustainable cocoa production
Obfuscation of sustainable development
Unsustainable scale of development
Unsustainable shrimp farming
Unsustainable consumption patterns
Degradation of mountain environment by leisure activities
Replicating patterns of unsustainable consumption
Excessive consumption of resources in industrialized countries
Taxation deductions promoting unsustainable development
Environmental unsustainable soybean production
Environmentally unsustainable coconut production
Creating advisory bodies on public information for sustainable development
Financing sustainable development by reducing incremental resource requirements
Studying lifestyles
Assessing role of ecosystems in producing goods for sustainable development
Developing sustainable population policy
Researching sustainable agriculture
Developing policy for conservation of forests
Integrating demographic and sustainable development concerns in education
Producing universal declaration on sustainability
Reducing energy consumption
Developing rainforest action plan
Promoting environmentally sound economic growth
Promoting environmentally sound economic growth
Building sustainable communities
Building administrative structures for sustainable development
Living sustainable lifestyles
Networking the environment and development arena
Researching energy efficiency
Integrating humanitarian issues and sustainable development
Creating appropriate transport systems
Developing international sustainable energy policy
Applying science sustainably
Producing directory on sustainable development
Networking on sustainable energy
Creating sustainable cities
Advocating sustainable development
Creating global sustainability
Developing sustainable economic systems
Developing broad environmental education
Planning for sustainability
Partnering for change
Managing tourism for both recreation and conservation
Assessing costs to support sustainable construction industry activities
Supporting investment for diversification and national sustainable development
Facilitating environmentally sound technologies for coastal zones
Improving human settlements
Enhancing political sustainability of structural adjustment policies
Improving regional demographic information
Concluding new international agreements to achieve global sustainability
Incorporating sustainable indigenous management systems for land resources
Identifying sustainable consumption patterns
Assessing financing costs of sustainable development
Strengthening sustainable development economics
Establishing international centres for sustainable development research
Promoting sustainability through cross-sectoral dialogue
Adopting integrated approaches to sustainable development
Managing wild renewable resources through local communities
Increasing awareness of demographic impacts on sustainable development
Focusing on programmes serving multiple demographic and sustainable development goals
Increasing trained personnel for conserving biological diversity
Developing methods for conserving biological diversity
Strengthening research to build demographic factors into local sustainable development programmes
Managing water resources for sustainable rural development
Integrating population programmes in environment and development plans
Expanding research on mountain ecosystems
Creating environmentally sound trading practices
Promoting gender-responsive development
Developing world ethic for sustainable living at national level
Strengthening institutions for conserving biological diversity
Strengthening local understanding and sustainable use of marine living resources
Increasing availability of plant materials for afforestation
Building a sustainable society
Strengthening role of farmers in sustainable development
Building capacity for conserving biological diversity
Strengthening capacity to build demographic factors into national sustainable development policies
Accelerating sustainable development in developing countries
Implementing sustainable strategies through local planning
Using economic instruments to reduce unsustainable use of agrochemicals
Implementing sustainable strategies through regional planning
Strengthening institutional capacity to implement sustainable development plans
Including demographic concerns in international programmes for sustainable development
Supporting research on traditional and sustainable production methods
Transferring information for sustainable resources use in construction
Participating in international sustainable city networks
Developing sustainable policy for public procurement
Building ecologically
Expanding capacity of research centres for sustainable agricultural production
Avoiding unsustainable consumption patterns in developing countries
Providing technical support on using economic instruments for sustainable development
Ensuring sustainable industrial development
Assessing costs and financing to ensure sustainable land use planning and management
Supporting conservation of biological diversity on private lands
Strengthening institutions responsible for population and sustainable development research
Increasing efficiency of symbiotic processes for sustainable agriculture production
Publicizing services supporting sustainable production and consumption
Identifying areas where sustainability is threatened by demographic factors
Adopting sustainable infrastructure policies
Raising awareness of demography in sustainable development planning
Strengthening capacity of developing countries for sustainable use of marine living resources
Assessing effectiveness of international agreements and instruments on sustainable development
Integrating energy management
Assessing external factors affecting sustainable coastal development
Integrating management of city water supplies
Strengthening role of local authorities in sustainable development
Reinforcing values supporting sustainable development
Facilitating public participation in sustainable land management
Using environmentally sound pricing
Improving marketing to support sustainable development
Using multi-disciplinary approaches to common property regimes
Developing world ethic for sustainable living
Strengthening international institutional capacity for sustainable use of forest resources
Managing land use
Establishing sustainable aquaculture development strategies
Monitoring sustainable quality of life
Expanding use of biotechnology to conserve biological diversity
Ensuring sustainable development of coastal zones
Strengthening the United Nations as effective force for global sustainability
Assessing links between demographic factors and sustainability
Developing sustainability indicators for land resources
Developing biotechnologies for environmentally sustainable use of mineral resources
Planning integrated food plant nutrient programmes
Providing public information on sustainable development in coastal zones
Adopting legislation to guide sustainable land development
Establishing regional training centres on sustainable development laws
Improving training on sustainable development law
Implementing international commitments jointly
Ensuring public participation for sustainable agriculture
Developing national goals for the sustainable management of wastes
Committing businesses to sustainability
Improving action plans for conserving biological diversity
Improving urban governance
Assessing costs and financing to improve human settlements management
Preparing sustainable development plans for small islands
Ensuring national economic policies support sustainable development
Using economic instruments to encourage sustainable use of land resources
Conducting a periodic review of United Nations system efforts to integrate environment and development
Preparing detailed land capability inventories as basis for sustainable land management
Developing technical competence in dryland agriculture
Identifying national priorities for conservation of biological diversity
Adopting integrated policies for management of cities
Creating global alliance for environmental sustainability
Reviewing progress made in achieving sustainable consumption patterns
Enabling poor to achieve sustainable livelihood
Supporting diversification on an environmentally sound and sustainable basis
Promoting sustainable livelihoods
Strengthening role of indigenous communities for sustainable development
Preparing analytical framework for sustainable development and impact on population
Assessing role of environmental taxes in support of sustainable development
Collecting sustainable development data for national planning
Designating environmentally regulated industrial zones
Developing national policies to change unsustainable consumption patterns
Strengthening national capacities on sustainable forest use
Modifying unsustainable policies
Strengthening sustainable development through trade cooperation
Improving competitiveness to support sustainable development
Building demographic factors into national policies for sustainable development
Ensuring sustainability by national development strategy adjustments
Maintaining national monetary and fiscal discipline
Financing sustainable development
Improving commodity processing to support sustainable development
Assessing influence of vulnerable groups on sustainable development
Reviewing sustainability of policies of international agencies and finance institutions
Expanding research capabilities on sustainable management of forests
Developing environmentally sound technology for sustainable use of marine living resources
Implementing world ethic for sustainable living in all sectors of society
Managing land
Assessing impact of unsustainable production and consumption patterns
Restoring sustainable productivity in severely desertified drylands
Developing sustainable land use policy
Ensuring sustainable use of marine living resources under national jurisdiction
Developing sustainable agriculture in humid areas
Expanding role of children and youth in sustainable development
Supporting demographic changes for sustainable development
Reducing subsidies that undermine sustainable development
Strengthening international programmes supporting national sustainable development policies
Building demographic factors into local programmes for sustainable development
Preparing training manuals on population and sustainable development
Transferring sustainable land management practices to and among developing countries
Developing sustainable housing
Emphasizing national capacity building for sustainable development
Encouraging public investment in sustainable development
Involving local people in raising public awareness on the environment
Including sustainable development issues in journalistic education
Setting up training programmes in sustainable development for education professionals
Assisting developing countries to participate effectively in new negotiations on sustainable development
Expanding programmes for continuing adult education on sustainable development
Exploring schemes for voluntary contributions to sustainable development
Using sustainable development indicators in satellite accounts and national accounts
Using new techniques of data collection on sustainable development
Coordinating mobilization of domestic financial resources for sustainable development
Producing TV and radio programmes for environmental awareness
Improving training programmes to help graduates get jobs
Bridging data gap for sustainable development
Expanding international exchange on sustainable development education
Integrating sustainable development issues into all training curricula
Strengthening programmes of intergovernmental organizations to support Agenda 21
Assisting developing countries to build up expertise in international sustainable development law
Including sustainable development in company education and training programmes
Collecting data for sustainable development planning in small islands
Involving women entrepreneurs in national expertise groups for sustainability
Elaborating general principles and obligations of states with respect to sustainable development
Coordinating international sustainable development activities at field level
Promoting regional and subregional capacity building for sustainable development
Defining post-Cold War Era in terms of sustainability
Mobilizing donor resources for national capacity building on sustainable development
Researching contribution of forests to sustainable water resource management
Establishing reporting systems on implementation of international instruments for sustainable development
Assessing impact of public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Assisting education institutions to contribute more to public environmental awareness programmes
Convening public forums on sustainable development issues
Linking environmental monitoring centres
Giving higher priority to budgets in sustainable development education and training
Supporting environmentally sound technology for sustainable development of small islands
Reorienting higher education towards sustainable development
Developing sustainable coastal fishing policy
Reorienting education towards sustainable development
Expanding public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Coordinating regional sustainable development activities
Developing international environmental law
Supporting developing country efforts to implement international agreements and instruments on sustainable development
Making inventory of economic instruments for sustainable development
Integrating sustainable development goals into development aid strategies
Constructing sustainably
Strengthening training for sustainability in development aid projects
Designing sustainable development programmes with school staff and students
Identifying research needs and priorities for sustainable development
Applying sustainable development indicators for the global commons
Supporting national sustainable growth and development
Developing implementation mechanisms for international law on sustainable development
Promoting cooperation on transboundary sustainable development issues
Surveying private sector information on sustainable development
Developing trade union policies on sustainable development
Integrating sustainable development in curricula of business, industrial and agricultural schools
Training in community water resources management
Strengthening women's NGOs and groups for sustainable development
Preparing education material on regional sustainable development issues
Financing provision of data on sustainable development
Expanding national scientific and technological advisory councils and groups to respond to sustainable development needs
Preparing national strategies to meet basic learning needs for sustainable development
Improving consultation mechanisms on disputes concerning sustainable development
Designing sustainable urban settlements
Mobilizing people in public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Establishing clearing houses for environmentally sound technology
Reporting achievement towards sustainable development
Coordinating international sustainable development information programmes
Using interdisciplinary teams with local expertise for sustainable development studies
Encouraging private sector investment in sustainable development
Reviewing priorities for future law making on sustainable development
Incorporating children's concerns in sustainable development policies and strategies
Preparing national plans in developing countries for achieving sustainable development
Incorporating sustainable development indicators in international reports and databases
Transforming environmental information for different user groups
Ensuring sustainable use of marine living resources of the high seas
Establishing environmental training programmes to meet needs of special groups
Facilitating exchange on training for sustainability
Increasing involvement of NGOs in designing and implementing education programmes for sustainable development
Developing environmentally sound agricultural technology
Training youth for employment in sustainable development
Managing international efforts for sustainable development
Improving NGO access to data and information on sustainable development
Promoting sustainable capitalism
Cooperating for sustainable development
Establishing zones for sustainable development
Organizing panels of international environmental experts
Increasing support for sustainable development programmes of small and medium enterprises
Providing incentives for sustainable use of natural resources by farmers
Making environmental products
Fostering trade union participation in sustainable development programmes
Certifying wood
Designing for sustainability
Promoting sustainable use of biodiversity
Expanding environmental management education and training
Implementing programmes on sustainable livelihoods
Adopting sustainable sanitation policy
Supporting sustainable farming by shares
Developing principles of sustainability
Strengthening bilateral aid programmes in support of sustainable development
Increasing training for sustainable development
Using sustainable technologies
Supporting and strengthening regional and public/private cooperation for sustainable development
Establishing demonstration projects on sustainable development methodology
Developing management strategies for biodiversity conservation
Affirming right to sustainable societies
Making economic agreements for biodiversity conservation
Developing institutional indicators for sustainable development
Promoting sustainable development in decision making
Identifying sustainable technology information gaps
Integrating national energy efficiency policy
Compiling urban indicators
Cooperating between local NGOs and authorities on sustainable development programmes
Providing educational media for the young on sustainable development
Providing incentives for biodiversity conservation
Mobilizing funds through UNDP to support national capacity building for sustainable development
Establishing national steering groups for sustainable development
Establishing national steering groups for sustainable development
Cooperating between industry and trade unions to improve capacity for sustainable development operations
Expanding trade union participation in sustainable development
Consulting youth groups on sustainable development programmes
Strengthening national research to support sustainable development
Strengthening the environmental and operational sustainability of technical cooperation projects
Managing tropical catchments
Identifying workforce training requirements for sustainable development
Developing sustainable development indicators for cities
Facilitating joint ventures for sustainable development
Measuring sustainability
Contributing by trade unions to international programmes for sustainable development
Linking financial services to biodiversity conservation
Identifying requirements for international technical assistance for sustainable development
Conducting studies on national pathways to sustainable development
Eliminating tax deductions for environmentally harmful activities
Promoting sustainable use of forest biodiversity
Ensuring sustainable use of marine living resources
Developing sustainable landfill practices
Reviewing progress on training for sustainable development
Informing about sustainable agriculture
Informing about sustainable agriculture
Giving priority to universal sustainable development curricula in primary schools
Involving farmers and their representatives on policy-making for sustainable development
Reporting progress on women's rights and roles in sustainable development
Increasing public awareness of sustainable development
Consulting with indigenous peoples in sustainable development programmes
Establishing quality of life indicators
Increasing voluntary contributions to sustainable development through NGO channels
Achieving sustainable production and consumption
Linking established science with indigenous knowledge
Analysing structural links between gender relations and sustainable development
Integrating sustainable development ethics into education, training and research programmes
Developing a stronger scientific basis for improving sustainable development policies
Creating venture capital funds for sustainable development programmes
Using indigenous education systems for education in sustainability
Using criteria for safe management of solid waste
Incorporating women's knowledge of conservation in sustainable development databases
Using research results to assess sustainable development issues
Including environmental, social and gender impact analyses in sustainable development programmes
Improving cooperation on sustainable development programmes for and by children
Improving cooperation with industry on sustainable development strategies and programmes
Training specialists for interdisciplinary programmes on sustainable development
Strengthening scientific advice in the United Nations system
Strengthening joint activities of international organizations in technical cooperation for sustainability
Ensuring environmentally responsible production
Establishing national advisory groups on ethics for sustainable development
Improving public understanding of scientific reports on local sustainable development issues
Establishing environmentally responsible enterprises
Establishing national councils for sustainable development
Improving financial resources and mechanisms for sustainable development
Strengthening participation of women in sustainable development programmes
Developing consultative processes on international funding for national capacity building in sustainable development
Considering proposals of youth groups in sustainable development policymaking
Establishing a women and sustainable development focal point in all UNDP field offices
Establishing networks for exchanging experience on farming and sustainable development
Converting military technology in support of sustainable development
Collecting information on sustainable strategies of local authorities
Collecting information on sustainable strategies of local authorities
Reinvesting in sustainability
Using oceans sustainably
Managing wetlands
Increasing sustainable food production
Supporting sustainable development of small island developing countries
Producing environmental resource inventories
Raising awareness of water
Addressing acute debt-servicing problems
Strengthening traditional sustainable agriculture
Promoting sustainable organizations
Undermining unsustainable organizations
Achieving sustainable harvesting rates
Cooperating for local sustainable rural development
Ensuring sustainable population levels
Promoting sustainable energy consumption
Ensuring sustainable personal consumption
Ensuring socially sustainable development
Achieving sustainable national fiscal policies
Ensuring sustainable agricultural development
Ensuring sustainable development of fresh waters
Ensuring sustainable development of forest lands
Reducing ecologically unsustainable marine traffic
Reducing unsustainability of macroeconomic policies
Ensuring political support for sustainable policies
Ensuring sustainable development of energy resources
Reinvesting military capacity in civil goals
Establishing environmental regulatory controls
Delegating sustainable development to appropriate level
Hindering sustainable development
Recognizing imperfect synthesis of concepts of sustainable development
Providing sustainable water resource planning
Working towards sustainable development
Developing environmental technologies
Resolving environmental conflicts
Providing environmental education in schools
Advocating responsible tourism
Sustainable development
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values