Communalizing global images

Enabling the individual to act responsibly as a global citizen wherever he is living. The effect acts through interpretive schemes and through reflective conduct by reinforcing symbolic understanding of the global/local relationship.
An integral part of interpreting unlimited responsibility to provide common symbols and perspectives for individuals to act out their lives in a comprehensive context of responsible global stewardship.
Tactics include: corporate self-image to globally recontextualize the individual in the local groups he participates in; cross-cultural celebration to provide an openness and receptivity combined with responsibility toward other cultures; cultural awareness to provide an individual with the information and sensitivity about other cultures he needs in order to act globally in a local context; communal polity to enable local level articulation of man's world view through community structures; and economic image to provide the resources to meet new globalized human needs. An example is supporting a local group concerned with political prisoners in other countries.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions