Differences in disease incidence among countries

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Culture-specific diseases

There are wide variations in the mortality rate for different cancers between countries which reflect differences in incidence and the success of treatment.


For example, French men are seven times more likely to die from cancer of the oesophagus than Greek men, while the death rate for testicular cancer in the former German DR is nine times higher than in Belgium. Scottish women are seven times more likely to die from lung cancer than Spanish women, while women in Luxembourg and Denmark are three times more likely to die of skin cancer than Portuguese women; and both the Luxembourg and Denmark rate have the highest cancer mortality in males and females, respectively.

Latah is an indigenous phenomenon in a sharply definable urban elder woman approaching or post-menopause of low social status groups on Java island. It is a singular psychological disorder with the symptoms like involuntary blurting of obscene words and phrases, compulsive imitation of words or actions and compulsive unquestioning obedience. Cultural patterns which may influence the symptom relate to the conflict that arises between sociological, cultural and psychological identity. Cultural traditions like etiquette, graceful, elegant and polite speech, aristocracy, social relationship between inferior and superior, the marked reticence pertaining to sex and a deep dread of psychological shock may all play a role in symptom formation and symptom 'choice' in this mental disturbance phenomenon. During a seizure, a Latah is conscious and is fully aware of her condition; the stimulus that evoked a seizure is any sudden loud sound, tickling prod in the ribs or an abrupt gesture. Its is distinguished with the other mental malfunction due to the marked regularity and sameness of the form of its symptoms.

In contrast to trends in the West, in Central Europe and the NIS the death rates from heart disease and cancer have increased, there is a steady decline in the health of the population, and overall life expectancy has decreased in the past several decades. Now, the same problems are facing the nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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