human value


Working from home
Seeking immortality
Protecting the human genome
Being competitive at the country level
Focusing on wholeness
Being a burden to others
Using counter-intuition
Being a generalist
Addressing interior being
Being peaceful
Using clairvoyance
Recycling nutrients in urine
Being penpals
Imitating Christ
Living with nature
Affirming positive
Bearing children
Sustaining ongoing social well-being
Embodying foundational images of socially responsible behaviour
Engaging human creativity
Being eclectic
Employing diplomacy
Popularizing global stewardship
Employing violence
Conveying dogmatism
Being socially anonymous
Being sociable
Being a recluse
Recognizing religion
Being obsequious
Being concerned with weight
Being concerned with sex
Being concerned with computers
Being concerned with books
Being concerned with novelty
Being concerned with efficiency
Being concerned with celebrities
Being on a diet
Being concerned
Being concerned with procreation
Being concerned with immediate problems
Expressing concerned with health
Being concerned with personal attractiveness
Being obstinate
Using opportunism
Being ostentatious
Emphasizing activity
Being a social parasite
Adopting passive stance
Adopting active stance
Being pessimistic
Being petulant
Being definitive
Focusing on modernism
Being a parent
Being rigid
Being flexible
Risking being kidnapped
Reducing risk of being kidnapped
Being rough
Smoothing roughness
Being sadistic
Being sceptical
Being sentimental
Committing original sin
Being snobbish
Being soft
Being subjective
Being suspicious of bureaucracy
Being suspicious of other governments
Being tactful
Being mindful
Moving frequently
Being assertive
Being unfriendly
Preparing for the second coming of Christ
Being prepared
Monitoring civil rights
Withdrawing trust
Being in the presence of God
Being absentminded
Being absurd
Labouring on the land
Being angry
Being apathetic
Being an apostate
Being afraid
Being arrogant
Being attached
Attacking verbally
Being awful
Being awkward
Being socially backward
Being bad
Having bad debts
Being banal
Using barbarity
Being spouses
Being belligerent
Showing bias
Being obedient
Being weak-minded
Being closed minded
Being double minded
Being bloody-minded
Being capricious
Being careless
Gender reassignment
Being chauvinistic
Being clumsy
Being ready for combat
Being superior
Using complicity
Being conceited
Showing condescension
Being conspicuous
Being contagious
Being contemptuous
Being controversial
Being covetous
Being a coward
Being crazy
Being credulous
Being complicit in crime
Being cruel
Being cruel to children
Being cruel to animals
Being cruel to plants
Being cruel to women
Being debauched
Being decadent
Being defective
Being defensive
Being delinquent
Being a demagogue
Using bigotry
Being homeless
Being indifferent
Using authoritarianism
Being derelict of duty
Conflicting verbally
Being a devil
Causing disaffection
Being disagreeable
Being disagreeable
Being discourteous
Being disloyal
Being orthodox
Being eccentric
Protecting elephants
Protecting reptiles
Being a public servant
Being exclusive
Working hard
Being objective
Being truthful
Being fallacious
Being fallible
Being certain
Being fiendish
Being fierce
Being foolhardy
Being fraudulent
Being loyal
Being greedy
Being tough
Practicing hedonism
Engaging in hooliganism
Being hostile
Being hypocritical
Being idiosyncratic
Being a foreign reporter
Being modest
Being penitent
Being impetuous
Being polite
Acting cautiously
Being economically inactive
Being considerate
Providing consistency
Being incorrigible
Being indecisive
Showing discretion
Being indiscrete
Being indisposed
Being elegant
Being humble
Ensuring remembrance of past injustice
Conveying sincerity
Using insubordination
Being intolerant
Being resolute
Ensuring right to freedom from double jeopardy
Abstaining from respect
Abstaining from religion
Abstaining from appreciation of cultural differences
Being punctual
Being late for appointments
Promoting laziness
Preserving civility
Being mutable
Being narcissistic
Being blind
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values