Infectious revenge

Other Names:
Vindictive transmission of disease
Wilful transmission of HIV
Intentional spread of sexually transmitted diseases
Deliberate transmission of AIDS

Intentionally infecting others with diseases such as AIDS and herpes. Revenge against society or a individual has lead people to bite and spit, to sell blood, to share needles and have sex with as many people as possible to infect them. Some male and female prostitutes have spread the disease because they do not care what happens to the client. Continuing with an active sex life for some is a way of denying the fact they have the disease; for others to avoid the anticipation of dying a horrible death alone. Intentionally spreading disease through sexual relations is claimed to be used as one way to fight the "war between the sexes" or eliminate minorities.


During the war in Rwanda, large numbers of Tutsi women report being deliberately raped by Hutu soldiers with AIDS in order to transmit to them the HIV virus.


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