Being concerned with computers

Being interested in computing
Advancing computing
Computer obsession
Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (1100061153)
Association Bible and Computers (1100005397)
Industry Association for the Standardization of Information and Communication Systems (1100065560)
Society of Mini- and Micro-Computers (1100008296)
Computer Games Association (1100039925)
Society of Computers in Obstetrics, Neonatology, Gynaecology (1100011791)
Association for Statistical Computing (1100065911)
Computing Industry Organisation (1100006021)
Association for History and Computing (1100013963)
nceptual and Contents Analysis by Computer (1100033236)
egional Computer Society (1100034819)
Federation of Computer Law Associations (1100023352)
Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (1100046851)
imulation Society (1100042837)
irus Research Organization (1100027797)
Association for Mathematical and Computer Modelling and Scientific Computing (1100031664)
n Association of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (1100034842)
ter Leasing and Trading Association (1100038899)
Federation of Associations of Computer Users in Engineering, Architecture and Related Fields (1100039815)
Service and Computer Dealers International (1100011351)
ter Measurement Association (1100052175)
Architectural Design Research in Asia (1100032482)
iation for Computer Science Logic (1100009803)
Society for Computer Aided Surgery (1100058345)
ty for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (1100064617)
Association of Computing in Archaeology (1100031382)
r Computers and the Humanities (1100042394)
iation for Computer Assisted Language Learning (1100067141)
of European Computer User Associations (1100014829)
IBM Computer Users (1100037007)
iation for Computer Graphics (1100061025)
iation for Theoretical Computer Science (1100021497)
a Regional Computer Confederation (1100002569)
lectronic Commerce Forum for Companies with Interests in Computing, Electronics and Telecommunication (1100009825)
ing Centre for Computer Techniques in Agriculture (1100029189)
ing Centre for Computers and Mathematical Methods in Transport (1100041093)
Committee on Computer Sciences and Informatic Education (1100044832)
mmunications and Computer Security Agency (1100018407)
tute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (1100023017)
Computing Centre (1100050540)
n on Crystallographic Computing (1100057454)
mputer Science Institute (1100039872)
Network of Centres for Computer Applications (1100050386)
deling Simulation International (1100058894)
Council for Computer Communication (1100008852)
hop on Industrial Computer Systems (1100056964)
or Computer Aided Higher Education (1100009102)
rganization (1100057086)
Foundation for Computer-based Education in Banking and Finance (1100036022)
ter Network for the Arts (1100028743)
ion Technology and Services Alliance (1100030205)
ter Driving Licence Foundation (1100002893)
rk for Computer Integrated Manufacturing (1100006354)
Advanced Manufacturing - International (1100022746)
omputer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (1100021052)
Computer Music Association (1100021830)
ter Center (1100012091)
d Computing for Peace (1100022604)
e for Peace (1100009941)
er Consortium (1100043406)
ty Computer Centre, Enugu (1100043082)
f Computer Sciences and Human Resources (1100033897)
ssionals for Social Responsibility (1100007444)
r Computer Aided Design in Architecture (1100057693)
r the Advancement of Computing in Education (1100038552)
ent Computer Users Society (1100064805)
ssociation - Asia (1100058920)
r Centre (1100027520)
rks and Services in Mediterranean Countries (1100036748)
Computers and Communications (1100030122)
ter Agency (1100054144)
Graphics Association (1100035705)
ting Association (1100006907)
usiness Equipment Manufacturers Association (1100014306)
Society for Technology in Education (1100004902)
Association for Computer Systems Security (1100012522)
Association of Hewlett-Packard Computing Professionals (1100066408)
ional Computer Users Group (1100026103)
Association of Computer Users Groups (1100050711)
mputers and Law (1100009888)
Association for Computer Information Systems (1100055816)
Development Computer Users Network (1100043098)
Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (1100056173)
Cartridge Recycling Association (1100012466)
ing Centre, London (1100021253)
ter Memory Card International Association (1100007881)
ion Center (1100058324)
e for Parallel Computing, Vienna (1100015071)
Society for Computers and Their Applications (1100049151)
Responsible Computing (1100002248)
Conference on Computing and Missions (1100067921)
r Computing Machinery (1100065529)
hl International Conference and Research Centre for Computer Science (1100031564)
Consortium of Geological Surveys for Earth Computing (1100010656)
Computer Science Institute, Berkeley (1100049674)
ted Geological Society (1100040370)
sium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (1100048823)
Conference on Computing Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (1100033013)
g Services Industry Congress (1100012806)
ce on Computers in Education (1100049826)
Circuits and Computers Conference (1100028592)
Conference on Computer Law (1100031873)
Union of Computer Owners (1100010809)
Computer Association (1100010795)
rk for Research, Development, Diffusion and Training in Computer-aided Manufacturing for the Textile and Apparel Industry (1100028494)
Network on Computers in Science (1100001433)
Institute of Statistical Computing (1100026249)
Center for Computer Training and Development (1100057254)
r Association (1100033689)
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