Popularizing global stewardship

Acting as an earth steward
Being an earth trustee

Stating in secular language the ideological indicative that 'All the goods belong to all the people'. The effect of popularizing global stewardship is a context screen shift which stimulates reformulation and finally the re-allocation of surplus resources.


An integral part of reallocating surplus resources by recasting the image of ownership from individual security to global stewardship.


Tactics include: inter-cultural exchanges to encourage representative global gatherings or convocations which are employed as a key to popularizing an image of global stewardship through the intercultural impact and information exchange occasioned by it; formal curriculum to structure activities which provide the context for, or dramatization of a man's decisions relative to global stewardship; imaginal curriculum to educate the grassroots man in the basic ideology 'All the good of nature belongs to all the people' by creating and instituting globalized short courses, ideological songs and images, servanthood symbols, and public decor; media application to popularize a global stewardship image through the use of statement leaflets, TV shows, radio spots, newspaper releases, and project documentaries; industrial permeation to internalize the global stewardship image within industry through implying the necessity to make movement personnel and specialists available for implementation and precipitate the possibility for corporate decision making through employees buying stock in the company. An example is a secretary who appropriates the phasing out of her job and accepts a determined reassignment in the context of global stewardship.

Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 15: Life on LandGOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions