human value


Other Names:
Using roundtable process
Studying regional international relationships
Developing rainforest action plan
Developing global ethic
Reporting on global environmental status
Monitoring global telecommunications
Conserving global marine biological diversity
Studying global warming
Documenting world resources
Greening international institutions
Using market forces to improve global environment
Holding global meetings of women
Conserving global biodiversity
Developing international sustainable energy policy
Stabilizing world order
Studying global change
Promoting use of English as common global language
Improving global communications
Creating global sustainability
Countering global warming
Forming transnational economy
Holding global forum
Concluding new international agreements to achieve global sustainability
Linking local and global commons
Researching new world order
Promoting internationalism
Creating global profile of marine pollution
Managing wild renewable resources through local communities
Producing planetary synthesis
Campaigning for world parliament
World modelling
Enhancing international attitudinal integration
Strengthening global economic institutions
Developing compatible demographic data and global behavioural indicators
Developing global currency
Integrating global society
Exploiting global biological resources for new foods
Ensuring national policy-making in a global world
Monitoring global environment
Gathering international statistics
Maintaining global security
Preparing reports on biodiversity
Strengthening the United Nations as effective force for global sustainability
Integrating international policy
Implementing global strategy for shelter
Studying human dimensions of environmental change
Enabling lifelong contextual re-education
Unifying global legislation
Preparing policy guidelines for global funding mechanisms for marine pollution prevention
Advocating global security
Strengthening role of global multilateral organizations
Strengthening national capability to assess global climate change
Strengthening national capability to assess global climate change
Strengthening national capability to assess global climate change
Creating global alliance for environmental sustainability
Extending producer responsibility
Strengthening role of indigenous communities for sustainable development
Tackling global debt issue
Continuing role of the USA for global stability
Preparing action plans for the conservation of plant genetic resources
Strengthening international environmental agreements
Developing a global crime prevention information system
Ensuring predictability in flow of funds contributed by developed countries to achieve global environment benefits
Establishing global greenhouse trading system
Building global community
Developing world brain
Promoting planetary transformation
Studying effects of ozone depletion on global warming
Ensuring cooperation between United Nations and multilateral financial organizations in follow up to UNCED
Developing global models to help assess water quantity
Improving research on links among global cycles
Improving organizational cooperation at the regional level in the follow up to Agenda 21
Forming global investment laws
Using internet to seek global support
Increasing international labour mobility
Reducing global linguistic attrition
Disseminating environmental information internationally
Applying sustainable development indicators for the global commons
Developing an intergovernmental/NGO network for achieving global environmental educational goals
Setting assessment priorities for toxic chemicals of global concern
Establishing clearing houses for environmentally sound technology
Financing global governance
Establishing environmental health indicators for climate change
Establishing global monitoring system for mountain zone management
Protecting electronic privacy
Implementing response strategies to global climate change
Harmonizing climate and environmental data
Coordinating global internet traffic
Enhancing global security through communication
Providing international financial resources for global biodiversity conservation
Compiling urban indicators
Improving cooperation among environmental research programmes
Informing about climate change
Informing about health effects of climate change
Strengthening coordination and cooperation among research programmes on global change
Creating innovative forms of biodiversity conservation to attract increased global funding
Implementing global biodiversity conventions
Assessing health impacts of climate change
Observing Earth's atmosphere
Funding scientific information networks on the environment
Responding to global financial crisis
Encouraging universal participation in the Global Environment Facility
Developing environmental health action plans
Establishing international clearing house for information on waste management and disposal
Expanding scientific information networks
Providing waste management information to global information systems
Informing about global environmental change
Publishing national, regional and global environmental audits
Monitoring global atmospheric chemistry
Undertaking global sourcing
Establishing global network of meteorological stations
Increasing international economic cooperation
Deepening common global awareness
Arranging global forum on social development
Devising attractive global literature
Participating in planetary citizenship
Disseminating global events information
Promoting coordinated telecommunications
Accumulating global food stocks
Fostering global language exposure
Expanding global social awareness
Researching global security issues
Providing access to global markets
Achieving universal justice
Establishing accessible global links
Establishing relationships among global projects
Establishing relationships among global projects
Recovering intentional global relatedness
Presenting global art forms
Delineating historical global story
Developing cities of the world
Creating global-local context
Discovering global wholesale outlets
Broadening global practical perspective
Recognizing global society
Sponsoring different global displays
Expanding global events access
Expanding youth's global vision
Teaching impacting global images
Utilizing accessible global expertise
Enabling global economic conglomerates
Providing global travel experience
Enriching community global awareness
Understanding global social trends
Establishing global wholesale contacts
Publishing key global happenings
Developing early warning disaster systems
Protecting global environment
Developing basic global exposure
Procuring global development resources
Developing supportive global network
Implementing global travel schemes
Strengthening cooperative security measures
Coordinating global advisory network
Establishing global governmental responsibility
Establishing global representation bodies
Redirecting global economy
Distributing global resources
Establishing global monetary system
Establishing global symbology
Creating global local polity models
Embodying global vision
Developing mythology of global leadership
Strengthening research capacity
Imparting intellectual methodologies
Appropriating global encounters
Educating global life style
Concretizing local global dynamic
Enabling local global participation
Global local community planning
Articulating global trends
Demonstrating deliberative systems locally
Instituting global representation
Assessing global resources
Structuring coordinated global local priorities
Coordinating global priorities
Embodying global impact
Intensifying local global relevance
Popularizing global travel
Disseminating global news
Creating global story
Building global orientation
Researching world problems
Exploring global inter-relatedness
Highlighting global local news
Affirming unity of humankind
Developing global vocational mission
Creating local global vocational mission
Creating global identification
Disseminating global images
Internationalizing global tourism
Locally grounded global networks
Establishing community global decision-making
Providing global contextual methodologies
Announcing global issues
Globalizing information flow
Expanding global commonality
Collecting global wisdom
Raising global concerns
Internationalizing global space
Exchanging global visitors
Celebrating global events
Highlighting global possibilities
Recognizing global aspect
Supporting global programs
Identifying basic global needs
Guarding global authenticity
Catalyzing global comprehensiveness
Localizing global cooperative participation
Awakening global individuals
World conservation
Engaging global-local citizenship
Dramatizing world inter-relatedness
Raising consciousness of global culture
Localizing global will
Establishing orderly economic marketing system
Cooperating internationally
Popularizing global stewardship
Instituting global exchanges
Communalizing global images
Coordinating global job placement
Responding to global need
Forging a global chain of human development
Promoting means of developing global responsibility
Identifying obstacles to effective international nongovernmental organizations
Reducing planetary overload
Seeking global consensus
Creating risk of unintentional global nuclear war due to nuclear proliferation
Reducing risk of unintentional global nuclear war due to nuclear proliferation
Deepening effectiveness within global context
Increasing global funds
Threatening global catastrophe
Providing world vision
Controlling global change
Regulating global resources
Protecting against vulnerability of world genetic resources
Making decisions at the global level
Developing social methodologies for a global ideology
Blocking global marketing
Avoiding global catastrophe
Simplifying global complexity
Increasing global food production
Standardizing economic growth among countries
Exploiting disparities in global distribution of communication resources and facilities
Maintaining disparities in global distribution of communication resources and facilities
Exposing elitist control of global economy
Controlling global economy
Shoring up global collapse
Managing global complexity
Balancing international distribution of skills
Improving access to information
Improving global transfer of funds
Improving structures for achieving global unity
Providing inadequate structures for achieving global unity
Improving global cooperation to solve world problems
Doing without adequate international cooperation
Improving solution-oriented images of the global economic situation
Improving consensus concerning global problems
Improving consensus concerning global problems
Reducing global inequality of distribution of family planning education and facilities
Preserving global inequality of distribution of family planning education and facilities
Stabilizing the world economy
Stabilizing international telecommunications
Providing sufficient global political decision-making
Abstaining from global political decision-making
Limiting local respect for regional and global legislation
Increasing local respect for regional and global legislation
Promoting nationalistic response to global issues
Cautioning against nationalistic response to global issues
Assessing global institutional arrangements
Disseminating information on global soil degradation
Promoting global values
Transcending global boundaries
Cooperating among global forestry organizations
Responding to global crises
Maintaining global tourism statistics
Meeting global responsibilities
Promoting global conservation conventions
Creating global partnership
Facilitating international maritime traffic
Promoting equitable global development
Studying global soil degradation
Developing internet
Reducing global poverty
Coordinating global atmospheric research
Networking global rural development
Observing global oceans
Forecasting global weather
Helping monitor food aid supply
Investigating global skin diseases
Charting global health progress
Planetary initiatives
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values