Researching diseases

Studying disease
Studying illness
Identifying diseases
Studying death
Treating phobia
Studying glaucoma
Researching asthma
Studying lung disease
Researching the brain
Studying bird diseases
Studying mental health
Studying liver diseases
Studying mental illness
Studying plant diseases
Studying pathomorphology
Studying risk of disease
Studying disease vectors
Studying endemic disease
Studying animal diseases
Studying cattle diseases
Studying pests of plants
Studying plant pathogens
Studying atopic illnesses
Studying compound disease
Studying enteric diseases
Studying chronic diseases
Studying pathogenic fungi
Studying venereal diseases
Studying metabolic disease
Studying bacterial disease
Studying enzootic diseases
Studying airborne diseases
Studying man-made diseases
Studying mental deficiency
Undertaking cancer research
Studying iatrogenic disease
Studying microbial diseases
Studying epizootic diseases
Studying lifestyle diseases
Studying pathogenic viruses
Promoting diabetes research
Studying malignant neoplasms
Studying neoplastic diseases
Studying children's diseases
Studying diseases of the ear
Studying hereditary diseases
Studying deficiency diseases
Studying mycoplasmal diseases
Studying diseases of the skin
Studying intractable diseases
Studying viral plant diseases
Studying stigmatized diseases
Studying water-borne diseases
Studying pathogenic organisms
Studying occupational illness
Studying congenital anomalies
Studying trophoblastic disease
Studying farm worker illnesses
Studying plant disease vectors
Studying human disease vectors
Studying occupational diseases
Studying fungal plant diseases
Studying diseases of the spine
Studying degenerative diseases
Studying vector-borne diseases
Studying unrecognized diseases
Studying virus-induced cancers
Studying flight-related illness
Studying diseases of the breast
Studying nutrition-based illness
Reducing incidence of infections
Studying organizational diseases
Studying cerebrovascular disease
Studying nematoid plant diseases
Studying cardiovascular diseases
Studying crop pests and diseases
Studying alcoholism as a disease
Studying illnesses of the elderly
Studying acute diarrhoeal disease
Studying skin diseases in animals
Studying causes of poor digestion
Studying insect vectors of disease
Studying animal vectors of disease
Studying mammal vectors of disease
Studying viral diseases in animals
Studying soil-transmitted diseases
Studying predisposition to illness
Investigating global skin diseases
Studying illnesses of unknown cause
Studying virus diseases in bacteria
Studying eye diseases and disorders
Studying diseases of the intestines
Studying micronutrient deficiencies
Studying pests and diseases of trees
Studying zoonotic bacterial diseases
Studying pathologies of civilization
Promoting basic respiratory research
Studying human disease and disability
Studying humans as vectors of disease
Studying vector resistance to disease
Studying diseases of the sense organs
Studying environmental plant diseases
Studying genetic defects and diseases
Studying sexually transmitted diseases
Studying bacterial diseases in animals
Studying parasitic diseases in animals
Studying deficiency diseases in plants
Studying diseases of senses in animals
Studying metabolic diseases in animals
Studying endocrine diseases in animals
Studying diseases of the mouth and jaw
Studying hereditary metabolic diseases
Studying leadership impaired by illness
Studying human vectors of plant disease
Studying plant vectors of plant disease
Studying post-harvest diseases of crops
Studying diseases of the nervous system
Studying diseases of beneficial insects
Studying foot diseases and disabilities
Studying ill-defined symptoms of disease
Studying diseases of the digestive system
Studying diseases of the lymphatic system
Studying human vectors of animal diseases
Studying environmentally induced diseases
Studying insect vectors of plant diseases
Studying disease due to hormone deficiency
Studying infectious and parasitic diseases
Studying insect vectors of animal diseases
Researching sudden unexpected infant death
Studying diseases of the circulation system
Studying urinary system diseases in animals
Studying illnesses due to contaminated foods
Studying worms as vectors of animal diseases
Studying diseases of the reproductive organs
Researching anti-social personality disorders
Studying weather as a factor in animal disease
Studying diseases of the genito-urinary system
Studying diseases of nervous system in animals
Studying circulatory system diseases in animals
Studying diseases of female reproductive organs
Studying diseases of the central nervous system
Studying reproductive system diseases in animals
Studying diseases associated with herpes viruses
Studying diseases of respiratory system in animals
Studying diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
Studying disease and injury from exposure to weather
Studying wild animals as carriers of animal diseases
Studying disease transmission by international travel
Studying domestic animals as vectors of animal disease
Studying diseases of musculoskeletal system in animals
Assessing costs and financing to control communicable diseases
Studying diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues
Studying international movement of animals as factor in animal diseases
Researching cystic fibrosis
Overcoming disability
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D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-beingGOAL 4: Quality Education