Horse diseases

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Disorders of horses

On 29 October 1999 the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, announced restrictions on the import of horses from the United States in order to avoid West Nile Fever (WNF) from infected regions being imported into Community territory. WNF is a virus which is transmitted mainly by mosquitoes and birds. Humans and horses are dead-end hosts. After incubation period of 5 and 15 days symptoms from mild flu-like illness up to severer encephalitis can occur. Imports of horses are only permitted on certification that they have not been resident in New York City and the States of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey (where the virus was found) during the last 15 days or have not been in contact with horses which have been resident on infected holdings during the last 15 days. The decision shall apply until 31 January 2000.

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