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Related Problems:
Diseases of the respiratory system
Bird diseases
Viral diseases
Heart disorders
Plant diseases
Cattle diseases
Animal diseases
Tropical diseases
Disease vectors
Chronic illness
Enteric diseases
Harmful synergistic interaction of biological agents
Man-made diseases
Airborne diseases
Enzootic diseases
Bacterial disease
Diseases of metabolism
Lifestyle disease
Diseases of breast
Epizootic diseases
Microbial diseases
Iatrogenic disease
Unsustainable population levels
Deficiency diseases
Hereditary diseases
Unreported illness
Food-borne diseases
Diseases of the ear
Children's diseases
Water-borne diseases
Infectious drinking water
Stigmatized diseases
Viral plant diseases
Intractable diseases
Disorders of the skin
Non-recognition of health problems by the medical profession
Vector-borne diseases
Degenerative diseases
Disorders of the spine
Fungal plant diseases
Occupational diseases
Human disease vectors
Plant disease vectors
Crop pests and diseases
Cardiovascular disorders
Nematoid plant diseases
Unhygienic clothing
Pathogenic organisms
Diseases and injuries of the brain
Chronic alcoholism
Skin diseases in animals
Bacterial plant diseases
Infectious diarrhoeas
Infected animals
Soil-transmitted diseases
Viral diseases in animals
Human deficiency diseases
Mammal vectors of disease
Symptoms of plant disease
Travellers' enhanced risk of disease
Animal vectors of disease
Insect vectors of disease
Intestinal disorders
Eye diseases and disorders
Vectors of animal diseases
Virus diseases in bacteria
Zoonotic bacterial diseases
Pests and diseases of trees
Genetic defects and diseases
Environmental plant diseases
Disorders of the sense organs
Vector resistance to disease
Ignorance concerning disease
Humans as vectors of disease
Human disease and disability
Hereditary metabolic diseases
Diseases of the mouth and jaw
Endocrine diseases in animals
Diseases of unknown aetiology
Metabolic diseases in animals
Deficiency diseases in plants
Parasitic diseases in animals
Bacterial diseases in animals
Sexually transmitted diseases
Inadequate health control
Airborne animal diseases
Infectious diseases in animals
Foot diseases and disabilities
Diseases of beneficial insects
Diseases of the nervous system
Spoilage of agricultural products
Plant vectors of plant disease
Dissemination of plant diseases by man
Dissemination of plant diseases by man
Ill-defined health conditions
Insect vectors of plant diseases
Environmentally induced diseases
Human vectors of animal diseases
Diseases of the lymphatic system
Diseases of the digestive system
Non-surveillance of medical high risk persons
Unethical veterinary practices
Insect vectors of animal diseases
Infectious diseases
Cost disease of personal services
Gland disorders
Urinary system diseases in animals
Diseases of the blood circulation system
Infectious revenge
Intentional infecting with disease
Diseases of the reproductive organs
Worms as vectors of animal diseases
Diseases of nervous system in animals
Inadequate control of animal diseases
Diseases of the genito-urinary system
Weather as a factor in animal disease
Diseases of the central nervous system
Diseases of female reproductive organs
Reproductive system diseases in animals
Confusion of symptoms in animal diseases
Bureaucracy as an organizational disease
Diseases of respiratory system in animals
Leadership impaired by illness
Diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
Insect vectors of viral diseases of plants
Prohibitive cost of animal disease control
Diseases of the digestive system in animals
Wild animals as carriers of animal diseases
Disease and injury from exposure to weather
Disease transmission by international travel
Diseases of musculoskeletal system in animals
Domestic animals as carriers of animal diseases
Compounding effect of treating genetic diseases
Diseases of wild animals
Difficulty in identifying carriers of animal diseases
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues
International movement of animals as factor in animal diseases
Introduction of extraterrestrial infectious diseases and bacteria
Sickle cell disease
Symptoms of sense organ diseases
Inadequate knowledge of incubation periods for animal diseases
Farmer's lung disease in cattle
Metabolic diseases of muscle
Scrub typhus
Degenerative heart disease
Fordyce's disease of the mouth
Dukes-Filatow disease
Increase in pests and diseases through perennial irrigation
Diseases of gallbladder
Maize pests and diseases
Pests and diseases of grain sorghum
Diseases of sweat glands
Disaster related disease
Cat scratch fever
Enteric diseases in horses
Otitis media
Inadequate disinfection measures for humans during animal disease outbreaks
Pasteurella antipestifer infection
Mosquitoes as vectors of disease
Andersen's disease
Inadequate carcass disposal of diseased animals
Pests and diseases of poplars
Little's disease
Unrecognized animal diseases
Swine vesicular disease
Seed-borne diseases
Arthritis disorders in animals
Illness requiring hormone replacement therapy
Symptoms of genito-urinary system diseases
Alternaria diseases in plants
Breast cancer
Metabolic disease of the kidney in animals
Adenoviral follicular conjunctivitis
Krabbe's disease
Transport tetany in ruminants
Pests and diseases of the coconut palm
Pests and diseases of palms
Smut diseases of plants
Nutritional myopathies in swine
Undulant fever
Pests and diseases of rubber
Economic loss through reduced productivity of diseased animals
Pullorum disease in poultry
Symptoms of digestive system diseases
Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Border disease
Nervous system diseases caused by parasites
Hodgkin's disease
Type D enterotoxaemia of sheep
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
Kümmell's disease
Pulmonary heart disease
Pests and diseases of groundnut
Pests and diseases of deciduous fruit
Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis
Juvenile macular degeneration
Cerebral degenerative diseases
Disorders of the myocardium
Hashimoto's disease
Disorders of the tongue
Graves' disease
Painful bladder disease
Hereditary neuromuscular disease
Risks of immunization
Intellectual disability in children
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Werlhof's disease
Disorders of the pericardium
Disease of the glomerulus
Juvenile osteochondrosis of hip
Ankylosing spondylitis
Congenital anomalies due to infectious diseases in animals
Juvenile osteochondrosis of spine
Leigh's disease
Fungal diseases of animals
Pulmonary fungal disease
Myotonic dystrophy
Black sigatoka disease
Inadequate disinfection of pastureland after disease outbreak
Spielmeyer-Vogt disease
Liver diseases
Animal disease due to increase in irrigation and water conservation
Dystonia musculorum deformans
Fungal plant diseases caused by basidiomycetes
Enteric diseases in foals
Marek's disease
Diseases of poultry
Big head disease in animals
Haemolytic diseases
Murray Valley encephalitis
Cushing's syndrome
Horse diseases
Cold haemolytic disease in animals
Pests and diseases of olives
Disease-causing viral combinations
Virus diseases in protozoa
Navicular disease
Immune system diseases in animals
Health risks to organ recipients
Pollution of water by infected faeces
Wilt diseases of plants
Christmas disease
Partial immunity of wild animals to certain animal diseases
Banti's disease
Leptospirosis in dogs
Occupational diseases of the voice
Diseases of Organs in the body
Aedes mosquitoes as vectors of disease
Respiratory diseases of cattle
Diseases of the spinal cord
Coronaviral encephalomyelitis of swine
Diseases and injuries of bone
Haemolytic disease of the newborn
Anopheline mosquitoes as vectors of disease
Pests and diseases of elm
Sandflies as vectors of disease
Loosening of the teeth
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Lipid metabolic diseases
Vaginal infections
Occupational blood diseases
Louse-borne diseases
Urine changes as symptoms of disease
Mosquito-borne diseases
Ménière's disease
Fungal diseases of humans
Brucellosis in animals
Alveolar periostitis in animals
Spread of animal diseases through factory farming
Enzootic calcinosis
Plant diseases caused by deuteromycetes
Marble spleen disease of pheasants
Congenital metabolic diseases
Rare medical disorders
Soil-borne diseases in animals
Oedema disease in swine
Nutritional blindness
Primary fungal diseases
Mad squirrel disease
Congenital anomalies of liver
Symptoms of nervous system diseases
Anthracnose diseases of plants
Vertebrate reservoirs of disease
Hypertrophic osteopathy
Dutch elm disease
Intracranial disease
Hypertrophic pulmonary osteo-arthropathy
Mitochondrial diseases
Mycotoxicosis in poultry
Bacillary haemoglobinuria in animals
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Symptomatic heart disease
Tay-Sachs disease
Autoimmune disease
Gaucher's disease
Pests and diseases of oak
Bovine viral diarrhoea
Plummer's disease
Valvular diseases of heart
Hydatidiform mole
Symptoms of respiratory system diseases
Flies as vectors of disease
Pests and diseases of vines
Heartwater disease
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Exudative epidermitis
Congenital anomalies of nervous system
Bird vectors of plant disease
Bowen's disease
Prostate diseases
Foot-and-mouth disease
Insect vectors of human disease
Infected animal, meat and animal product shipments
Lumpy skin disease of cattle
Vestibular disorders
Congenital abnormalities
Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever
Lyme disease
Pollution-induced fish diseases
Pests and diseases of potato
Pests and diseases of cotton
Diseases of the salivary glands
Reemerging infectious diseases
Letterer-Siwe disease
Polycystic kidney disease
Diseases of the upper digestive system
Type A viral hepatitis
Type A viral hepatitis
Fungal diseases
Bielschowsky-Jansky disease
Hereditary endocrine disorders
Wild birds as vectors of animal diseases
Respiratory diseases of small animals
Behcet's disease
Encephalomyocarditis virus disease of pigs
Peripheral vascular disease
Mercury as a pollutant
Water-borne viral disease
Birds as vectors of disease
Reiter's disease
Bornholm disease
Pests and diseases of sugar cane
Differences in disease incidence among countries
Spirochaetal diseases
Diseases of male genital organs
Glässer's disease
Di Guglielmo's disease
Respiratory diseases of poultry
Infectious mononucleosis
Pompe's disease
Increase in animal disease by increase in aviation
Gastroenteric diseases in animals
Pests and diseases of capsicum
Kidney disorders
Round heart disease in poultry
Slaughter of diseased animals
Diseases of tooth pulp and periapical tissues
Pox diseases in animals
Susceptibility to disease
Congenital anomalies of cranium and face bones
Caisson disease
Deep pectoral myopathy of turkeys
Fungal plant diseases caused by ascomycetes
Facial paralysis
Combined immunodeficiency disease in animals
Genetic susceptibility to disease
Winter vomiting disease
Vulnerability of indigenous populations to introduction of diseases
Amyotonia congenita
Infectious necrotic hepatitis
Snail vectors of animal diseases
African trypanosomiasis
Cerebral leukodystrophy
Sclerotinia diseases of plants
Endemic goitre
Mucopolysaccharide diseases
Conflicting models of health
False medicalization
Hyaline membrane disease
Nutritional myopathy of lambs
Unhealthy housing
Scab diseases in plants
Nutritional marasmus
Legionnaire's disease
Rodent vectors of disease
Uncontrolled plant diseases
Diseases of the cornea
Alveolar hydatid disease
Lip disease
McArdle's disease
Mite-borne diseases
Pests and diseases of chestnut
Pityriasis rubra
Cytomegalic inclusion disease
Pests and diseases of tomato
Occupational hazards of painters
Acquired methemoglobinemia
PTA deficiency
Alzheimer's disease
Diseases of the ovary
Maple syrup urine disease
Maple syrup urine disease
Diseases of the spleen
Neuromuscular diseases
High-mountain disease of cattle
Disease risks of tropical travel
Ollier disease
Protozoal intestinal diseases
African green monkey disease
Culicine mosquitoes as vectors of disease
Pathologies of civilization
Inflammatory diseases
Aortic valve diseases
Chronic pseudo-obstruction syndrome
Flea-borne diseases
Predisposition to illness
Canine distemper
Fusarium diseases in plants
Periodontal diseases
Congenital disorders of amino-acid metabolism
Pyramidal disease
Diseases of chickens
Health hazards of plastics
Yellow fat disease
Water-borne pathogenic amoeba
Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in poultry
Ineffective inoculation for viral diseases
Kahler's disease
Pests and diseases of sugar-beet
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease
Plant diseases caused by oomycetes
Infectious bursal disease of chickens
Wheat threshers' disease
Brill-Symmers disease
Vinyl chloride exposure
Goat diseases
Glycogen storage diseases
Pests and diseases of rice
Deficiency diseases in animals
Pellegrini-Stieda disease
Diseases of the anterior uvea in animals
Blotch diseases in plants
Parasites of the human body
Changes in blood as symptoms of disease
Coronary heart disease
Respiratory diseases of swine
Failure in disease notification
Parkinson's disease
Pott's disease
Sheep diseases
Vascular disease
Beech bark disease complex
Feline respiratory disease complex
Cardio-pulmonary disease due to torture
Sporadic bovine encephalomyelitis
von Gierke's disease
Botrytis diseases in plants
Diseases of the guttural pouches
Diseases of nerves and peripheral ganglia
Kissing bugs as vectors of disease
Fat cow syndrome
Woolsorters' disease
Schilder's disease
Diseases of pigs
Pests and diseases of coffee
Lymphoproliferative disease in turkeys
Rheumatic fever
Osteochondritis dissecans
Damping-off disease of plants
European blastomycosis
Demyelinating diseases of the nervous system
Fabry disease
Joseph disease
Enteric diseases in sheep and goats
Protozoan parasites
Porcine enteroviral encephalomyelitis
Diseases of ducks
Still's disease
Myotonia congenita
Addison's disease
Diseases of turkeys
Respiratory diseases of horses
Buerger's disease
Respiratory diseases of sheep and goats
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Pests and diseases of cocoa
Pests and diseases of tea
Kyasanur forest disease
Haemorrhagic disease of newborn
Coagulation disorders
Henoch - Schönlein purpura
Teeth disorders
Vector immunity to animal diseases
Canavan disease
Testicular dysfunction
Diseases of sebaceous glands
Dysfunction of the adrenal glands
Inadequate disease vector control
Arboviral diseases
Wesselsbron disease
Pests and diseases of wheat
Traumatic reticuloperitonitis
Tick-borne diseases
Mites as vectors of plant disease
Mouth diseases of animals
Deleage's disease
Rhizobium plant diseases
Ulcerative enteritis in poultry
Juvenile osteochondrosis
Chagas' disease
Osteogenesis imperfecta
Von Economo's disease
Infantile muscular atrophy
Fungi as vectors of plant disease
Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
Diseases of the pancreas
Tetralogy of Fallot
Luteal cystic ovary disease
North American blastomycosis
Capillary diseases
Niemann-Pick disease
Coeliac disease
Becker's disease
Hepatolenticular degeneration
Bovine petechial fever
Diseases of nail
Sandfly-borne diseases
Kwashiorkor disease
Nemaline myopathy
Salmon poisoning disease
Trematode diseases
Diarrhoea in children
Enteric diseases in swine
Water-borne animal diseases
Central core disease
Superficial fungal disease
Follicular cystic ovary disease
Diseases of oesophagus
Limb disorders
Pests and diseases of citrus fruit
Binswanger disease
Cardiovascular collapse
Diseases of the nose
Disease reservoirs
Critical illnesses
Cancers linked with viruses
Fatty acid oxidation disorders
Pests and diseases of fish
Symptoms of musculoskeletal system diseases
Air pressure injuries
Chancroid venereal disease
Nairobi sheep disease
Pick's disease
Diseases of cervix
Toxaemic animal diseases
Disorders of the endocardium
Leaf blisters
Diseases of the male reproductive organs
Underreported disease
Diseases of retina
Death and disability from inhumane confinement
Akabane disease of animals
Silo-filler's disease
Blue baby
Hereditary disorders of the central nervous system
Diseases of upper respiratory tract
Fungal plant diseases caused by zygomycetes
Paget's disease of bone
Imposition of trade quotas for health reasons
Sjogren's disease
Huntington's disease
Diseases of thymus gland
Antimicrobial drug resistance
Vesicular exanthema of swine
Blood cell diseases
Mitral valve diseases
Polyarteritis nodosa
Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis
Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
Motor neurone diseases
Inflammation of lacrimal glands and ducts
Von Willebrand disorder
Angle-closure glaucoma
Educating about safe sex practices
Controlling sexually transmitted diseases amongst young people
Breeding disease-resistant plants
Fighting parasitic disease
Protesting compulsory immunization
Controlling disease
Researching parasitic disease
Controlling disease vectors
Strengthening capacity to control communicable diseases
Using vaccines to prevent communicable diseases
Treating childhood diseases
Developing health indicators
Reducing prevalence of schistosomiasis
Using preventative strategies to reduce occupationally derived diseases
Strengthening primary health care systems to control communicable diseases
Increasing resistance to disease
Overcoming disability of the foot
Expanding research and methodologies to control communicable diseases
Treating human deficiency diseases
Providing intersectoral training on prevention and control of communicable diseases
Identifying target populations most needing improved health and disease protection
Improving technology to control communicable diseases
Developing national strategies for the integrated control of communicable diseases
Improving diagnostic techniques to prevent disease
Treating sexually transmitted diseases
Developing effective biological control agents against disease transmitting vectors
Using epidemiological monitoring to anticipate spread of communicable diseases
Assessing costs and financing to control communicable diseases
Eliminating guinea worm disease
Strengthening intersectoral cooperation to control communicable diseases
Educating about diarrhoeal diseases
Developing plant cultivars more resistant to stress from disease
Developing human resources to control communicable diseases
Studying micronutrient deficiencies
Carrying out intervention studies for communicable disease control
Intensifying research on mitigation and control of tropical diseases
Providing technical assistance for control of communicable disease
Controlling water-borne diseases
Conducting epidemiological studies linking chemical exposure and diseases
Undertaking environmental management measures to control disease vectors
Monitoring illness
Eliminating disease transmission sources
Researching opportunistic diseases
Preventing water-related disease transmission in recreational water
Educating adults on prevention of communicable diseases
Informing about sexually transmitted diseases
Preventing water related disease transmission from waste water irrigation
Raising public awareness of water-related disease control
Publishing targets for water-related disease control
Monitoring water related disease transmission
Reporting achievement of targets for water-related disease control
Establishing early warning systems for water-related diseases
Controlling transboundary effects of water-related disease
Implementing targets for water-related disease control
Preventing water-related disease transmission from aquaculture
Campaigning specific disease eradication
Preventing dental disease
Eliminating disease-breeding waste
Eliminating potential disease carriers
Intensifying disease prevention programme
Eliminating infectious disease spread
Treating tooth diseases regularly
Reducing diseases of affluence
Immunization against disease
Studying causes of overpopulation
Studying pathogenic viruses
Studying pathogenic organisms
Studying pests of plants
Destroying pests and diseases of trees
Reducing cost of animal disease control
Undermining drug resistance
Undermining vector resistance to disease
Risking disease
Reducing risks of disease
Treating plant disease
Reducing symptoms in animal diseases
Controlling tropical diseases
Studying diseases associated with herpes viruses
Healing illness
Supporting people with genetic defects
Treating deficiency diseases
Treating degenerative disease
Using human disease and disability
Treating foot diseases
Providing assistance for foot diseases and disabilities
Overcoming human disease
Controlling agricultural pests
Studying lung disease
Studying bird diseases
Studying heart diseases
Studying plant diseases
Studying cattle diseases
Studying animal diseases
Studying endemic disease
Studying disease vectors
Studying chronic diseases
Studying enteric diseases
Studying compound disease
Studying man-made diseases
Studying airborne diseases
Studying enzootic diseases
Studying bacterial disease
Studying metabolic disease
Studying lifestyle diseases
Studying diseases of the breast
Studying epizootic diseases
Studying microbial diseases
Studying iatrogenic disease
Studying deficiency diseases
Studying hereditary diseases
Studying diseases of the ear
Studying children's diseases
Studying neoplastic diseases
Studying water-borne diseases
Studying stigmatized diseases
Studying viral plant diseases
Studying intractable diseases
Studying diseases of the skin
Studying unrecognized diseases
Studying vector-borne diseases
Studying degenerative diseases
Studying diseases of the spine
Studying fungal plant diseases
Studying occupational diseases
Studying human disease vectors
Studying plant disease vectors
Studying crop pests and diseases
Studying cardiovascular diseases
Studying nematoid plant diseases
Publicizing disease-causing apparel
Studying cerebrovascular disease
Studying alcoholism as a disease
Studying skin diseases in animals
Studying acute diarrhoeal disease
Studying soil-transmitted diseases
Studying viral diseases in animals
Studying mammal vectors of disease
Studying risk of disease
Studying animal vectors of disease
Studying insect vectors of disease
Studying diseases of the intestines
Studying eye diseases and disorders
Studying virus diseases in bacteria
Studying zoonotic bacterial diseases
Studying pests and diseases of trees
Studying genetic defects and diseases
Studying environmental plant diseases
Studying diseases of the sense organs
Studying vector resistance to disease
Teaching about disease
Studying humans as vectors of disease
Studying human disease and disability
Studying hereditary metabolic diseases
Studying diseases of the mouth and jaw
Studying endocrine diseases in animals
Studying metabolic diseases in animals
Studying diseases of senses in animals
Studying deficiency diseases in plants
Studying parasitic diseases in animals
Studying bacterial diseases in animals
Studying sexually transmitted diseases
Preventing disease
Studying infectious diseases in animals
Studying foot diseases and disabilities
Studying diseases of beneficial insects
Studying diseases of the nervous system
Studying post-harvest diseases of crops
Studying plant vectors of plant disease
Studying human vectors of plant disease
Recording previous disease and overstrain
Studying insect vectors of plant diseases
Studying environmentally induced diseases
Studying human vectors of animal diseases
Studying diseases of the lymphatic system
Studying diseases of the digestive system
Reporting animal diseases
Studying insect vectors of animal diseases
Studying infectious and parasitic diseases
Studying cost disease of personal services
Studying disease due to hormone deficiency
Studying urinary system diseases in animals
Studying diseases of the circulation system
Transmitting disease
Studying diseases of the reproductive organs
Studying worms as vectors of animal diseases
Studying diseases of nervous system in animals
Controlling animal diseases
Studying diseases of the genito-urinary system
Studying weather as a factor in animal disease
Studying diseases of the central nervous system
Studying diseases of female reproductive organs
Studying circulatory system diseases in animals
Studying reproductive system diseases in animals
Studying organizational diseases
Studying diseases of respiratory system in animals
Studying diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
Studying diseases of the digestive system in animals
Studying wild animals as carriers of animal diseases
Studying disease and injury from exposure to weather
Studying disease transmission by international travel
Studying diseases of musculoskeletal system in animals
Studying domestic animals as vectors of animal disease
Identifying carriers of animal diseases
Studying diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues
Studying international movement of animals as factor in animal diseases
Studying extraterrestrial infectious diseases and bacteria
Correcting blood disorders
Treating mental illness
Correcting gastrointestinal disorders
Correcting eye disorders
Correcting hereditary disorders
Correcting disorders of the musculo-skeletal system
Reducing predisposition to illness
Studying illnesses due to contaminated foods
Studying illnesses of unknown cause
Improving reporting of man-made diseases
Attending to the disease-prone
Treating infectious and parasitic diseases
Isolating agents carrying infectious diseases
Reducing incidence of infectious diseases in animals
Reducing incidence of infectious and parasitic diseases
Treating diseases of the skin
Preventing oral diseases
Controlling hydatid diseases
Combatting sexually transmitted diseases
Treating diseases
Controlling vector borne disease
Preventing cardiovascular disease
Studying trophoblastic disease
Preventing eye diseases
Preventing diseases
Spreading contagious diseases
Treating rheumatic diseases
Spreading plant diseases
Treating social diseases
Preventing introduction of plant diseases
Controlling livestock diseases
Studying mycoplasmal diseases
Studying liver diseases
Combatting disease
Using diseases
Campaigning against venereal diseases
Introducing diseases pests
Studying venereal diseases
Treating cardiovascular diseases
Protecting against plant diseases
Researching diseases
Humanizing disease
Fighting against virus diseases
Teaching cardiology
Investigating global skin diseases
Surveying animal diseases
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D: Destructive values